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How to Find Dropshipping Niches from TikTok Hashtags?

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  • 2023-03-31 10:23:55
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Updated: 2023-04-06 13:22:08

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models with relatively low entry barriers, making it the go-to business model for small entrepreneurs. However, the competition in dropshipping is growing with more and more people getting involved in this industry. So how can you stand out from the competition? We think the key point is to build a brand that can impress consumers. And visual brand identity tends to leave a strong impression.


We all know that there are constantly new hashtags going viral on TikTok. These popular hashtags may lead the trend and lurk lucrative niche markets that may focus on specific products or impressive visual identity elements. And that's exactly what you can take advantage of.


Pink, for example, is an enduring trend, with many "pink" hashtags trending on TikTok and other social media. Predominantly pink consumers make up a huge "pink" niche. And many brands that focus on the pink series continue to emerge. The popularity of pink continues even in dropshipping businesses as pink is a very representative visual brand identity element.


So in this article, let's explore a way to find the best dropshipping niche from TikTok hashtags and build your visual brand identity with viral trends.


What is Visual Brand Identity?

Visual brand identity is the visual part of the brand identity system. Brand logo, brand color palette, brand fonts, typography, shapes and patterns, etc. are all the key elements of visual brand identity, which can be the ways that your brand communicates with your target audience.


Consistently using the same style of visual elements can build credibility and make your brand stronger. And specific colors, shapes, and patterns can easily evoke customers' memories of your brand and products.


One of the most famous cases is Tiffany Blue, Tiffany's signature color that is instantly recognizable wherever it is in the world and no matter what medium is used to identify the color.


Why is Pink The Viral Trend of 2023?

Pink is an easy-to-identify color as well as a great dropshipping niche that you can find under TikTok Hashtags and it comes with a viral trend. Actually, pink has been everywhere since last year and when you scroll through social media now, you can still notice the abundance of hot pink. It's the staple color of the much-discussed Barbiecore trend on TikTok. At the same time, it has also been seen on runways, celebrities, as well as in stores both indie and mainstream. You can find all kinds of pink products popular under the pink niche.


Zara Pink Dress Went Viral on TikTok

In March of last year, a Zara pink stain dress priced at US$59.9 suddenly became popular on TikTok. Its related hashtag has as many as 11 million views, and the pink dress was once out of stock.


Pink has been an aesthetic that TikTokers have aptly dubbed Barbiecore. The popularity of Zara's pink dress is not only because of the design of the dress but also related to the popularity of the Barbiecore trend. The pink aesthetic has become a fashion staple over the past year, and wearing it in the hottest hue is the latest craze.



Image Source: TikTok


Pink is The Signature Color of Barbiecore Fashion Trends

Barbiecore is the hyper-feminine, pretty-in-pink aesthetic pioneered by our favorite doll, Barbie. It has become a trending hashtag on TikTok with over 255 million views.



Image Source: TikTok


The pink fashion movement has been on the rise since Valentino's Fall 2022 show debuted in March, spanning the worlds of clothing, beauty, and accessories. Pink has become the color of celebrities and influencers everywhere. Anne Hathaway and Zendaya, for example, attended many red-carpet events in Valentino's signature pink color.


ZendayaAnne Hathaway


Also, Barbiecore spiked in Google Trends last May. The trend was further amplified by a photo of Margot Robbie in the upcoming Barbie movie that surfaced on April 26. The “Barbiecore” aesthetic has gained popularity in anticipation of the upcoming “Barbie” movie, and a vortex of pink continues to this day.


a photo of Margot RobbieGoogle Trends Barbiecore

Image via Warner Bros


What's more, the pink aesthetic trend is also gaining popularity on social media and shopping platforms. Swasti Sarna, director of global data insights at Pinterest, explained that searches for Barbiercore on Pinterest were on the rise last June with more and more pinners searching for various pink fashion statements to buy the Barbiercore trend.



Image Source: Pinterest


Consumers care most about Barbiecore, according to global shopping service Klarna. Since January 2022, purchases of pink miniskirts have increased by 970%, purchases of pink bikinis have increased by 343%, and purchases of pink sunglasses have increased by 198%.


What's more interesting is that in addition to fashion clothing, Barbiecore is also inspiring home design. Colorful and playful designs with plenty of pinks are the main style, while blush-colored bed linens, towels and throws, Frill-edging bed linens, tasseled lampshades, and curvy furnishings are must-have accessories that perfectly fit this style.


pink home design

Image Source: Sasha Bikoff


Pink Christmas Trees are Festive Choice Trending on TikTok

Even the Christmas tree can not escape from the pink trend that is sweeping the world. Pink Christmas trees have become a hot talking topic when it comes to the Christmas tree trend, with the hashtag #pinkchristmastree garnering over 55 million views on TikTok.



Image Source: TikTok


Pink Christmas trees were in high demand last Christmas, and instead of the traditional fir green. Besides, Christmas wreaths and decorations, everything seemed to be pink for Christmas.


With people joining the pink Christmas tree trend, pink Christmas light strings, pink Christmas wreaths, pink Christmas gnomes, and all kinds of shiny pink Disco retro ornaments have become popular on TikTok, driving many e-commerce stores to sell such products on TikTok.


pink Christmas light stringspink Christmas wreathspink Christmas gnomespink Disco retro ornaments

Image Source: TikTok


The Rise of Pink is Unstoppable

The rise of the pink trend has almost taken over the popularity of products from all kinds of pink furniture to various pink clothing, beauty, and accessories.


As an emerging color, pink hues have increased by 138% year-on-year for A/W 22/23. Three of the five fastest-rising colors for the winter season of 2022 were pinks, with hyper-pink accounting for +201% at 1.6% of the color mix. Worth Global Fashion Network (WGSN) predicts that in the spring and summer of 2023, women's pink clothing will become a slowly rising fashion trend in the United States.


fastest-rising colors

Source: WGSN


Pink has always been a symbol of love, compassion, youth, and even health. It is a color full of positive energy. The world has been in turmoil for the past two years, prompting a growing number of people to hope that this "dark age" will end and enter a brighter, younger and more colorful age. Pink has become the spiritual yearning of Generation Z.


How to Find Dropshipping Niches under TikTok Hashtags?

You can find that a great dropshipping niche usually comes with a viral trend that is sweeping social media. Because viral trends will not only stimulate people to discover more but also lead to purchases. More and more people are looking for inspiration and ideas for shopping on platforms such as TikTok.


For dropshippers, sensitivity to trends is often a must-have ability to reap the rewards. So, when you looking for trending hashtags like #pink and #barbiecore on social media, it's a good idea to dig a little further to find out:


 • Is the hashtag active and long-lasting?

 • What kind of content people are creating under the hashtag?
 • What are people talking about and looking for in the comments?
 • Are people inclined to make purchases relevant to the hashtag?

 • Are there representative and memorable elements such as colors, shapes, patterns, or styles included in the content under the hashtag?


Active hashtags have huge organic traffic that you can take advantage of. Long-lasting hashtags have stable popularity that may bring you continuous conversions. The content under many Tiktok hashtags is usually revolved around specific memes. What you should do is find out what idea, behavior, or style is spreading via imitation. If people are showing enthusiasm about the video or looking for the same items mentioned in the video, then such videos or hashtags will be more likely to prompt people to have the desire to make purchases.


For example, the trend of pink is long-lasting and there are always active new videos created under hashtags including #pink, #barbiecore, #pinkprincess, #pinkgirlythings, #pinkkitchen, #pinkcar, etc. The videos are showing all kinds of pink items covering almost all product categories and people are showing enthusiasm to join the trend and seek out the same items. All of these make up the Pink niche and that's what you are looking for. Also, pink and barbie aesthetics are the core elements of the whole trend. You can choose from a wide range of products to sell as long as they are relevant to the pink trend.


If you pay attention to the trend of dressing, it is not difficult to find that under the #balletcore hashtag recently, people are sharing their outfits and imitating a new balletcore aesthetic dress style with most of the hues being pink. So, balletcore clothing and accessories can definitely be a perfect niche for dropshipping.


No matter what category you're selling, you have an opportunity to make the most of trending hashtags. Usually, combining your products with holiday trends is the easiest way to start. Of course, it does not mean simply selling holiday items. To make your products stand out, a better choice is to sell holiday products related to a certain viral trend.


For example, Dollskill sells clothing and accessories that have personalized styles and memorable colors, which covers varial trends like y2k, barbiecore, balletcore, darker wavs, etc. For Valentine's Day this year, it also launched the Cute & Pink category, which includes pink clothing as well as shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, and even decals. It's a one-stop shop for consumers seeking the pink color.





How to Build Visual Brand Identity with Viral Trends?

In addition to staying on top of trends in dropshipping niche selection, you can also leverage viral trends to build your brand. You can find memorable visual identity elements under the viral trend such as a specific color, pattern, shape, style, etc. The pink color and the barbiecore style are representative examples.


Pink is definitely one of the viral trends of 2023 that you can leverage to create a visual brand identity for your brand. Because when people see the pink color, it probably reminds them of a certain brand that has pink designs or sells all pink products. And you can build your visual brand identity in the following three ways.


Design Your Store with Visual Identity Elements

Building an impressive brand is never easy, but you can choose to start with building visual impressions. One of the easiest ways is to differentiate your brand from your competitors through personalized visual identity elements such as colors and patterns.


To start easily, you can refer to a store called Mermaidstraw, which sells eco-friendly and sustainable drinking straws, among other eco-friendly products. They use the colorful mermaid color as the theme color of their brand and store design, including a pink (viral trend) product category. Its unique brand colors and mermaid-shaped logo are its iconic visual brand identity.






So, if you are going to use the pink color as the visual brand element of your store, you can start with store design with pink as the theme color. Or you can also create a pink color category in your store selling all pink items.


Customize Your Products and Packaging

Ideally, your visual brand identity should be present throughout all stages of the customer journey, including the moment when your customers receive and see your product. For dropshipping store owners, you can also expand your visual brand identity by customizing your products and packaging.


If you want to sell only pink products in different categories, you may need to get the products from multiple different dropshipping suppliers. Sometimes it can be hard to find all products you want and it's hard to customize them with your brand logo. But don't worry too much. You can try to work with dropshipping agents such as SourcinBox who will handle all the product sourcing, customization, and order fulfillment for you.


SourcinBox can provide you with high-quality products in all kinds of categories and allows you to customize the product specification, logo, and packaging under your brand. Moreover, when a customer purchases different products in your store, SourcinBox can ship the products in one package with your brand logo on it, which not only can save on shipping, but also improve the customer's shopping experience.


Make Full Use of Social Media

Bright colors and a unified style will perform well on social media such as TikTok. When your brand has successfully established a visual identity and is eye-catching enough, you can combine viral trends for social media marketing.


Promoting your brand and products with the organic traffic of viral trends on social media is a perfect idea. For example, Mermaid straw creates its social media content with a combination of popular hashtags such as #mermaid, #pink, #asmr, and #packagingorders. Ordinary order-packing videos showcase their own style and brand characteristics without too many real-person appearances and explanations. It left a deep impression on people watching the videos, gaining a large number of views and followers.


mermaidstraw tiktok

Image Source: TikTok


Final Words


By leveraging the power of social media and staying on top of trending topics, anyone can start and grow a successful dropshipping business. TikTok’s algorithm and fast-paced scrolling experience mean you don’t have to hunt for content — you can discover it easily. It's never too late to follow our valuable insights and tips for identifying profitable niches and building an online store around using TikTok hashtags!


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