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Email Marketing Guides For Dropshipping Stores

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  • 2021-10-19 10:25:34
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Updated: 2022-03-03 15:24:15

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In this highly competitive dropshipping market, every customer is important. Email Marketing is an affordable way to win over and retain customers, making it the best option in your business. 


What is included in email marketing?


what is email marketing


For a lot of people, email marketing only entails weekly newsletters that go directly into the bin. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, every email marketing campaign for a dropshipping eCommerce store needs to include the following types of emails:


1) Welcome email: This is sent after a user provides you with their email address.

2) Discounts & offers: You can specify that users who subscribe to newsletters will receive exclusive promotions and discounts on your website. 

3) Abandoned cart emails: Research indicates that abandoned cart emails have a much better conversion rate than other kinds of messages.

4) Requests for reviews: Good testimonials can make your eCommerce store a lot more attractive. Wait a week after your customer receives their purchase and send them an email requesting a review. 

5) Holiday promotions: People shop much more during holidays. So don’t miss the opportunity of increasing your sales on Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and other holidays.

6) Follow-ups: Once a user buys something, send them an offer for a product that complements what they’ve purchased.


Benefits Of Email Marketing For Dropshipping Store

As a dropshipping business, you work as a middle-man between retail stores and customers. This kind of business needs building long-term relationships with both. Why? Because as a middle-man, you haven’t really got a solid presence in the online market. Email marketing will help you build customer relationships you need to rise above all the noise.


It is Data-Driven and a Measurable Marketing Channel

Email marketing offers an easy way to monitor how everything is running in your dropshipping business. Information like:


 •  Open Rate
 •  Bounce Rate
 •  Opt-Out Rate
 •  Click-Through Rate

It Has Openings for Targeted Marketing

Email marketing uses an email list. With this list, you can store valuable information about customers who subscribed to your business. Also, in dropshipping, you need the convenience of market segmentation to ensure your online store attracts the right kind of customers. Like, customers who are actually interested in what your store is selling. In dropshipping business, you can segment your email list to group customers with similar interests together. In niche dropshipping businesses, email marketing can help you filter your email list and reach out to a particular niche of customers.


It Increases Traffic and Sales

Nothing is more significant to a dropshipping business than growth. According to the marketer Jay Abraham, there are only three ways to grow revenue:


 •  Increase the number of purchases per customer
 •  Increase the number of customers
 •  Increase the average order value (AOV)

The growth of a dropshipping business implies you can expand your catalog of products to feature more niches. Email marketing campaigns help your business in its journey to achieve this very thing.


It is Affordable

Email marketing is possibly one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. Setting-up and ongoing maintenance costs are nothing when dealing with high ROI, which is what email marketing offers you. 


It is an Omnipresent Medium of Communication

Every single person uses an email nowadays. Even people who are a lot into social media platforms still need to create an email account even to open a social media account in the first place. Every website on the internet requires you to sign-up with an authentic email account. With email marketing, you already have access to a vast audience.


Making The Most of Email Marketing for Your Dropshipping Business

You have understood your dropshipping business’ place in the wild eCommerce jungle. Now, all you need is optimization.

Here are the best things to do when using email marketing for your eCommerce dropshipping business:


Engagement and Initiation Emails

This is your initial step to building a long-term relationship with the customers. When visitors check out your site, these need to be emailed to acknowledge their interest in your dropshipping services. 


Your target audience can be New leads, new customers, and abandoned cart leads. 

The goal is to present your dropshipping brand to new customers. 


Abandoned Cart Emails

It’s your job to send a friendly reminder to your customers about the items waiting for them at your website. Usually, it is enough to get your customers to return and complete their transactions. But if it’s not enough, you can offer:


 •  A coupon for their purchase
 •  Ask your customers for some feedback


Your target audience is customers who reach checkout but don’t buy. 

Your goal is to engage your customers to get them to complete transactions.


Post-Purchase Emails

These emails are sent to people after they make purchases on your website. This is a significant step as it helps build customer relationships by showing that you care about them even after they purchase from your store.


Your target audience is people who have purchased. 


Your goal is to reduce buyer’s remorse, increase the lifetime value of your customers, and gather reviews and testimonials. 


Customer Loyalty and Re-engagement Emails


email marketing


Consider this: it’s been a while since a customers’ last purchase from your store. What you can do is, send emails like:


 •  Life Event Emails
 •  Win-Back Emails
 •  Repurchase Emails

Your target audience is practically all of your customers. 

Your goal is to make sure your customers remember you and your dropshipping brand. 


Promotional Emails

Do your suppliers have a special sale going on? Spread the word to your customers. Did you know that price lowering emails have the highest conversion rate at 1.04% and click-to-conversion rate at 9.68% amongst all promotional emails? Here are various ways to use promotional emails:


 •  Announce sales
 •  Announce new products and features
 •  Offer subscriber-exclusive discounts
 •  Offer seasonal or holiday promotions

Your target audience is all of your customers. Your goal is to create more sales and grab your customers’ attention.


Final Note

Email marketing focuses on engaging with your customers and building long-term relationships with them. As a dropshipping business, it is imperative when engaging with retail stores and your suppliers. An eCommerce business with a loyal customer base has a strong presence on the internet. Imagine your customers and retailers endorsing you to others. Of course, you are bound to pop up more often in search engines and social media. 


With tools like Tada, you can grow an email list, generate leads, convert customers, integrate with email marketing platforms to keep email addresses organized, validate email addresses, customize pop-ups, analyze data, and avoid website abandonment.



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