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Niche Dropshipping - Best-selling Mom and Baby Products for Dropshipping

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  • 2023-04-20 17:18:13
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Updated: 2023-11-13 17:08:38

Though the global consumer goods sector is stuttering forward, the global Mom and Baby Products market is seeing steady growth in the past decade. According to Market Reports World, the global Mom and Baby Products market size was valued at over $2 trillion in 2022. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 2.36% during the forecast period, reaching over $2.4 trillion by 2028.


The Mom and Baby Products market is also a rapidly growing niche in the world of dropshipping. With the rise of online shopping and the increasing demand for convenience, more and more parents are turning to e-commerce for their baby product needs. From strollers and car seats to diapers and baby food, the market offers a wide range of opportunities for dropshippers to tap into.


In this article, we'll provide some analyses of the Mom and Baby Products market and recommend some best-selling products for your business success. Whether you're a seasoned dropshipper or just starting out, read on to learn how you can take advantage of this growing market.


Analyses of Mom and Baby Products Market

1. Continuous Technological Innovations Transform the Market Outlook

The Mom and Baby Products market is expected to be positively influenced by technological innovations. Countless baby tech products, gadgets, apps, and services are available in today's market. A tech-savvy generation of Millennial and Gen Z parents is keeping seeking modern digital solutions to raise children. Since technology can offer more convenience and comfort for new parents. Tools like remote baby monitors, intelligent thermometers, smart cots, and breast pumps are necessities in most families. According to Statista, the baby monitor market, reportedly the largest baby tech segment, is likely to be worth over $1.6 billion by 2024.


baby monitor worldwide market size


Consumer expectations will continue growing. To meet these expectations, companies in this sector will focus more on launching new products with new features or more reasonable prices. For dropshippers, innovative Mom and Baby Products can be a nice try for online businesses.


2. Surging Demand for Baby Care Items

Covid-19 has boosted awareness among parents of babies' health and hygiene. Parents around the world have become more cautious when selecting any baby-related products, be it baby food, baby cosmetics & toiletries, or baby safety & convenience. Besides, parents' increased disposable income and the spending power on such superior-quality products are also key to the increased baby care products market.


The baby care market is composed of different sectors and products, such as toys, feeding accessories, wipes, disposable diapers, body care products, and soothers. The baby care products market is projected to be worth approximately $88.72 billion worldwide in 2026. This is a substantial increase from $67.35 billion, the estimated value of the market in 2020. For dropshippers who want to attract more parents, plentiful categories and high quality are significant.


us baby products market


3. Pregnancy Fashion Enlarges the Global Maternity Wear Market Size

The global maternity wear market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.19% to reach $15.235 billion in 2027 from $10.009 billion in 2020. The fashion industry has a growing influence on modern mothers. Throughout the years, an increased number of celebrities have helped to reshape trends in maternity wear. At the same time, some top brands vis social media and e-commerce platforms to enlarge their business.


Top star Rihanna headlined Super Bowl Half Time Show this year with her growing baby bump under a tight red Loewe bodysuit and bustier. This star has broken every maternity fashion rule in the book—and enjoyed doing it. Ever since she and partner A$AP Rocky announced their pregnancy in February of 2022, Rihanna has shown her adorable baby bump with multiple fashionable styles.


Rihana pregnancy outfits



While Rihanna didn’t single-handedly reconstruct the industry. The cultural landscape has further fuelled such shifts. Changes in reproductive rights, growing momentum around body positivity, and heightened interest in health and wellness are all impacting the way moms-to-be are dressing. Pregnancy’s physical changes—the burgeoning belly, the ballooning bustline, the widening hips—are no longer seen as something to hide. Women are reclaiming them as signs of beauty and strength. When sourcing maternity wear, besides comfort, fashion, and design should also be put into consideration.


4. Quality is Top Consideration for Millennial & Gen Z Parents

Parents have always wanted the best for their children – and this is especially true for millennial and Gen Z parents. For them, quality is always more important than price when choosing Mom and Baby Products.


Millennials and Gen Zs have applied their own consumption habits and values to shopping for their babies. They themselves are buying organic healthy food and high-tech gadgets, and also the same quality for their children. On the other hand, today’s children are receiving more protection and care than before. The old sort of kid-raising method is no longer relevant. More and more children are raised in a high-quality environment. Of course, mothers also require high-quality products for a better pregnancy experience and postpartum recovery. Thus dropshippers should especially emphasize quality when selling Mom and Baby Products.


5. More Working Mothers

Working mothers are becoming a larger group each year. Millennials and Gen Z mothers are more independent and eager to strike a balance between parenting and working. Under the rising identity awareness of women, young moms prefer to stand up for themselves. They are willing to pay more for themselves as well as for their babies. Dropshippers should take action to seize the market for mom products now.


Take the breast pump as an example, the rising number of working women is leading to an increase in the demand for breast pumps. The global breast pump market is valued at $1860.40 Million in 2022 and is forecasted to reach a value of $3342.77 Million by 2030. North America and Europe are currently the largest markets, but the Asia-Pacific region is expected significant growth in the coming years.


Best Pregnancy Products to Dropship


1. Maternity Dress

Maternity dresses can ensure a fashionable and comfortable outlook. Maxi dresses, wrap dresses, shirt dresses, bodycon dresses, and off-the-shoulder dresses are all current fashion trends. When selecting maternity dresses for your customers, it's important to consider the materials, sizes, and styles that are popular among pregnant women. You may also consider sourcing dresses with unique features such as pockets, ruching, or adjustable straps to attract more customers.


Maternity DressMaternity DressMaternity DressMaternity Dress


2. Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a popular clothing item for expectant mothers. They are designed to provide comfort and support to the growing belly and can be worn for both casual and active wear. It's important to offer leggings in a range of sizes to accommodate women at different stages of their pregnancy. You can work with SourcinBox to source a variety of maternity leggings in different styles, materials, and sizes to cater to the needs of your customers.


Maternity LeggingsMaternity LeggingsMaternity LeggingsMaternity Leggings


3. Maternity Panties


Maternity panties are underwear designed specifically for pregnant women. They are designed to provide comfort, support, and coverage to the growing belly, hips, and thighs. With a wide, stretchy waistband they can accommodate the growing belly and provide support to the lower back. We can help to look for panties made from soft, breathable materials such as cotton or microfiber, and make sure to offer a range of sizes.


Maternity PantiesMaternity PantiesMaternity PantiesMaternity Panties


4. Pregnancy Pillow


A pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow providing support and comfort to pregnant women during sleep. It is designed to help alleviate discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, hip pain, and discomfort in the legs and belly. There are different types of pregnancy pillows you can sell, including full-body pillows, wedge pillows, and c-shaped and u-shaped pillows. If you are interested, please contact us!


Pregnancy PillowPregnancy PillowPregnancy PillowPregnancy Pillow


5. Pregnancy Belly Support Belt & Band


Pregnancy belly support belts and bands are specially designed for the growing belly during pregnancy. They can alleviate discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy, such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, and pressure on the bladder. Provide comfortable and supportive pregnancy belly support belts and bands to help your customers feel more comfortable and confident during their pregnancy.


Pregnancy Belly Support Belt & BandPregnancy Belly Support Belt & BandPregnancy Belly Support Belt & BandPregnancy Belly Support Belt & Band


6. Ballet Flats


Ballet flats are popular among pregnant women because they are comfortable, easy to slip on and off and provide a stylish yet practical wear option. Some popular styles of ballet flats include basic solid colors, metallic finishes, and embellishments such as bows or studs. Make sure to source ballet flats that have a comfortable and supportive sole. Because they can accommodate the changes in the feet that can occur during pregnancy more.


Ballet FlatsBallet FlatsBallet FlatsBallet Flats


7. Women's Slippers


Slippers are necessary footwear for pregnant women. They usually prefer slippers made from soft and comfortable materials. Fashion is another feature of popular women's slippers among pregnant. Designed women's slippers can cater to different preferences and occasions. We can help to source women's slippers that are durable and comfortable to wear at more reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us!


Women's SlippersWomen's SlippersWomen's SlippersWomen's Slippers


8. Compression Socks for Pregnancy


Compression socks for pregnancy are specially designed socks that provide support and compression to the legs during pregnancy. They are designed to help alleviate discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy, such as swelling, varicose veins, and leg cramps. For a better sale, materials, sizes, and the level of compression all need consideration. Soft and breathable materials such as nylon, spandex, or cotton are better choices. And as for the level of compression, mild compression is typically recommended.


Compression Socks for PregnancyCompression Socks for PregnancyCompression Socks for PregnancyCompression Socks for Pregnancy


Best Postpartum Care Products to Dropship


9. Breast Pump


The breast pump is becoming a must-have among young moms. You can add both manual and electric breast pumps to your online store. Or other kinds like a single expression (pumping one breast at a time) or double expression (pumping both breasts at the same time). When selecting breast pumps, you must consider the quality of the materials, the size range, and the level of comfort and convenience.


Breast PumpBreast PumpBreast PumpBreast Pump


10. Nursing Robes & Nightgowns


Nursing robes and nightgowns are designed to allow easy access to the breasts for feeding while providing coverage and comfort to the mother. Many mothers would wear a nursing robe or nightgown after delivering in the hospital or at home. If you already have owned an online clothing store, remember to add several types of nursing robes and nightgowns. If you want to customize products with your brands, we also have a private label service to support your branded dropshipping.


Nursing Robes & NightgownsNursing Robes & NightgownsNursing Robes & NightgownsNursing Robes & Nightgowns


11. Postpartum Belly Wraps

Postpartum belly wraps are specially and scientifically designed to support and compress the abdomen after childbirth. They can also help support the abdominal muscles, improve posture, and promote healing. Comfortable and supportive postpartum belly wraps can help mothers feel more comfortable and confident as they recover from childbirth. And you can easily dropship these items at SourcinBox with fast delivery time!


Postpartum Belly WrapsPostpartum Belly WrapsPostpartum Belly WrapsPostpartum Belly Wraps


12. Nursing Bra


Nursing bras have adjustable straps and back closures for a customized fit. Additionally, they are usually in a comfortable and supportive design that can help prevent discomfort and sagging. With a range of comfortable, practical, and stylish nursing bras, mothers can feel more confident and comfortable during their breastfeeding journey. SourcinBox can easily find high-quality nursing bras from reliable manufacturers for you.


Nursing BraNursing BraNursing BraNursing Bra


13. Washable Incontinence Bed Pads


During the postpartum period, some women may experience incontinence due to weakened bladder muscles or damage to the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth. Incontinence bed pads can provide a practical and convenient solution for protecting the bed and sheets from leaks and spills. Washable incontinence bed pads can bring more convenience and practicality. Work with SourinBox to find incontinence bed pads with different levels of absorbency.


Washable Incontinence Bed PadsWashable Incontinence Bed PadsWashable Incontinence Bed PadsWashable Incontinence Bed Pads


14. Period Panties


Period panties are a great option for postpartum bleeding. These panties are designed to be worn during menstruation or postpartum bleeding, and they contained built-in absorbent layers that can prevent leaks. Period panties usually are made from breathable, comfortable materials that won't irritate the skin. Many women would turn to period panties for comfort during their sensitive period.


Period PantiesPeriod PantiesPeriod PantiesPeriod Panties


15. Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat


A sitz bath is a shallow, warm water bath that is used to help soothe and heal the perineal area after childbirth. It can be especially helpful for women who have had a vaginal delivery or who have experienced tearing or an episiotomy during delivery. They are typically reusable and can be easily cleaned and stored between uses. We can find sitz bath kits that fit different sizes of toilets from reliable manufacturers.


Sitz Bath for Toilet SeatSitz Bath for Toilet SeatSitz Bath for Toilet SeatSitz Bath for Toilet Seat


16. Thick Toilet Seat Cover


Postpartum women may experience soreness, swelling, or discomfort in the perineal area. A thick toilet seat cover can provide some additional cushioning and comfort. These covers are typically made from soft, padded materials that can help to reduce pressure and irritation on sensitive tissues. It's time to provide thick toilet seat covers to gain more sales for your online store.


Thick Toilet Seat CoverThick Toilet Seat CoverThick Toilet Seat CoverThick Toilet Seat Cover


17. Squatty Potty


A squatty potty is a helpful tool for those experiencing constipation or other bowel issues after childbirth. Additionally, using a squatty potty can help to improve overall bowel health and can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, which are a common issue after childbirth. If you are interested, sign up now for cost-effective and faster delivery!


Squatty PottySquatty PottySquatty PottySquatty Potty


18. Nursing Basket


A nursing basket can be helpful for nursing mothers who want to keep all of their breastfeeding essentials in one convenient location. When selecting a nursing basket, mothers prefer one that is large enough to contain all of their essentials and that has compartments or pockets to help keep everything organized.


Nursing BasketNursing BasketNursing BasketNursing Basket


19. Wrist Brace


For mothers with long-time repetitive motions like carrying and lifting a baby, or breastfeeding, there is a high possibility to experience wrist pain or discomfort. For them, a wrist brace can be a helpful tool. You can sell wrist braces specifically designed for women and those providing support and compression to the wrist joint. Some wrist braces may also have adjustable straps or splints to provide additional support and stabilization.


Wrist BraceWrist BraceWrist BraceWrist Brace


20. Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows are specially designed pillows for breastfeeding mothers. They can help support the baby and offer a comfortable and ergonomic feeding position. C-shaped and U-shaped nursing pillows are common choices among new mothers. We can help you find out more kinds of nursing pillows at lower prices. Don't hesitate to sign up for more services!


Nursing PillowsNursing PillowsNursing PillowsNursing Pillows


21. Baby Carriers & Slings

Baby carriers and slings are one of the best products for dropshipping. Young parents like taking their babies out regularly. High-quality baby carriers and slings can surely add more fun to families' trips. Contact us to source secure and comfortable carries and slings for your dropshipping business.


Baby Carriers & SlingsBaby Carriers & SlingsBaby Carriers & SlingsBaby Carriers & Slings


Best Baby Products to Dropship


22. Swaddle

Swaddle is a popular and essential item for new parents. There is a wide range of popular swaddles: muslin swaddles, velcro swaddles, sleep sacks, and swaddle blankets with zippers. Swaddles in a variety of styles and designs can appeal to more customers. By offering high-quality swaddles that are safe and effective, you can effectively grow your dropshipping business.


Swaddle Swaddle Swaddle Swaddle


23. Baby Blanket

A baby blanket can not only be an essential item for new parents but a thoughtful and practical gift. It's important to sell blankets made of soft, breathable materials. Also, you may customize your products with a special message or design to support your business. SourcinBox can do customized labels, packaging, thanks cards, stickers, inserts, etc. If you are interested, just contact us!


Baby BlanketBaby BlanketBaby BlanketBaby Blanket


24. Baby Monitor


For more and more working parents, baby monitors can ensure they can keep an eye and ear on their babies when out for work. Or they can learn about situations when babies are sleeping or playing in another room. Some baby monitors are equipped with other functions such as sleep tracking and temperature monitoring. Also, we highly recommend you sell baby monitors with lovely appearances.


Baby MonitorBaby MonitorBaby MonitorBaby Monitor


25. Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Inflatable baby bathtubs can be a perfect option for young parents who want a portable and easy-to-use bathtub for their babies. The baby inflatable bathtub is one of the baby travel essentials as it is very convenient to take and use. Most inflatable bathtubs have a drainage system that allows for easy and efficient draining of the water. Please feel free to contact us for free quotes.


Inflatable Baby BathtubInflatable Baby BathtubInflatable Baby BathtubInflatable Baby Bathtub


26. Baby Sound Machine

Baby sound machines can create a soothing environment for baby's sleep or playtime. Usually, baby sound machines can offer a variety of sound options, such as white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies. And the volume control function allows parents can adjust the sound to a comfortable level for the baby. You can sell portable baby sound machines for a better sale.


Baby Sound MachineBaby Sound MachineBaby Sound MachineBaby Sound Machine


27. Soft book

Soft books can encourage babies' love for reading and learning from an early age. Soft books are usually made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for babies to touch and even chew on. Soft books with bright colors and interactive elements can be more popular. Sign up now for free quotes!


Soft bookSoft bookSoft bookSoft book


28. Baby Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals are a popular and timeless toy choice for babies and young children. They provide comfort, companionship, and imaginative play opportunities for childhood. Parents usually prefer stuffed animals that are easy to clean and maintain. We can find high-quality stuffed animals at more reasonable prices. Just contact us if you need.  


Baby Stuffed AnimalBaby Stuffed AnimalBaby Stuffed AnimalBaby Stuffed Animal


29. Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles Socks

Wrist rattles and foot finder rattles socks are great for developing babies' senses and promoting hand-eye coordination. Colorful decorations can entice babies to touch, grab and look at them. It will help to develop their hand, foot, and eye coordination. They can be perfect toys for babies when they're alone.


Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles SocksWrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles SocksWrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles SocksWrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles Socks




All in all, Mom and Baby Products dropshipping can be a profitable and promising business opportunity.


When sourcing products for your dropshipping business, there is one thing that must be emphasized--quality. Because pregnant and postpartum women and babies are more sensitive than the ordinary. Thus, you should work with reliable dropshipping suppliers to ensure the quality and security of your products. Sourcinbox offers 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you source a variety of high-quality products. Also, we offer responsible after-sales service and cost-effective and fast delivery for you.


It's high time to sign up for free and connect your store with our app to start your Mom and Baby Products Business!


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