Refund & Return Policy

The products that you or your customers buy from SourcinBox are dropshipping or wholesale products and are final products. We only refund or reship for damaged, defective, or wrong products. You or your customer should provide relevant supporting materials to apply for a refund or reship within 7 days after the products are delivered. For lost or severely delayed packages, we will refund or reship them on a case-by-case basis.

The following is the specification of the policy:

  • Damaged, defective, or wrong products
    1. If the products you or your customer received are damaged or defective products and you decide to refund your customer, please provide us with supporting materials (records of your customer complaints, clear photos/ videos of the damaged products or defective products, etc) within 7 days. We will partial or full refund or reship based on the number of damaged or defective products.
    2. If, in very rare cases, the products you or your customer received are not the same as the products you have ordered, like the color (model, size, specification, etc) was wrong, please provide us with clear photos/ videos of the products and shipping labels within 7 days. We will verify it according to your description. If they are confirmed wrong products, we will reship for free or refund as per your request.
  • Lost packages
    1. When the product package is lost or severely delayed during the delivery process, according to the tracking information you inquired about on the third-party website, if it shows that the update has stopped for more than 45 days, we will file a claim for compensation from the carriers and give you a full refund.
    2. If the order tracking number you have obtained is invalid and any shipping status of the relevant product cannot be inquired about, please contact us in time to get the correct tracking information from the carrier. If finally the package is confirmed lost or seriously delayed, it will be handled as above.

If you or your customers encounter the above situation, please apply for a refund or submit a support ticket directly on the "SourcinBox Orders" section, or contact us directly. All refunds will be returned to your SourcinBox balance.

If you or your customers find any other problems with the product or order, please submit a support ticket or contact us directly. We will reply in time and provide solutions.

Please be aware of the following special circumstances:

  • Wrong address or unclaimed
    If you or your customer provide us with the wrong address or contact information, the final product may be unclaimed or not delivered. In this case, we are not able to accept refund or reship request. We only ship exactly according to the address and recipient information provided in your orders.
  • Refund & returns of inventory products
    In most cases, we are not able to refund you for inventory products because we have actually paid the inventory cost to the warehouse. The manufacturers are generally unwilling to accept product returns without any reasonable reasons. However, we will negotiate with the manufacturer and only refund you when it accepts a return (this rarely happens). Sometimes, manufacturers will accept returns based on discounted prices, so we will refund you based on the same discounted prices.
  • Returned by customer
    Generally, for damaged, defective, or wrong products, you or your customers do not need to return the products to us. We will refund or reship free of charge according to the situation.
For products that you or your customers do not like, our manufacturers generally do not accept returns or refunds without reasonable reasons. If the manufacturer accepts a return (which rarely happens), please return the intact product that does not affect the secondary sale. We will also refund you or your customer based on the manufacturer's discounted price, but you or your customer will bear the shipping cost.
Please be sure to advise your customers not to apply for unreasonable refund or reship, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to you.
For more information about refunds and returns, please read our FAQ

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