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Elevate Your Dropshipping Business with Tennis Equipment

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  • 2024-06-11 15:19:41
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Updated: 2024-06-27 14:39:05

Tennis has undoubtedly grown into a truly global sport. With Grand Slam tournaments spanning three continents - Europe, North America, and Australia - professional tennis has gained a large group of passionate fans. Besides the sports sector's steady popularity, the fashion industry has shed more light on tenniscore--a trending fashion style. With its unique elegance and charm, tennis today is attracting new eyes and corporate interests including Hollywood which also fueling a boon.

The high participation and interest from people drive up the demand for related products. According to Technavio, the global tennis equipment market size is estimated to grow by USD 211.08 million from 2024 to 2028 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.21% during the forecast period.  

From tennis gear to tennis apparel, this niche market holds a wealth of opportunities for online sellers to win profits. Are you a tennis fan? Seize this chance and turn your interest into a successful dropshipping business! Read on for more market analysis and product ideas. Look no further! Contact us for sourcing high-quality tennis equipment now!


Why Dropship Tennis Equipment?


Higher Participation in Tennis


It is plain to see the high global popularity of tennis. Of course, like most sports, its popularity varies from region to region and country to country. As of 2023, Spain had the highest share of tennis fans, with nearly a third of the Spanish population following the sport regularly.

Hosting tennis' oldest tournament, Wimbledon, England enjoys a long and illustrious history with the sport. The country's affinity for tennis has not waned over time. According to a survey by Sport England, roughly 915,000 participants played tennis at least twice a month in 2022. This number is bound to grow due to the unrelenting passion of the fans.

It's worth noting that the number of tennis participants in the United States is growing exceedingly, which peaked at approximately 23.84 million in 2023. This number experienced such impressive growth in 2020 and 2021 as well, both surpassing 20 million. Tennis fans in the U.S. typically have a high annual household income and high spending ability. Besides, 36% of tennis fans are innovators or early adopters of new products, which offers chances for innovative items in the tennis market.

The participants are also expanding to the younger generations. Children's tennis participation in the U.S. has witnessed an increase of over 60 percent since 2010. Demand for tennis equipment for children is therefore also rising.


The Spanning Heat of Grand Slam Tournaments


Grand Slam Tournaments(the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open) have long been the grandest feasts for worldwide tennis fans. These tournaments set themselves apart by presenting the largest scale and media attention.

Take the Wimbledon Championships as an example, held annually at the beginning of July,  its aggregate attendance reached a total of 532,651 in 2023, which was an increase of around three percent from the previous year. Besides, the total online viewership on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sports reached over 50 million streams. The two biggest matches, the men's and women's single finals, both had peak audiences of over four million.

There are a large number of fans who will hold a watching party to share the thrill and increase the joy. Whether watching live online or recorded games, enjoying the game with like-minded fans is a unique experience. This makes selling tennis party supplies another great profitable chance.


Growing Popularity of Tennis Style


Tennis-inspired method fashion is much sought-after as an iconic fashion style today. Not long before, Zendaya's go-to carpet look throughout the press tour for the film "Challengers" put the tennis core to a new level of heat peak.


tennis style google trends

Marked by tennis skirts, pleated skirt, polos, tube socks, and other preppy items, tennis core has been catching on not only among fashion celebrities but also designer brands. Starting with Miu Miu, many brands like CELINE and Louis Vuitton have joined the tennis fashion trend.

Tennis core perfectly fuses tennis aesthetics into everyday looks which realize a perfect collaboration of modern leisure fashion and nostalgia. This vintage trend is also gaining popularity online. For apparel brands, working with online fashion celebrities is the mainstream to promote tennis apparels.

Best Product Ideas for Tennis Equipment Dropshipping


Tennis Gear


When comes to tennis gear, tennis rackets and balls always come to people's heads first. Facing players of various ages and with various demands, a store or brand with as inclusive as possible kinds of selections can always be more competitive. When categorized by age, tennis rackets for kids have a high potential to offer more profits--since youth participation in tennis has seen substantial growth(+51%) over several years compared with other popular sports. You can also set offering lists for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and professionals in your stores.



Apart from the necessities (rackets and balls), there are many accessories needed for playing tennis. These accessories are designed for superior performance and better playing experience. We've prepared some selections for dropshippers to add these products to your store for more sales.

Designed for superior performance and comfort, tennis racket grip tapes in different materials are perfect for players of all levels. Grip tape provides a non-slip surface, ensuring players maintain control even during the most intense matches. Tennis vibration dampeners are engineered to reduce racket vibrations and offer better control during the game. We highly recommend making new shape designs when selling dampeners--incorporate exclusive ideas while retaining the functionality.



A durable and stylish tennis bag is a perfect companion for tennis players heading to practice or a match. Tennis bags can fit all essentials effortlessly with ample room for rackets, balls, apparel, and accessories. Make sure it is comfortable to carry--whether carry it as a backpack or over the shoulder. Tennis bags are also a trendy fashion item, with sleek designs to match personal styles and on-court presence.



Wristbands and headbands are perfect items to stay cool and dry. These accessories are essential for players of all levels during intense matches. Choose those made from high-quality, breathable fabric that withstands rigorous play and frequent washing. Change colors and patterns for your offerings to stand out.



How to beat the heat and stay cool on the court is always troubling tennis players. Introduce cooling towels to your customers to keep them cool for hours during intense play and hot summer days. Follow simple steps to activate the cooling effect and feel the refreshing coolness immediately. It can be used as a neck wrap, headband, or even a hand towel.



Vigorous exercise requires timely hydration. Water bottles with a large capacity are perfect partners for tennis players. Besides trendy choices like tumblers, practical sports water bottles are never out of style. If you have an online store selling sporting goods, you can try to print your brand logo on your water bottles. Enhanced brand impression starting with some basic individual items.




Tennis Apparel


Tenniscore has steadily carved its niche over the years, which mainly owing to the cooperation of culture, sport, and cinema. The crux of 'tenniscore' is to pay tribute to the crisp, preppy aesthetics of traditional tennis attire. It extends beyond mere sportswear, integrating clean lines and the functional beauty of tennis outfits into everyday fashion. Tennis apparel appeals to people with its versatility-- not only perfect for wearing on the court but leisure looks.

We've listed some popular choices below for your inspiration. If you have any sourcing ideas, please feel free to contact us!

The tennis skirt(also called skorts) is obviously the hottest item for tennis core. Designed with shorts, skorts wonderfully combine the practicality of shorts with the femininity of a skirt. And they can be effortlessly matched with diverse tops to achieve diverse styles. For an online business, besides the classic pleated skirt, many new styles can bring more profits.



The tennis dress is another representative item for a classic tenniscore look. Compared with normal dresses, these athletic dresses are more functional and comfortable with the built-in shorts. The breathable, sweat-wicking, soft materials are perfect for hot weather. For colors, dresses in classic white usually can make people more elegant, which embraces the preppy concept more and thus becomes the most popular choice.



If you are selling women's clothes or sports gear, never miss to add polo shirts to your store! Polo shirts were originally designed for tennis and golf players in the late 19th century for more fitted and easy athletic wear. A well-tailored polo can be just as at home at a cafe as on the court. The easiest way to realize a complete tennis core is to combine a polo top with a tennis skirt. These tops can also be paired with jeans or shorts for a casual but preppy look.



A hat or visor is a fitting embellishment for the ending point in a tenniscore look. With the growing popularity of tennis, there is a constant demand for quality headwear that offers both sun protection and style. If you selling sports accessories online, premium tennis hats and visors are the perfect addition to your online store. Sign up now for high-quality tennis hats and visors at more reasonable prices.



Are you looking to expand your activewear collection? Sports bras are guaranteed choices. As such a must-have for any fitness enthusiast, they are designed to offer unparalleled support, comfort, and style. Launching a range of unique products is not a bad solution to increase traffic if you own a sports brand–Improve material and function, or change design styles.



For tennis players, crew socks are partners to level up comfort and keep warmth. And for fashion players, crew socks are an easy way to boost their outfits. Crew socks are definitely a perfect complement to preppy fashion choices--style with chunky loafers and trousers or a pleated skirt. They're a must-have for warmer weather, too. Bright white socks are always the best sellers, and you can add those with lovely prints to your offering lists.




Tennis Training Equipment


Looking for products to diversify your online store? Check tennis training equipment then. Training equipment is essential for any players eager to consolidate and improve their game. Most training equipment for tennis is designed perfectly for practicing alone. Depending on the training goals, the training equipment is divided. There are two popular choices: tennis rebound balls and tennis swing trainers. The former is for training serve, forehand, and backhand easily. The latter helps to enhance swing accuracy and power. If you have an online store selling sporting goods, you can easily promote these offerings which are ideal for indoor and outdoor practice such as playgrounds, gardens, parks, tennis courts, etc.



There are other training aids you can add to your selling list. These types of products don't tend to have a very strict category tendency when it comes to their use, making them ideal for selling with trainers for different sports. For the tennis sector, we recommend training markers and tennis ball holders which can be sold with other training equipment as sets.



Tennis Court Accessories


With the growing number of people of all ages wielding tennis rackets, the landscape of tennis courts becomes a critical piece of the puzzle in understanding the sport's expansive reach. In other words, the construction of courts goes hand in hand with the development of tennis. Whether within public parks or private buildings, a tennis court requires quite a lot of equipment. Among all these, the tennis ball hopper can be a perfect product for dropshipping. Promot with a slogan like this--No more bending at the court! 

Posting real operation videos on your social media can increase sales more. The tools in the course used for a long often have a high standard of quality, which requires dropshippers to find responsible and reliable suppliers. SourcinBox works directly with manufacturers offering quality tennis equipment. If you are interested, contact us for a free quote now!




Tennis Party Supplies


Are you selling party supplies or home decor online? We highly recommend adding some tennis-themed offerings now! Since millions of people will hold parties and enjoy watching tennis games together. Tennis-themed decorations can add more immersion to the watching atmosphere. In addition to hosting parties, tennis enthusiasts also acquire home decor and accessories with tennis elements to show their love and support. However, be aware of copyright infringement issues when choosing your selling items. You can also circumvent such conflicts and add originality through your own designs.




Final Words


With weekly tournaments across the world, tennis is one the sports that is played nearly year-round. So it attracts a diverse and global fan base, which gives dropshippers the ability to target very specific audiences through prepared marketing strategies. Whether your store sells sporting goods or apparel online, follow the tennis heat and add appropriate tennis equipment to your sourcing list now! Work with SourcinBox to launch your branding online business for a victory.


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