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Winning Dropshipping Products - Transparent Dog Umbrella

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  • 2022-11-05 16:34:00
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Updated: 2022-11-05 17:10:31

Are you looking for the best pet niche product for dropshipping? Maybe you can get some great ideas here.


We have found that the umbrella for small-medium pet dogs has been a potential pet product with a stable slightly growing popularity. And the following transparent dog umbrella is the most popular one.


The market for dog umbrellas is not yet saturated, it can still be profitable to dropship this product! Let's learn more about it.


transparent dog umbrellatransparent dog umbrella trends


Why Choose The Transparent Dog Umbrella for Dropshipping?


Great Product Idea


Dog umbrellas are clever inventions that can protect dogs from a rain shower. And the type of transparent dog umbrella with a leash is one of the best dog umbrellas of 2022.


It usually has a long handle with an umbrella attached to it. The C-shaped handle is a better version. There is a short leash under the umbrella to connect the umbrella to a dog’s collar so the umbrella can be over the dog’s head. And the transparent design of the umbrella won’t block the view of the dog.



Growing Trends


A video showing a puppy using the transparent umbrella has gone viral on TikTok last year with 6.5M views. And tag #dogumbrella has got over 259k views on TikTok. Some of the active TikTok users who posted videos recently under this tag are store owners selling dog umbrellas.


So if you sell dog umbrellas, TikTok would be one of the best platforms for you to promote your products.


dog umbrelladogumbrella




The transparent dog umbrella with a C-shaped handle is selling for over $25 on Amazon and some top pet niche online stores.


Amazon dog umbrella


If you dropship the C-shaped dog umbrella via AliExpress, it will cost you $19.24 with free shipping to the United States. But the delivery time is hard to say, probably 1 month.


AliExpress dog umbrella


You can have a better choice because we also have this product on SourcinBox! The cost can be less at $16.92 in total with an 8-16 days delivery time to the US. And you can sell it for at least $25, and keep more than 30% as profit margins.


SourcinBox dog umbrella


If you are ready to dropship this product, then add the transparent dog umbrella to your online store now with SourcinBox!


Don’t know how to work with SourcinBox? Click here.


Other Hot Pet Niche Products You Can Sell Online


If you want to dropship other hot pet products with SourcinBox, you can send us sourcing requests. We will source high-quality pet products directly from Manufacturers at better prices.


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