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Best Pilates Product Ideas for Dropshipping

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  • 2024-07-03 10:58:32
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Updated: 2024-07-03 14:09:41

Pilates has earned a rising population as a beginner-friendly workout over recent years because of its low-impact, easily modifiable movements. Besides, with celebrities getting behind it and a social media trend, Pilates' more potential health benefits (including improved core strength, stability, flexibility, balance, and body awareness) have gained caught.

As more people incorporate Pilates into their fitness routines, the demand for Pilates equipment and accessories has also increased, bringing opportunities for businesses to increase online sales. The most popular and affordable is at-home Pilates equipment such as mats, bands, bar sets, outfits, etc. Is Pilates product dropshipping profitable? Wonder about the best product ideas to get attached to Pilates enthusiasts? Read on to discover the best Pilates products for dropshipping!


Is Pilates Product Dropshipping Profitable?


Few workouts have amassed a devoted fanbase quite like Pilates recently. It emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and overall body exercises, making it ideal for all fitness levels. There were 11.86 million people who participated in pilates training in the United States in 2023, denoting an increase of 15 percent versus the previous year. This marked the highest annual figure for pilates participants in the U.S. since 2010. Unsurprisingly, Pilates' audience continues to expand.




There are two popular Pilates types--Pilates at home and Reformer Pilates. The former allows people to train at home with a few small equipment and accessories, while the latter utilizes a specialized machine called 'Reformer' to realize a variety of exercise movements. The two types boost the demand of concerning Pilates products. If you own an online store selling sporting goods, we highly recommend starting dropshipping with simple equipment for doing Pilates at home.


Don't miss out on the profits behind the Pink Pilates Princess Aesthetic trend! Urban Dictionary defines a Pink Pilates Princess as "pink smoothies, reading in bed, workouts in pretty pink sets, 10-step skincare routines, jewelry while she works out, the ultimate girly green juice girl." If you own an online sporting apparel store, the pink workout outfits or accessories can surely bring more sales! Adding aesthetic custom designs or customized delicate packaging is also recommended since the younger generations are more willing to pay for original ideas.


Best Pilates Equipment and Accessories for Dropshipping


1. Pilates Mat


A high-quality Pilates mat is a necessity for anyone practicing Pilates, whether at home or in a studio. By focusing on Pilates mats, you can tap into a specific niche within the broader fitness equipment market. It offers opportunities to differentiate your brand by offering mats in various sizes, thicknesses, and materials to cater to different preferences and needs.





2. Pilates Ball


It's common to take a Pilates ball for core strength, posture, and back rehabilitation. Whether doing Pilates at home or studio, this little convenient equipment will further enhance the movement. The inflatable design can save you more shipping costs under large sales. We recommend selling in sets with extra inflation straws, which makes it easier to carry or store.




3. Pilates Bar Kit


You can also take certain unique workout equipment for at-home Pilates into the sourcing list. Pilates bar sets are gaining popularity as they are compact, portable, and require minimal space, which is well-suited for home workouts. The versatility of Pilates bar sets makes them appealing to fitness enthusiasts looking for effective and convenient home workout options.




4. Resistance Bands


Another small prop for rich movements is the resistance band, also known as the Pilates band. The band offers resistance in exercises to make it more challenging or assistive. The resistance band comes in varying lengths and resistance levels from light, medium, and heavy. Add as many kinds as possible to meet the different exercise needs.




5. Pilates Ring


The Pilates ring is another small and portable piece of equipment. It is a lightweight circular resistance prop designed for providing varying amounts of resistance therefore increasing support or offering greater challenge during exercise. Add this featured equipment for Pilates enthusiasts to your offering list and start selling it now!




6. Pilates Grip Socks


As reformer Pilates' popularity is surging, Pilates socks have been included as a must-have for Pilates enthusiasts. They are designed with non-slip grips on the soles, providing better traction and stability during exercises. Selling Pilates socks can also create cross-selling opportunities with other Pilates accessories or equipment. You can offer customers a complete Pilates kit to increase your average order value and overall sales.




7. Workout Gloves for Pilates


Similar to the Pilates socks, a pair of appropriate workout gloves for Pilates is necessary for doing practices requiring grip certain equipment. By increasing friction, it can protect hands from injuries during exercise. Choose those made in light and breathable materials and make your customers' exercise experience more comfortable.




8. Pilates Bag


Pilates bags provide a convenient and organized solution for storing and carrying Pilates equipment and accessories. Pilates bags that are designed with adjustable straps, multiple compartments, and durable materials can fit the bill of fitness enthusiasts perfectly. You can add unique design elements, logos, and color schemes to your Pilates bags, creating a distinctive brand identity.




9. Leggings for Pilates


When choosing leggings for Pilates, people's top consideration is the fit. The leggings in your store shall offer a compression fit while still allowing for freedom of movement. Some also give a sculpting effect on the body, which is perfect for people who love taking workout snaps. Considering the Pink Pilates Princess Aesthetic, pink leggings may be more welcomed.




10. Jumpsuits & Unitards


With the iterations of workout unitards, more people choose unitards or jumpsuits for comfortability with effective movement. Those who typically workout in a legging might opt for jumpsuits that crop right at the ankle, also romper styles designed in biker length. Sending sourcing requests to SourcinBox for unitards and jumpsuits in buttery soft fabrics and a built-in bra now.




11. Sports Bra for Pilates


For Pilates beginners, wearing a sports bra designed for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement is good. It is ideal for dropshippers to sell sports bras giving light-to-medium support with lower constriction to the body. Work with SourcinBox and dropship bras for Pilates in simple designs and use breathable, quick-dry fabric.




12. Workout Tank Top


A workout tank top is also receiving more welcome for Pilates. Notice that Pilates is not just for women. It was designed to improve balance, muscles and flexibility for all ages and genders. The sleeveless and quick-dry tank top is designed for a full range of motion, perfect for various Pilates practicing postures–especially lightweight and fitted ones.




13. Seamless Workout Jacket


It's better to prepare a jacket or pullover--wear during, pre- or post-workout. Though people will always get a good sweat from the workout, the body temperature drops soon in the chilly environment. A seamless workout jacket can be fully breathable and absorb sweat in the case of ah to ensure that the body temperature does not fall too quickly.




14. Water Bottles


Hydration is key for surviving any workout. For Pilates, apart from correct breathing, taking a sip now and then will help recover. Prepare water bottles with large capacity--enough for pre-, mid- and post-workouts--for your customers. Stylish water bottles like the tumbler with a handle and a straw can be taken effortlessly, becoming the finishing touch to their workout outfit.




Start dropshipping Products with SourcinBox


Pilates is a popular workout which impacted little by weather. This means dropshippers can sell equipment and accessories for Pilates all year round. Keep tracking the market trends and update the products as customers need. Looking for excellent suppliers for your Pilates dropshipping business? Work with professional dropshipping agent SourcinBox sourcing directly from reliable manufacturers for quality products. Just contact our experts now and get a free quote!


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