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Niche Dropshipping - 20 Best Office Supplies & Products to Sell Online in 2024

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  • 2023-01-06 17:24:44
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Updated: 2024-05-28 10:06:29

As the new year begins, whether people are back in the office and still adjusting, or planning to return to the office soon, now is the time to find and prepare items that will make working at the office safer and more enjoyable. 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your sales and meet the evolving needs of today's working professionals by selling office supplies and products online. You will be able to reach more diverse consumers, including entrepreneurs, office workers, part-time college students, freelancers, etc. 


To help you start dropshipping office supplies & products as easily as possible, we've rounded up the best back-to-office essentials for 2024. Now let's dive in!


20 Best Office Supplies to Sell Online in 2024



1. Water Bottle & Tumbler


Whether working from home or in the office, water bottles and tumblers are functional and eco-friendly additions. Various tumblers are taking social media by storm with the viral popularity of Stanley Tumbler. You can not miss the opportunity to showcase your brand. It is recommended to sell tumblers with your unique designs, and straw covers or other relevant accessories are perfect items that help you provide a better shopping experience!



Google trends tumbler


2. Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth headphones don't just improve sound quality, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will become a must-have for those who have gotten used to working from home and turning to noisy office environments. You can sell these under your own brand with a logo or custom packaging.


Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth Headphones



3. Wireless Earbuds


Of course, in an office environment where it is not suitable to wear obtrusive audio equipment, in-ear earbuds will become the best choice, and they are more portable and affordable.


Wireless EarbudsWireless EarbudsWireless Earbuds



4. Anti Blue Light Glasses


We all know that looking at screens for long periods of time can lead to headaches and eye strain. Whether working from home or in the office, protecting eyes is essential for a healthy, headache-free workday. A pair of anti blue light glasses is the perfect choice for the copious amount of screen time to be dealing with. It can help to limit the amount of blue light that goes into the eyes from most screens. For dropshipping, you can have a lot of styles to choose from based on your target audience.


Blue Light Blocking GlassesBlue Light Blocking GlassesBlue Light Blocking Glasses

Anti Blue Light Glasses


5. Desktop Organizer


A clean, uncluttered desk and tools within easy reach are essential for a comfortable workday. A set of personalized desktop organizers and dividers not only keep the desk space clutter-free, but they are also great desktop decorations, which are popular among young workers. These are the go-to product choices if you are going to dropship office supplies.


Desktop OrganizerDesktop OrganizerDesktop OrganizerDesktop Organizer

Desktop Organizer


6. Pen Holder


A creative pen holder is a great way to break up the dullness of an office environment, and you can sell these attractive gadgets online because they are not easy to find in regular grocery stores. If you don't know where to get these products, you can send us sourcing requests with images and we can help you source almost any legal dropshipping product you want from China.


spin pen holderPen HolderPen Holder

Pen Holder


7. Desktop Ornaments


Creative alarm clocks, 3D model sticky notes, and even desktop lego are some office ornaments that can add fun to work environments. When returning to the office from a joyful holiday period, these small objects are very suitable as gifts for colleagues.


Desktop OrnamentsDesktop OrnamentsDesktop Ornaments


8. Adjustable Laptop Stand


The one thing that almost anyone who works with laptops needs is a laptop stand. And the laptop stand has always had a stable demand. Adjustable multifunctional laptop stands are the most recommended for dropshipping.


Laptop StandLaptop StandLaptop Stand

Laptop Stand


9. Wireless Phone Charger


Wireless chargers are one of the favorite tools for working people. In the office, there may be many people occupying the socket with messy charging wires entangled together. However, the all-in-one wireless charger can charge mobile phones, watches, and earphones at the same time with only one socket. And it also keeps the office desktop looking clean and tidy.


All kinds of wireless phone chargers are always hot sellers on SourcinBox, you can contact us to source high-quality wireless chargers at a more favorable dropshipping cost.


Wireless Phone ChargerWireless Phone ChargerWireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger


10. Desk Planner


For those returning from a relatively free home office to a well-organized office, they need to plan and arrange their daily working hours more reasonably. In order to ensure high work efficiency, it is particularly important to write down the daily work plan and meeting arrangements. Desktop planners are the best options.


Desk PlannerDesk PlannerDesk Planner

Desk Planner


11. Canvas Tote Bag


Back to the office means back to the daily commute, and large-capacity tote bags can easily carry laptops, pens, notepads, wallets, and more. Canvas tote bags are popular with their fashionable, durable, and eco-friendly features. SourcinBox can help you customize canvas tote bags in specific colors and specifications with high-quality materials for you to sell online.


Canvas Tote BagTote BagTote Bag

Canvas Tote Bag


12. Lanyard


Lanyards with ID badges are standard for most office workers. There is also a large demand for lanyards for various business gatherings and events, especially custom printed lanyards. Lovely and trendy designs can enhance the working spirit to a certain extent. With customized print, you can attract more audiences hoping to showcase different styles for different occasions.





13. Wireless Mouse & Keyboard


Time to get ready for a new year of office work with a brand-new set of wireless mice and keyboards. The slim, quiet ergonomic Bluetooth mouse is the most recommended, which saves the user's wrist and greatly improves the screen scrolling experience.


Wireless MouseWireless Mouse & KeyboardWireless Mouse & Keyboard

Wireless Mouse & Keyboard


14. Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest


In order to relieve the fatigue of the wrist when using the mouse and keyboard, keyboard and mouse wrist rest, elbow supports, etc. can be said to be perfect inventions. The wrist rest with a squishy cloud design is among the top choices of consumers. You can sell wrist rest under your brand with custom packaging and your logo printed on it.


Cloud Wrist RestMouse Wrist RestMouse Wrist RestMouse Wrist Rest

Wrist Rest


15. Monitor Light Bar


Monitor light bars have become popular office supplies. They are suitable for computer monitors of various specifications. The soft light source can reduce the glare of the screen and protect the eyesight of workers. In addition, there are also decorative ambient light bars you can choose from.


Monitor Light BarMonitor Light BarMonitor Light Bar

Monitor Light Bar


16. Fidget Toys for Office


37% of working professionals feel more anxious, worried, and stressed when they go into the office. So, it's a great idea to offer some stress relief fidget toys for office workers. The fidget keyboard toy is one of the most popular choices. You can source and sell personalized keyboard fidget toys with SourcinBox.


fidget keyboard toyStress Relief ToysStress Relief Toys

Fidget Toy


17. Home Diffuser


Home diffuser can also be used in the office. In a crowded air-conditioned office space, the air may not only be dry, but may also smell bad, and a portable mini diffuser and humidifie can perfectly solve these problems. Beautiful volcano humidifiers and flame diffusers are some of the best dropshipping options on SourcinBox. You can add it to your store directly via SourcinBox and start selling now.


Portable HumidifierPortable HumidifierPortable HumidifierPortable Humidifier

Home Diffuser


18. Seat Cushion & Waist Cushion


Seat cushions and waist cushions are a great way to help people transition from the comfort of their homes to the office. Waist cushions can well support the waist and tailbone to restore comfort similar to working on the bed or sofa as much as possible.


Seat CushionWaist CushionSeat Cushion

Seat Cushion


19. Neck Massager


Neck pain is probably a common problem among office workers, and neck massagers are undoubtedly one of the most popular office supplies. The following neck massagers are suitable for wearing at work, if you want to dropship them, you can contact us to get a free quotation for the products you want.


Neck MassagerNeck MassagerNeck Massager

Neck Massager


20. Lunch Box & Containers


Bringing your work lunch is a much safer and more hygienic option. But instead of plastic, it's a better idea to sell these 304 stainless steel and colorful food-grade silicone containers for salads, sandwiches, and soups. They are also dishwasher and microwave-safe.


Lunch BoxesLunch BoxesLunch Boxes

Lunch Box


Start Dropshipping Office Supplies & Products with SourcinBox


If you haven’t found a dropshipping supplier for office supplies, you may consider trying to work with SourcinBox. SourcinBox can be your dropshipping agent offering one-stop dropshipping solutions and you are able to sell products easily under your brand. If you are interested in selling the products mentioned above, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us to get product quotes for free. And your dropshipping orders will be automatically fulfilled with fast global delivery times.


Sign up for free now and start your dropshipping journey with us!


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