APP Features

We offer 100% free fulfillment APP with higher efficiency.

APP Features

We offer 100% free fulfillment APP with higher efficiency.

Automated Order Processing

New orders, tracking numbers and reshipped orders are all automatically synced on SourcinBox app.

ONE-CLICK Ordering

Place up to 400 orders in bulk with one click.

Merging & Splitting Orders

Our app allows you to merge your separated orders and ship them orders in one package, or split your large amount of order.

Downloading Invoices

You can either download invoices based on transaction or date of payment on SourcinBox APP in order to make it more convenient and efficient for you to get invoices.

Multi-stores Management

Our app allows you to manage multiple stores at the same time.

Staff Accounts

You’ll be able to create staff accounts for your VA with limited operation permissions.

Customizable Shipping Rules

Our app will select a right shipping option for each order automatically by the shipping rules that you set on the app.

After-Sale Track

By opening a ticket from the Shipped order list, you will be easily managing all issues of each specific order.

Inventory Analysis

Our app performs smart analysis on sales record to predict how much inventory you need to prepare for the following days.

Profit Reports

SourcinBox app presents business profit report of each connected store for your reference.

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