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Turn your product ideas into reality with our comprehensive product customization, manufacturing, sourcing, and order fulfillment services at the right price, quality, and delivery time.
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Product Customization & Manufacturing

What Services Do We Provide?

Whether you have developed a new product or want to improve your existing product, we are able to customize and manufacture products for your business according to your needs and requirements.
Product Improvement
Crowdfunding Fulfillment
Contract Manufacturing
Product Development
Private Labeling
Product Sourcing
Product Improvement
It's time to improve your existing product to drive more sales!
Want to change the product materials, specs, and features?
Want to add new features to your existing product?
Want to change the product design to meet more needs?
We have it all! You can improve your product by changing the old features or adding new features to enhance your customers' experience or satisfy more customers' needs.
Just tell us what details you want to improve about your existing product, and we will contact the best original manufacturer of the product to customize its materials, specifications, features, or manufacturing process to your requirements.
Enjoy competitive prices and let us handle sourcing and order fulfillment, so you can concentrate on other vital aspects of your business.
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Why Choose Us to Fulfill Your Orders?

From sourcing to manufacturing to shipping, we handle everything for you all in one place.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
We offer free warehousing and manage your inventory and replenishment, eliminating the need for you to maintain your own storage space.
Product Quality Control
Product Quality Control
We conduct inspections throughout the manufacturing process and before shipment to ensure the products meet your quality standards.
Fast Global Shipping
Fast Global Shipping
We work with high-quality shipping companies and provide cost-effective and fast shipping options to deliver your store orders globally.
eCommerce Integrations
eCommerce Integrations
Our platform integrates with major eCommerce platforms to allow you to manage multiple stores and simply import products and sync orders.
1-on-1 Customer Service
1-on-1 Customer Service
You will enjoy 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you with all the matters throughout the processes of souring, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

How to Work with Us?

You Submit Requirements
The first step is to submit your specific requirements and expectations about the product to be manufactured or customized. Including your designs and drawings.
We Select Manufacturers
We will forward your requirements to multiple manufacturers and then select the best one based on a mix of price, performance, quality, and our experience.
You Receive a Quote
You will receive a quote where we will also discuss potential issues and risks like dimension deviations, finish limitations, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc.
We Make Samples
Once you accept the quote, we will make the product samples with the same process and materials as you expected. We'll send them to you for review when done.
We Sign a Contract
Before payment, we will have confidentiality agreements to safeguard your designs, specifications, and trade secrets throughout the manufacturing process.
We Track Manufacturing
We will liaise closely with the manufacturer to ensure that all improvements proposed during the prototyping stage are implemented during the manufacturing process.
We Do Brand Work
We will pack your products with your brand materials including custom packaging, labels, inserts, stickers, etc., and get them ready to ship in the parcel in our warehouse.
We Ship Your orders
When we receive your store orders, we will ship your products out in time with high-quality shipping methods and send you the tracking information.

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