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How to Pay for the Extra Shipping Fee on SourcinBox App?

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  • 2021-12-22 16:43:00
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Updated: 2022-03-03 15:02:11


Usually, our shipping costs are based on the weight of the product, the shipping method, and the country of destination. But sometimes you may encounter situations where you need to pay additional shipping fees.


 • If the product is too large (Such as big stuffed toys, large pet beds, etc.), then the shipping company will charge extra shipping fees. We will ask you to pay for the extra shipping according to the actual situation.


 • After you have placed an order, the shipping price suddenly rises. If the shipping price increases by a large amount, then we will charge you an extra shipping fee based on the actual situation.


Please follow the steps to pay for extra shipping fees on SourcinBox app.


Pay in the “Wholesaler” Section


Step 1


Go to the “Wholesaler” section, search for “extra shipping cost” and open details.



Step 2


There are three variants: $0.1, $0.01, and $1.


For example, if you need to pay $10.58, then you can choose the “$0.01” variant, and enter 1058 in Quantity. You can see it’s $10.58 in total. (1058 x $0.01=$10.58)


Enter the correct amount and add to cart. Then go to “Order Summary” directly.



Step 3


Please select a US address. If you don’t have one, you can add a fake US address (It is just an order to pay us extra shipping fees, not a real wholesale order, and you will not receive any products, so you can use a fake address.).


Then click “Place Order” to go to “Wholesale Orders” page.



Step 4


Choose a payment method and pay.



When you use our private label service and product photography service, you can also pay additional fees in the above way.


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