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Fulfillman VS SourcinBox

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  • 2022-02-18 17:42:33
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Updated: 2022-03-07 16:43:15

What are the differences between SourcinBox and Fulfillman?


China is the most popular supply for dropshipping due to its wealth of products with low prices and strong supply chain foundation for the dropshipping model. Chinese dropshipping suppliers and platforms are emerging one after another, providing dropshippers with massive products and diverse dropshipping fulfillment services. 


Among them, SourcinBox and Fulfillman are both excellent dropshipping platforms in China. They each have their own features. So which one is a better choice? In this article, let’s talk about how SourcinBox and Fulfillman work and the differences between them.


How Does SourcinBox Work?


SourcinBox provides an efficient app to automate your order fulfillment. It allows you to connect your store with SourcinBox and add products to your store easily. You don't need to talk with any suppliers or buy products in advance. You can directly import products from our app into your store, or you can let us source products from manufacturers at lower prices.


When your customers place orders in your store, these orders will be automatically synced to the SourcinBox app. At this time, you only need to place orders on the app in bulk to purchase these products. And there are multiple fast shipping methods to choose from. Since our system will automatically obtain the address information in your customer orders, you do not need to manually provide us with any order information.


Finally, we will carry out quality checking, packing, and directly deliver the products to the corresponding customers. We will arrange for a customer manager to provide you with 1-on-1 assistance throughout the process, including handling any after-sales issues.


SourcinBox dropshipping services


SourcinBox Features


Free to Use: We don’t charge monthly fees, consulting fees, or sourcing service fees.


High Automation: Our app has integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, and SHOPLAZZA to import products easily and sync your store orders automatically. For Amazon, eBay, or other platforms, you can also upload store orders to our app manually with datasheets to enjoy our fulfillment services. Or you can directly wholesale products at good prices from us.


Multiple Fast Shipping Methods: We work with almost all the mainstream shipping companies, like USPS, DHL, UBI, CNE, Yun Express, Yanwen Express, ePacket, etc. You can check the estimated shipping cost and delivery time on the SourcinBox Dashboard. And the real-time tracking URL will be send to your customers via email.


1-On-1 Customer Service: You can contact us through Facebook Messenger, Email (, Whatsapp, or Skype to get a customer manager. And the customer manager will help you with all the matters.


Private Label Service: You can customize your product packaging, specs, inserts, personalized cards, etc with your brand label or logo.


Product PhotographyWe provide a professional photography service to take photos or videos for your products according to your requirements.


Free Warehousing Service: You can buy inventory in advance to shorten the product processing time, and it is free to store your inventory in our warehouse.


Responsible After-sales Service: Our customer manager will be responsible to deal with your after-sales issues such as damaged products, wrong products, lost packages, etc. As long as the issue is confirmed caused by us, we’ll reship for free or refund as per your request.


Payment Methods: PayPal (2.9% handling fee rate), Payoneer, TransferWise, Wire Transfer, SourcinBox Balance (cashback available), SourcinBox Credit.


How Does Fulfillman Work?


Unlike SourcinBox, Fulfillman offers a professional dropshipping agent team to help you with your dropshipping business, rather than an app or software. They have good secrecy about product prices so you can’t see any price information on their website unless you submit your information and contact them to get a private quote. Or you can sign up for their product catalog and request a quote with the product you want. They will source products directly from manufacturers, and the prices are 5%-10% cheaper than AliExpress.


They support platforms including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. Since they don’t have an automated app, you may have to manually put products into the store and authorize the Fulfillman service team to see and manage your store orders. Then they will purchase the products, check the quality, and ship them directly to your customers. All the order information will be updated on an automated google sheet they shared.


Fulfillman dropshipping services


Fulfillman Features



Global Shipping: They provide a private line directly from China and can ship to any country worldwide. Other shipping methods like ePacket, DHL, FedEx, Ups, etc are also available.


Branding Service: They accept the customization for packages with your brand logo on them, as well as business cards, custom boxes, and more.


Amazon FBA Services: They can manage your inventory for Amazon FBA including sourcing, inspection, packaging, and storage services.


Return/ Refund Policy: They will refund or resend for damaged products, wrong products, missing packages, etc.


Customer Dashboard & Support: You will get a shared automated dashboard to follow everything about your order information. Their main customer support channel is via Skype, which allows communication in real-time. Whatsapp, email, and Facebook are also available.


Product Photography: You can get professional product photos/ videos from them if you need them.


FREE Storage: It’s free to use their warehousing service if you are selling a hot product really fast.


Product Catalog: They provide a product catalog with hot and trending products that are updated every day.


Payment Methods: Payoneer, Paypal, TransferWise, Wire Transfer, And credit/ debit card.


Differences Between SourcinBox and Fulfillman




The products from SourcinBox and Fulfillman are all cheaper than AliExpress. The difference is that the SourcinBox app is free to use. And you can see transparent product pricing and shipping costs in the product list.


Fulfillman provides private quotes, which can protect your product and price information from being seen by your competitors. You need to contact them to get quoted. There is no standard unified pricing.


Shipping & Delivery


Both SourcinBox and Fulfillman have multiple shipping options. SourcinBox has many cost-effective shipping methods such as Yun Express, CNE, and Yanwen, which take only 7-15 days to the US, UK, and most EU countries. For liquids, powders, and charged products, we also provide dedicated shipping lines with the same fast delivery time.


Fulfillman has its fast private shipping line which is 7-15 days delivery. But it does not support shipping liquids and powders, and the shipping line for such sensitive items takes 20-35 days to deliver and does not provide complete tracking information. They also provide other fast shipping options like DHL, FedEx, and Ups.


Customer Service


Both SourcinBox and Fulfillman provide responsive customer service and live chat channels, as well as similar after-sales services. SourcinBox provides 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you with product sourcing, order processing, after-sales issues, or any problems you may encounter. Most matters are handled automatically through the app. And quality checking, customization, packaging, and shipping are handled by a team of professional warehouse staff.


Fulfillman provides a group of people to handle your full order management on your behalf, which means you have to authorize them to be your store manager. And this group of people handles everything from product sourcing to shipping and serves multiple customers at the same time.


Service Diversify


SourcinBox focuses on dropshipping fulfillment services, as well as additional services such as private label customization, product photography, and wholesale services for other forms of online sellers.


Fulfillman is not only a dropshipping fulfillment agent, but also provides diversified special services such as China sourcing, Amazon FBA service, and crowdfunding fulfillment.


SourcinBox Reviews     Fulfillman Reviews




The biggest difference between SourcinBox and Fulfillman is that one fulfills orders through an automated dropshipping app and another through a dropshipping agent team. There is not much difference in dropshipping service, but from the details, SourcinBox can bring you a better customer experience and a more safe and guaranteed process. You can start your dropshipping business with SourcinBox without too much exploration.


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