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Niche Dropshipping - The Best Pet Supplies to Dropship in 2024

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  • 2023-02-06 16:01:23
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Updated: 2024-03-12 14:39:14

From common cats and dogs to unique birds and small mammals, pets have been playing an important role in our lives. More and more people enjoy staying with their pets and are willing to spend time and money for their pets on food, clothing, health, etc.


At the same time, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, pet supplies have thus become one of the most popular niches for small online businesses.


So is dropshipping pet supplies profitable in 2024? What are the best pet supplies you can sell online? If you are planning to start your pet supplies business in 2024, you will find something useful in this article.


Is Pet Supplies a Profitable Dropshipping Niche?


The pets and animal supplies market offers owners an endless selection of products and prices to choose from, including pet and animal food, health and hygiene products, toys, furniture, collars, bowls and feeders, and more. Shopping for pet products is easier than ever, with more and more online retailers now selling pet products alongside traditional pet stores.


According to Statista, the total number of pet enterprises in the United States is expected to be 12,740 in 2022, and it is expected to increase to rise to over 13,100 by 2028. U.S. pet store revenue is projected to be just over $23.5 billion in 2022, down from 2021. National pet store revenue is expected to reach around $24.66 billion by 2028.


Beyond that, the common average margin on pet products is around 60%. The margin of cat and dog food should be around 50%, while pet toys can have a margin of 70%. Pet supplies are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative dropshipping niches in 2024. We recommend you start small and test the potential of your product before making a decent profit and adding bigger markups.


Important Pet Market Insights


Around 66% of U.S. Households Owned a Pet


Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022. As of 2024, 66% of all households in the United States owned a pet according to APPA. There are 65.1 million households that have at least one dog, making them by far the most widely owned pet type in the United States. Cats and freshwater fish came in second and third, with approximately 46.5 million and 11.1 million households, respectively, owning such pets. Horses are one of the least popular animals, with approximately 2.2 million households owning horses.


90 Million European Households Own at Least One Pet


Many people in European countries own pets and spend a lot of their income on products and services related to their beloved pets. In 2022, the annual turnover of pet-related products and services in Europe was estimated at EUR 24.5 billion.


As of 2022, around 91 million European households owned at least one pet. The most popular pets in the EU are cats. There are approximately 21,000 more cats than dogs in the EU. Besides cats and dogs, other popular pets are ornamental birds such as canaries, parakeets, parrots, and small mammals such as mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits. The number of European cats has increased steadily over the past decade.


Brazil Has The Largest Pet Population in Latin America


In 2022, the Brazilian pet care industry generated revenues of BRL 60.2 billion, an increase of almost BRL 9 billion compared to the revenue registered in the previous year. Pets are an important part of the Brazilian household. In 2022, there were around 167.6 million pets in Brazil, of which more than 68 million are dogs, the favorite pets among Brazilian households. The second most popular pets among Brazilians are birds, with 41.3 million of these animals in Brazilian households.


What Are The Best Pet Supplies for Dropshipping 2024?


Pet supplies are among the best-selling product categories on SourcinBox, and including pet clothing, accessories, home supplies, pet grooming items, and more. We've rounded up some of the best pet supplies for you to dropship in 2024. If you are interested, you can directly send us a sourcing request or contact us directly to get a product quotation. We can source pet products at the best prices for you directly from the manufacturers.


1. Pet Clothing & Accessories


Pet clothing is one of the fastest-growing categories in pet e-commerce. Pet costumes usher in a peak of popularity every year at major festivals such as Christmas and Halloween because pet owners are very keen to dress up their pets. At the same time, fashionable pet accessories have gradually become a must-have item for pets to go out. If you're going to open a pet supply store, it's a good idea to start with pet clothing and accessories.


 • Dog Raincoat


Dog raincoats are the most practical pet clothing to enable dog owners to take their dogs out on rainy days. The following dog raincoats are generally suitable for a variety of dog sizes.


Dog RaincoatDog RaincoatDog Raincoat


 • Winter Dog Coat


Dogs generally don't need clothes in the summer, so cotton dog coats for winter are a better sell.


Winter Dog CoatWinter Dog CoatWinter Dog Coat


 • Pet Costumes


Unique dog costumes are great product ideas for Christmas and Halloween sales and are also great gift ideas for pets.


Pet CostumesPet CostumesPet Costumes


 • Pet Hats


Pet hats are funny and fashionable pet accessories and they are popular among millennial pet owners.


Pet HatsPet HatsPet Hats


 • Elizabeth Collars for Cats & Dogs


Pet Elizabeth collars are usually used after pets recover from surgery to prevent pets from licking their own wounds. They can also play a good role in protection in grooming occasions such as bathing and manicure.


Elizabeth CollarsElizabeth CollarsElizabeth CollarsElizabeth Collars


 • Horse Accessories


Horses can also have beautiful accessories such as masks, horsetails, harnesses, etc.


Horse AccessoriesHorse AccessoriesHorse AccessoriesHorse Accessories


 • Costumes for Small Animals


There are also cute costumes with walking leashes for small animals.


Costumes for Small AnimalsCostumes for Small AnimalsCostumes for Small AnimalsCostumes for Small Animals


2. Pet Toys & Games


Dog toys are mainly products with teeth grinding and training functions to consume pet energy. Cat toys are mainly entertaining and interactive products such as fur balls and feathers. Consumers have higher requirements for the quality of pet dog products. If you want to sell pet toys, you should emphasize the characteristics of the product and the safety of use when describing the product. You can refer to some hot-selling pet toys we have selected for you below.


 • Dog Snuffle Mat


Studies have shown that dogs sniffing for 10 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour of exercise. Dog Sniffing Mats allow dog owners to hide food in the gaps in the mat and dogs will find food by smell, which can prevent dogs from eating too quickly and causing digestive problems. Putting the dog's favorite food can increase the interest in the dog's interaction.


Dog Snuffle MatDog Snuffle MatDog Snuffle MatDog Snuffle Mat


 • Dog Puzzle Toys


This is a fun interactive dog educational toy that can release stress for dogs. Dogs can find food by sliding parts, improving eating fun and IQ.


Dog Puzzle ToysDog Puzzle ToysDog Puzzle Toys


 • Dog Squeaky Toys


Soft plush squeaky toys can bring satisfaction and fun to chewing for dogs, and it is one of the dogs' favorite toys.


Dog Squeaky ToysDog Squeaky ToysDog Squeaky Toys


 • Dog Teething Toys


Dogs love to chew. When they are teething, bored and lonely, or need to relieve stress, they will chew everything available around them such as shoes, sofas, pillows, etc. And Dog teething toys are specially designed for dogs to protect your home from chewing. It can also keep dogs healthy.


Dog Teething ToysDog Teething ToysDog Teething Toys


 • Cat Tunnel Bed


We all know that cats are very curious and like to explore unknown holes. The perfect combination of toy tunnel and cat bed can meet the needs of cats for rest and entertainment at the same time.


Cat Tunnel BedCat Tunnel BedCat Tunnel BedCat Tunnel Bed


 • Cat Scratcher


Unlike dogs, cats love to grind their paws when they're bored or need to relieve stress. Using a professional cat scratcher will keep cats' paws healthy and help keep cats' fur from falling out all over the place, keeping them happy.


Cat ScratcherCat ScratcherCat ScratcherCat Scratcher


 • Cat Interactive Toys


Cat interactive toys are essential items for cat owners to interact with cats. There are many kinds of them. You can contact us to source all kinds of cat interactive toys at favorable prices.


Cat Interactive ToysCat Interactive ToysCat Interactive Toys


 • Small Animal Fun Tunnel


Smaller pets like guinea pigs and rabbits need plenty of security, and fun tunnels to hide from are the perfect toys for them.


Fun TunnelFun TunnelFun TunnelFun Tunnel


 • Toys for Small Animals


Hamster balls, teething balls, etc. are hot-selling small mammal toys, and you can also source a complete set of parrot toys from China.


Toys for Small AnimalsToys for Small AnimalsToys for Small Animals


3. Pet Furniture & Home Supplies


Pet furniture and home supplies are among the best-selling product categories on SourcinBox. As must-have products for daily pet keeping, American pet owners pay more attention to quality and durability when choosing pet beds, sofas, cat racks, and other products. We have listed some of the high-quality pet home supplies for dropshipping and you can send us a sourcing request to get a free quote for the product you want to dropship.


 • Cat Bed & Dog Bed


The comfortable, soft, and warm bionic faux fur pet bed is the best choice for pet owners. It can remind pets of their mother's hug, anti-anxiety and calm to give pets high-quality sleep. For dropshipping, the pet bed can be compressed, rolled, and vacuum sealed for storage and transportation without incurring high shipping costs.


Pet BedPet BedPet BedPet Bed


 • Cat Window Perch


For cats who like to climb at home, cat window perch is a more suitable choice for them. And it is easy to install and durable.


Cat Window PerchCat Window PerchCat Window Perch


 • Small Pet Bed & Hanging Hammock


Small mammals are less tolerant to cold, so cozy and warm cotton nests are necessary for them. And hanging hammocks are more fun options for small pets. You are able to source all kinds of cute small pet beds and hanging hammocks from China via SourcinBox.


Small Pet BedSmall Pet BedSmall Pet BedSmall Pet Bed


 •  Ceramic Pet House


Ceramic containers are ideal as a shelter for small animals due to their cooling properties.


Ceramic Pet HouseCeramic Pet HouseCeramic Pet House


 • Hanging Parrot Nest


Hanging parrot nests with fabric covers are great choices for keeping parrot pets warm.


Hanging Parrot NestHanging Parrot NestHanging Parrot Nest


 • Reptile Heating Pad


For reptile breeders who need a constant temperature den for their pets, a constant temperature heating pad is the best choice. There are many sizes and specifications of heating pads available for dropshipping.


Reptile Heating PadReptile Heating PadReptile Heating Pad


 • Reptile Hideout


Reptile hideouts are also one of the pet supplies that reptile breeders like to buy.


Reptile HideoutReptile HideoutReptile HideoutReptile Hideout


 • Pet Feeder and Water Dispenser


Dogs, cats, and small mammals need to use different specifications of water dispensers and feeders. For dropshipping, selling automated products is a more competitive choice.


Pet Water DispenserPet FeederPet FeederPet Feeder


 • Cat Litter Scoop


Cat litter scoops are the most practical necessities for cat owners. The following cat litter scoops are the best-selling choices for dropshipping.


Cat Litter ScoopCat Litter ScoopCat Litter Scoop


 • In-wall Entry Pet Door


Some pet owners will install special in-wall entry pet doors at home to offer a wider range of activities for their pets at home. It is one of the best pet product ideas if you are going to sell pet furniture.


In-wall Entry Pet DoorIn-wall Entry Pet DoorIn-wall Entry Pet Door


4. Pet Walking Supplies


Walking pets is something every pet owner must do daily, and pet walking supplies have become a popular product category. Dog walking supplies are the most common among them, including collars, leashes, dog carriers, pooper scoopers, etc. These are the product options you can’t go wrong with selling pet supplies online.


 • Dog Leash


Retractable dog leashes are the best choices with a 360° swivel leash and easily adjustable retraction to prevent the dog from twisting the leash while walking, allowing the dog to move more freely. Its quick-lock, pause and unlock buttons allow easy one-handed operation to adjust the length of the dog leash.


Dog LeashDog LeashDog LeashDog Leash


 • Dog Harness


The dog harness can make the dog safer and more comfortable when walking on a leash. The ones with bags allow for carrying some water and dog food when walking. These are great product ideas you can cross-sell with dog leashes.


Dog HarnessDog HarnessDog Harness


 • Dog Support Harness


The dog support harness is used to assist dogs or cats to recover from injury or assist elderly dogs to walk.


Dog Support HarnessDog Support HarnessDog Support Harness


 • Dog Water Bottle for Walking


The portable dog water bottle is one of pet owners' favorite dog walking supplies. It is different from ordinary water bottles that it can directly squeeze water into the semi-circular container on the top for dogs to drink, and the controllable water output will not cause waste.


Dog Water BottleDog Water BottleDog Water Bottle


 • Pet Carrier & Backpack


For fast-moving pets such as cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits, pet carriers or backpacks are more suitable for them to go out, which can prevent pets from running around, and allow pets to enjoy a wide view and a comfortable and breathable space.


Pet CarrierPet CarrierPet CarrierPet Carrier


 • Reflective AirTag Dog Collar


In order to avoid pets from getting lost, some pet owners use Air Tag to track and locate their pets. Air Tag dog collars can be used to install and fix Air Tag on pets.


AirTag Dog CollarAirTag Dog CollarAirTag Dog Collar


 • Pet Pooper Scooper


Civilized dog walkers usually clean up the dog's poop, and the Pooper scooper is the best tool, which can easily pick up the poop and put it in the garbage bag that comes with it.


Pet Pooper ScooperPet Pooper ScooperPet Pooper Scooper


5. Pet Grooming Supplies


Dog owners spend $73 a year on grooming, according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA). And cat owners are estimated to spend much less. On average, they spend $43 a year on grooming and grooming supplies. This category includes grooming services, shampoos, clippers, combs, nail grinders, toothbrushes, etc. The following are some of the most popular pet grooming supplies we recommended for dropshipping.


 • Dog Bath Brush & Drying Towels


Pet Bathing is one of the most basic grooming projects. For dog owners, the must-have grooming supplies are dog bathing brushes and drying towels or robes.


Dog Bath BrushDog Drying TowelsDog Drying Towels


 • Pet Grooming Brush & Gloves


For furry pets such as cats and dogs, hair care is very important. Pet grooming brushes and gloves are the best sellers for pet grooming at home.


Pet Grooming BrushPet Grooming BrushPet Grooming Gloves


 • Horse Grooming Brush & Gloves


Of course, pets like horses also need hair cleaning and grooming, and you can find grooming brushes and gloves for horses.


Horse Grooming BrushHorse Grooming BrushHorse Grooming Gloves


 • Pet Nail Grinder


In order to prevent scratches to people or damage to furniture, pet owners usually trim their pets' nails on a regular basis, which is also part of pet grooming. Automated nail grinders are a better choice than traditional nail clippers.


Pet Nail GrinderPet Nail GrinderPet Nail Grinder


 • Pet Toothbrush


The oral health of pets is a detail that cannot be ignored. Helping pets clean their mouth and teeth can effectively prevent bad breath and dental diseases. Silicone finger pet toothbrush is a popular pet oral care product that you can add to your pet supplies store.


Pet ToothbrushPet ToothbrushPet Toothbrush


Start Dropshipping Pet Supplies with SourcinBox


If you are ready to start a pet niche store, then the next step is finding the best pet suppliers. If you have not decided yet, you may try SourcinBox, a dropshipping agent that can source high-quality dropshipping products from China at much better prices. And you can easily integrate your online store with SourcinBox to allow importing products and automatic order synchronization. 


Sign up for free now and enjoy 1-on-1 customer service and fast global shipping!


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