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How to Send Sourcing Requests to Us

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  • 2020-05-26 13:45:56
  • 1 min read

Updated: 2022-03-03 15:00:40

In order to make it easier to send us your sourcing requests and more organized to manage the products to be sourced, we've launched a new feature "Sourcing" to enable you to send the product links/ images to us on SourcinBox app.
Once a sourcing request is sent to us, your customer manager can see and check it for you. When the sourcing request is processed, you are able to check the result on SourcinBox app. If you don't have a customer manager yet, please contact us on Facebook, Skype (yhbtx007), or by email (


Click "Sourcing-Post Sourcing Request".


You may choose to send us the AliExpress links, the existing products in your store, or the product images.
1. Send AliExpress Product Links
2. Source Existing Products in Your Store
3. Send Other Product Images or Links
Please note:
We source products already with orders regularly placed on a daily or weekly basis. We aren't able to process random products without orders.
To source each product, we have to spend a lot of time checking with manufacturers for all details like color, material, size, packaging, lead time, etc. When we find the exact product, we need to negotiate with the manufacturers for a good price. The whole process for one product could take 1-2 working days. It's not as simple as what most people think. We have to make sure our employees' time is used in a more effective way. Otherwise, our business won't be able to continue.
When you are at the stage to build your store, we recommend that you import the products from AliExpress and test the products by buying from AliExpress. When a product turns out to be a winner, we'll source for you for a better price from the manufacturer directly.

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