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Best Strategies To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping

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  • 2023-07-07 15:33:02
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Updated: 2023-07-24 17:01:11

Finding winning products to sell is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you’re running your dropshipping business. And if you’ve ever pondered why certain dropshipping stores make huge profits while others struggle, it frenquently comes down to pocessing an product that customers can’t turn down. 


Even if you have excellent skills in store design, branding, or marketing, it will be challenging to effectively promote your dropshipping store without a compelling and winning product to offer.


To make things easier, we’re going to talk about the best ways in this article that’ll help you identify winning dropshipping products quickly! Next, We will provide a detailed explanation from three aspects: social media platforms, marketplace platforms, and SourcinBox.


Find Products on Social Media Platforms


Everyone knows that social media are rich in user-generated content, making them a treasure trove of product discovery. So we can come across unique and trending items that may not be readily available on traditional shopping platforms.


Generally, leveraging social media platforms for product discovery can uncover exciting and potentially profitable opportunities. And we gonna recommend three social media platforms: TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.


TikTok Is aPerfect Platformto Find Winning Products


“Can I do product research on TikTok?" The answer is a resounding yes! Nowadays, people regularly share numerous fantastic products on TikTok. It has become a favored platform for many dropshipping businesses to promote their products. TikTok offers a wide range of trending and winning products for dropshipping that you cannot find on other platforms.




Finding winning products for dropshipping on TikTok can be a bit different compared to other platforms, as TikTok primarily focuses on short videos. Here are some tips to help you find potential winning products on TikTok:


• Explore TikToks For YouPage: Spend time scrolling through your TikTok feed to see what products are being promoted by popular content creators. Take note of any products that seem to be generating a lot of engagement and interest from viewers.

• Brose Hashtags: Start by exploring popular and trending hashtags related to your niche or the product category you’re interested in. Look for hashtags that are frequently used and have a significant number of views.

• View Products Recommendations from Influencers: On TikTok, there are many product review influencers. We can follow influencers who have high average video views and relatively active comment sections. 

• Follow Suppliers’ TikTok Channel: Suppliers post videos of well-selling products on their channel at regular period. And you will learn about the new and cool products and take action before your competitors take by following suppliers’ For example, you can follow SourcinBoxs Tiktok Channel.

• Stay Pay Attention toHot Topics: Choosing products based on hot topics is a great method. However, it is also a challenge for testing our information sensitivity and ability to identify trends. Please regard any recent hot news and sports events as an opportunity to pick products. For instance, the release of the live-action Barbie movie has reignited the popularity of Barbie’s iconic pink color.


Anyway, finding winning products on TikTok requires proactive methods and a keen understanding of the platform’s dynamics. But if you continue to spend time on it, it’ll be a potential way to business success. After trying constantly, you'll be more familiar with finding dropshipping niches from TikTok Hashtags!


Pinterest Is a Great Social Network for Dropshipping


Pinterest is known for its visual content and serves as a valuable resource for product inspiration. Dropshippers can explore various boards, search for niche-specific keywords, and discover popular pins to uncover trending products and design ideas.


According to Statista, as of the second quarter of 2022, Pinterest had 433 million monthly active users worldwide.


Statistic: Number of monthly active Pinterest users worldwide from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2023 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


And Pinterest stands out from other social networks particularly due to its audience, which is not that’s mature enough but also possesses a strong purchasing capability and demonstrates a greater inclination towards making online purchases on the platform. Besides, Pinterest users prefer to subscribe to brands than influencers.




This makes Pinterest an ideal choice for dropshipping businesses, as it provides a favorable environment for promoting and selling products. Here are some tips to help you identify and unearth potential winning products on Pinterest:


• Searach for Products by Keyword: UsePinterest’s search bar to look for relevant keywords related to your niche or industry. Pay attention to popular search terms and trending topics. This will give you insights into what users are currently interested in.

• Optimize Your Feed to Focus on Your Niche: You could optimize your feed by inteacting with news feed products ads -- “Likes” or “Comments” and adding products to the cart. This way, the platform’s social network algorithm will capture your interactions. The more you engage, the more similar content you’ll be able to discover.

• Analyze Repins and Comments: Pay attention to the number of repins and comments on pins featuring products. High engagement indicates that users find those products interesting or appealing.

• Utilize Pinterest Analytics: If you have a business account on Pinterest, you can use Pinterest Analytics to track the performance of your own pins and boards. It provides you with helpful graphs that enable you to see what type of content is trending, as well as any essential seasonal patterns.


Remember that Pinterest is platform for visual inspiration and discovery. There are may high-quaity images and eye-catchng graphics of different products. By staying active on Pinterest, engaging with users, and continually monitoring trends, you can identify winning products that align with your dropshipping business.


YouTube Is a Valuable Resource for Product Research





YouTube is a powerful search engine that can be used to find winning products for dropshipping businesses. It offers dropshippers access to a range of valuable resources, including product demonstrations, market research, influencer collaborations, keyword optimization, competitive analysis, and educational content. And here are some tips to help you find potential winning products on YouTube:


• Search Trending Videos about Your Niche: Look for trending videos on YouTube related to your niche or industry. Pay attention to the view count, engagement and popularity of the products showcased in those videos. This can give you insights into popular products and current trends.

• Follow Product Review Channels: Identify popular product review channels on YouTube that cater to your target market. Watch their videos to see which products they are reviewing and recommending. Consider the views, comments, and overall reception of those videos to gauge potential product demand. SourcinBox’s Channel is recommended. 

• Explore Unboxing and Haul Videos: Identify popular product review channels on YouTube that cater to your target market. Watch their videos to see which products they are reviewing and recommending. Consider the views, comments, and overall reception of those videos to gauge potential product demand.

• Pay Attention to Comments: Read through the comments on YouTube videos related to your niche. Users often share their thoughts, opinions, and product recommendations in the comment section. This can give you valuable insights into what products resonate with viewers and have the potential to be successful.


Please remember to assess following factors, the market demand, competition, and viability of the products you find on YouTube before making any decisions. Conduct thorough research, analyze audience engagement, and evaluate the potential profitability of the products for your dropshipping business.


Find Products on Marketplace Platforms


Marketplace platforms are also treasures for searching well-selling dropshipping products. They offer an extensive range of products from various sellers and suppliers. Tiypcally, They have rating and review systems for sellers and products. We can leverage these ratings to digging the trends of markets and best-sellers.


You didn’t know what are the marketplace platforms and whichone you should pick? Don’t worry, I will introduce several principal marketplace platforms for you: Amazon, AliExpress, Americanas, Mercado Livre, Shein and Fondmart.


Global Shopping Sites: Amazon & AliExpress


Amazon and AliExpress are popular marketplaces for global shoppers. And most of the winning products for dropshipping are from these 2 platforms. They can be the best platform for product research if you are going to start an online product store. However, it’s important to note that the algorithms of Amazon and AliExpress platforms have slight differences, so there are different areas of focus when searching for hot-selling products on Amazon and AliExpress.




When using Amazon, it’s beneficial to prioritize the following key points as indicators of potential winners.


• Best SellersRank: Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is an important factor that reflects a product’s sales performance within a specific category. We can prioritize products with higher rankings as they often have higher sales and broader exposure, attracting more potential buyers.

• Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are crucial on Amazon. To a certain extent, positive reviews validate the product’s quality and performance, as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to prioritize products that receive a significant amount of positive feedback.

• Amazons Choice: Amazon designates certain products as “Amazon’s Choice”, which are typically popular choices with good performance in specific categories. These products have recognition and recommendation from the Amazon platform, which means that they deserve to try.




On the other hand, when utilizing AliExpress, just place more emphasis on these points.


• Specific Market Demands: AliExpress provides a wide range of products, including some tailored to specific markets or target audiences. So give preference to products that meet the demands and preferences of your target market, catering to potential buyers’ needs.

• Quality and Reputation: Products on AliExpress vary in terms of quality and reputation. Carefully read product descriptions, customer reviews, and seller ratings to select products with good quality and reliable reputations.

• Competitive Pricing: Products on AliExpress generally have lower prices, making price competitiveness a crucial consideration. Prioritize products with reasonable pricing and higher profit margins to ensure sufficient profitability during sales.


Brazil Shopping Sites: Americanas & Mercado Livre


If you are a dropshipper from Brazil, Americans and Mercado Livre are valuable references for data and products within the local market. Americanas and Mercado Livre are prominent e-commerce platforms in Brazil with a significant market presence and they attract a large number of buyers and sellers, making them within the Brazilian market ideal platforms to gather valuable data on customer preferences, market trends and product demand. Even though both websites are highly valuable as references, there are still some differences between them.




When using Americanas to find hot-selling products, we should focus more on the following key points.


• Recommended Products: Americanas has high awareness and market share in the Brazilian market, being one of the largest e-commerce companies in Brazil. By paying attention to Americanas’ recommended products, we can learn about the current market trends and popular products.

• Popular Categories: Americanasoffers a wide range of product choices, covering various. Therefore, we can freely browse different categories and labels to select the desired products.

• Special Offers and Promotions: Americanas frequently launches special offers and promotions. We can keep an eye on these special offers and promotions to find hot-selling products at discounted prices, attracting more buyers.




When using Mercado Livre to select products, it is best to focus on these points as reference points.


• Seller Reputation: Mercado Livre places strict control on seller reputation and ratings. It values seller ratings and customer feedback. It is a good choice to look for hot-selling products within the stores of reputable sellers who provide reliable services.

• Localized Demands: Mercado Livre is more aligned with the demands and culture of the Brazilian market. If you want to understand the Brazilian market, browse through the products with high sales rankings on the website and explore the discussion forums (question and answer sections) to gather more information.

• Competitors' Pricing: As Mercado Livre is a platform with intense product competition, considering competitors' pricing will be highly informative for your reference.


Fashion Shopping Sites: Shein & Fondmart


For fashion and clothing products, you can refer to Shein and Fondmart. Shein is one of the largest online fashion companies globally, while Fondmart stands out as one of the best clothing dropshipping suppliers from China. These platforms offer insights into the latest fashion trends and provide winning clothing products for dropshipping. If you’re in the clothing niche, they would be good references. However, Shein and Fondmart have differences in positioning and product focus. Shein leans more towards fast fashion and a younger demographic, while Fondmart leans more towards unique designs and creative elements. Let me tell you.




We have to consider some important points when using Shein:


• Fast Fashion: Shein is renowned for its fast fashion business model, so the fashion trends, popular elements, and seasonal styles it releases are highly influential.

• Young Demographic: Shein primarily targets young people and fashion enthusiasts. Therefore, it is important to consider fashion styles and designs that appeal to young individuals.

• Shein’s Social Media Presence: Shein has a strong presence on social media. By following Shein’s activities, promotions, and fashion collaborations on social media, you can gain insights into popular products and trends.




It’s a little bit different when using Fondmart and what we should notice is that:


• Creativity and Design: Fondmart offers a rich variety of unique designs and creative elements. It’s important to focus on these distinctive and special elements when looking for hot items. Whatsmore, Fondmart usually shares blogs related to fashion trends, which can also be worth following.

• Fondmarts Best Sellers: This is also highly valuable as a reference. For dropshippers, clothing products should not only look good in style, but also be of good quality. The hot-selling products in Fondmart’s Best Sellers are highly rated and regarded favorably by customers.

• Competitive Price: We want our customers to feel that they get what they pay for and we make a profit at the same time. So we need to mark products at a competitive price. Many customers who have used Fondmart have given satisfactory comments, then I guess that no matter the price or quality of their products should be able to meet the requirements of dropshipper.


Finally, apart from the shopping platforms above, a professional dropshipping platform is highly recommended to you. Not only can you find out all you need to know about dropshipping on this platform, but also you will have assistance in picking hot products. It’s really a time-saving and efficient option -- choose SourcinBox.


Find Products from SourcinBox Networking


SourcinBox is a dropshipping agent from China offering product sourcing and order fulfillment services. To help you build a more successful dropshipping business, we have done research on dropshipping niches, products, and marketing tips.


For everything you need to know about finding products for your e-commerce or dropshipping store, you’ll find a valuable collection of guides here on Sourcinbox. Sourcinbox has its own article blog where we share product selection experiences and recommend hot-selling products. In addition, we have our own social media channels and communities, providing dropshippers with a place for discession. You can click it to find these places: TikTok, YouTube, Blog.




SourcinBox TikTok Channel: SourcinBox posts videos on TikTok featuring hot-selling products every day, all of which are potential products suitable for dropshipping! Don't miss out on this valuable resource for aspiring and seasoned dropshippers alike! Follow Sourcinbox on TikTok now for a world of dropshipping knowledge and inspiration.




SourcinBox YouTube Channel: Your go-to destination for dropshipping success. They dive deep into the world of dropshipping, sharing valuable insights, strategies, and product recommendations that will take your business to new heights. Subscribe to Sourcinbox's YouTube channel today and embark on a journey towards dropshipping success.




SourcinBox Blog: The SourcinBox official blog cover it all from product sourcing and supplier management to marketing techniques and scaling your business. Whether you're a seasoned dropshipper or just starting out, its blog offers practical advice and actionable tips to help you navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.


KeyPoints You CanNot Miss


Besides, there are some essential points to consider when selecting products, for example, we need to reference data and take into account the characteristics of our target audience. The specific key points will be elaborated in the following text. Please continue reading.


How to Determine If a Product Will Have Good Sales?


On the Internet, there are billions of products available, but how do we determine whether a product will have good sales? Don't worry, let me reveal the secret to you:


Firstly, you can start with the comments selection. The comments section is the best place to conduct consumer research, but due to the entertainment nature of social media platforms, we need to be mindful that many viral videos are not popular solely because of the quality of the product, but rather because they contain some quirky element that strikes a chord with viewers' sense of humor.


If the comments section goes like this: "Why are there shoes in the refrigerator?", it indicates that the product can be disregarded. However, if the comments section looks like this: "Where can I buy this vacuum cleaner?" and the audience's comments are all related to the product, it suggests that the product may be excellent.


Secondly, remember analyzing the competitors situation. When we discover a good product, it's important not to rush into it. We need to understand the competition's situation. If there are already 30-40 stores or accounts selling and promoting the same product, there won't be much opportunity for us to profit from it. The best choice is to let go and continue searching for new products.


Thirdly, dont forget to compare with the global market. There's another important point to consider: look for upgraded versions of a product in foreign and global markets, especially in China. The pace at which Chinese products upgrade is beyond our imagination! If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us. SourcinBox has dedicated customer managers ready to serve you and help with any queries you may have.


What Should You Consider When Selecting Products?


When selecting products, we need to consider various factors and conduct detailed data analysis to arrive at a more accurate and actionable final plan. The key factors to pay attention to are as follows:


Point 1, do product selection in advance based on season and festivals. We should note whether the product has seasonal or holiday-specific demand, such as summer or winter season, festival-related products, etc. It is advisable to select products in advance based on different seasons and holidays, allowing for timely promotion and sales. It is recommended to start product selection at least one month in advance.


Point 2, do product selection in advance based on audience data research. Different countries and regions have diverse local customs, hopping preferences, and consumption habits. If your target audience is not your native, you must spend time doing data research. You have to learn about them(their cultural customs and interests) and then you can choose the products related to their interests and habits. Besides, localized textual and visual expressions will also make you stand out among numerous competitors. 


For example, the popularity of crystals in European and America is related to their cultural preferences. They believe that crystals can bring good luck. So, small crystal-related accessories make excellent holiday gifts and they are also suitable products for dropshipping.


Which Product Should You Avoid?


The more important, it’s necessary for dropshippers to know clearly which product is not suitable for dropshipping. This may not be unfamiliar to experienced individuals, but it is a common mistake that beginners often make when selecting products. There is a list you need to check, including the products should be avoided for dropshipping business:


• Fragile products: These are products that are easily breakable, such as glassware or delicate ceramics, which have a higher risk of breaking during transportation, leading to increased returns and customer satisfaction issues.

• Limited-lifecycle products: Some products have a short-lived period of high demand or seasonal relevance, such as holiday decorations or trendy fashion items. Improper timing in product selection may result in inventory buildup and sales difficulties.

• Products requiring special permits or subject to restrictions: Certain products may be subject to special permits, legal regulations, or regional limitations, such as pharmaceuticals, weapons, health supplements, or tobacco products. When selecting products, it is important to comply with relevant regulations and ensure legality.

• Specialized or technically demanding products: Certain product categories may require specialized knowledge or technical support, such as medical equipment, high-tech products, or complex machinery. Lack of relevant expertise and support can lead to post-sales issues and reduced customer satisfaction.

• Infringing or illegal products: It is important to avoid selecting products that infringe intellectual property rights or violate legal regulations, such as counterfeit goods, imitations, or illegally sold items.




Remember, finding winning products requires a mix of research and testing. What works for one store might not work for another, so it’s essential to continually test and iterate to find the best products for your dropshipping business on different platforms.


And choosing the right products is crucial for the success of a dropshipping business. Therefore, when selecting products, careful consideration should be given to the product attributes and compatibility with the dropshipping business model!


While there is no one-size-all approach to choosing winning products for dropshipping, hope that the strategies outland in this article provide a foundation for you to make decisions. If you need assistance with order fulfillment, just contact us directly. We are always ready for your journey of dropshipping business.



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