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The Best Dropshipping Products for Halloween 2022

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  • 2022-09-14 17:25:52
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Updated: 2023-08-29 14:27:35

The most exciting Halloween is coming in next month! People have already started shopping for Halloween. As online retailers, have you decided what to sell for Halloween this year?


The total expected American Halloween Consumer spending this year is $10.6B according to the NRF. As the pandemic slows in 2022, the percentage of people planning to celebrate Halloween this year grows to 69%.



To help you make the most of this time of year to increase sales, we have found and listed some of the best dropshipping product ideas for Halloween. Before you start selling, let's first see some Halloween shopping trends you need to know.


Halloween Shopping Trends: What Retailers Need to Know?


What do retailers need to prepare to meet the growing demand for seasonal accessories and costumes? Read on to find out celebration plans, top events, and the hottest shopping trends for Halloween 2022.


How Do People Celebrate Halloween?


The top ways consumers planned to celebrate Halloween included handing out candy (66%), decorating their home and yard (52%), dressing in costume (46%), carving a pumpkin (44%), and throwing or attending a party (25%). Halloween decorations and costumes are expected to remain the best-selling products for Halloween 2022.



Total Expected Spending by Halloween Category


The average planned spending has a little bit decrease although there is an increase in the persentage of Americans celebrating Halloween this year. Consumers plan to spend $100.45 per household on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards.


Consumers plan to spend the most on costumes at $3.6B in total. And the expected total spending on decorations reached the highest of $3.4B this year, much higher than pre-pandemic levels. But there's a sight drop in spending on greeting cards.


Total expected spending by category


When Do Consumers Plan to Shop for Halloween?


Consumers are shopping for Halloween earlier and earlier, last year 45% planned to shop in September or earlier, and another 39% planned to shop in the first two weeks of October. Following this trend, the reality is that some consumers have already started shopping for Halloween at the end of August. So, now is the perfect time for you to sell for Halloween! 



Top 5 Ways to Gather Halloween Inspiration


The main way consumers gather Halloween inspiration was online last year. In 2022, with the growth of social media users and the rapid popularity of online shopping, more consumers are expected to get Halloween inspiration online and on social media.


In addition to Facebook and Youtube, Instagram and TikTok are also potential platforms for Halloween inspiration this year. It's a great idea to stay active on social media and share the Halloween products you are selling.


Top Ways to Gather Halloween Inspiration

Source: National Retail Federation


23 Best Dropshipping Product Ideas for Halloween 2022


As online retailers, you should get Halloween product inspiration earlier than your customers. We have found some best-selling and trending Halloween products on Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, and social platforms. Hope you can get inspiration from them.


Some of the products mentioned below are already listed in our Marketplace, you can easily add them to your online store and start selling. For other products, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the products you want directly from manufacturers at better prices and then add them to our Marketplace for you to confirm the price.



1. Halloween Basket & Candy Bowl


Trick or Treat is a traditional activity at Halloween and ‘treat’ is usually sweets or money. That’s why handing out candy is the top Halloween celebration plan. So, Halloween baskets and candy bowls are the must-have Halloween items for Trick or Treat. And families with kids are more likely to buy Halloween baskets.


Halloween Basket Halloween Basket Candy BowlCandy Bowl

Google Trends Halloween Basket


2. Halloween Candy Bag & Box


Halloween candy bags and boxes are also great choices for handing out candy. There are lots of Halloween-themed candy bags and boxes in the market and they can also be used as Halloween decorations. You can both add Halloween baskets and candy bags to your store.


Halloween Candy BoxHalloween Candy BagHalloween Candy Box

Halloween Candy Bag


3. Halloween Spider Decorations


Spiders are creepy. But they must be one of the main characters on Halloween because of their connection with witches. Simulation giant spiders are perfect outdoor decorations to create a haunted atmosphere for the house!


The most popular time to start decorating for Halloween is the first two weeks of October. To make sure that your customers can receive decorations in early October, you’d better start selling now with SourcinBox. And we provide cost-effective shipping options for dropshipping with 7-14 days delivery time on average to most countries.


Halloween SpiderHalloween SpiderHalloween Spider

Halloween Spider Decorations


4. Halloween Spider Web Decorations


Spider webs are must-have Halloween decorations that you can sell along with giant spiders. You can choose from realistic spider webs, spider web tablecloths, Halloween black gauze, etc. Just contact us to source more Halloween decoration products for you.


Halloween Spider WebHalloween Spider WebHalloween Spider Web

Halloween Spider Web


5. Halloween Bat Decorations


In addition to spiders, bats are also one of the symbols of Halloween, and people who like vampire themes are likely to buy bat decorations for Halloween. Bat-wing backpacks and bat stickers are all great product choices for dropshipping!


Halloween Bat BackpackHalloween Bat StickersHalloween Bat Decoration

Halloween Bat


6. Halloween Skeletons & Skull Decorations


Skeletons are striking Halloween symbols reminding us that Halloween has always been a holiday about the dead. Life-sized skeletons are too large for dropshipping but these small hanging Halloween skeleton ghosts are popular decorations you can sell.


Halloween SkeletonHalloween SkeletonHalloween SkeletonHalloween Skeleton ghost

Halloween Skeletons


7. Halloween Inflatables


When it comes to outdoor decorations for Halloween, glowing inflatables must be the best choice. They are easy to install and can be in the spotlight on Halloween night. We can see its popularity on Google Trends has been growing by the year. So, if you are finding outdoor decoration products for Halloween, then don’t miss these attractive inflatables!


Halloween InflatablesHalloween InflatablesHalloween Inflatables

Halloween Inflatables


8. LED Halloween Candle Lights


The Halloween atmosphere needs light and Halloween candles are the best choices! But you should know that wax candles are not suitable for dropshipping because the wax is flammable. You can sell LED candle lights with a variety of beautiful looks. Pumpkin candle lights and skeleton hand candle lights are recommended!


LED Halloween CandleLED Halloween CandleLED Halloween Candle

Halloween Candle


9. Halloween String Lights & Lanterns


String lights are the most common Halloween decoration and they can also be used for Halloween parties. Pumpkin and skull string lights are popular last year. Ghost string lights, maple leaf string lights, and pumpkin lanterns are also great product ideas for Halloween.


We provide special shipping options for electronic products so you can dropship these lights safely.


Halloween String LightsHalloween String LightsHalloween String LightsHalloween Lanterns

Halloween String Lights


10. Pumpkin Decorations


Pumpkins play an important role on Halloween and are usually harvested in the fall, so they are considered a must-have decoration and sign of fall. In addition to carving and painting pumpkins, people will also buy fake pumpkins or pumpkin-themed decorations. And you can sell pumpkin ornaments or wooden decorations for Halloween.


Pumpkin DecorationsPumpkin DecorationsPumpkin DecorationsPumpkin Decorations

Pumpkin Decorations


11. Halloween Banner


Halloween banners such as bloody knife banners are the perfect addition to a hunted house. They look scary but they are actually made of paper and you can totally sell these creative Halloween banners along with other Halloween decorations mentioned above. There are also cute Halloween banners for kids' room decorating.


Halloween BannerHalloween BannerHalloween Banner

Halloween Banner


12. Halloween Balloons


Throwing or attending a party is one of the popular Halloween celebration plans. And balloons are perfectly used for decorations and celebrations. So a great way to get creative on Halloween is to decorate with balloons. And balloons shaped in skulls, pumpkins, spiders, and bats are the best choices for selling.


Halloween BalloonsHalloween BalloonsHalloween BalloonsHalloween Balloons

Halloween Balloons


13. Halloween Pillows


Halloween pillows are practical decorations because they are home goods. Pumpkin pillows and ghost pillows are the most popular ones that you can sell online. If you are selling home goods then you can add some Halloween pillows to your product list. We can help you source cheap but high-quality Halloween pillows from China to save your dropshipping costs.


Pumpkin PillowsGhost PillowsHalloween Pillows

Halloween Pillows


14. Witch Hat & Broom for Halloween


Among those planning to dress up for Halloween this year, more than 5.3 million adults plan to dress like a witch. The most iconic witch items are witch hats and brooms. And you can see on Google Trends that the search interest of witch hat is growing. Of course, witch hats can not only be parts of costumes but also be used as Halloween decorations such as LED witch hat lights.


Witch Hat Witch Hat Witch BroomWitch Hat lights

Witch Hat


15. Gothic Costumes for Halloween


Do you want to get creative on this year's Halloween costumes? Selling Gothic costumes is a great idea for Halloween! The popularity of Gothic costume reached its highest last Halloween. If you don’t know where to source Gothic Halloween costumes for dropshipping, then just contact us and we can source the following Gothic costumes from Chinese manufacturers at great prices!


Gothic CostumesGothic CostumesGothic Costumes

Gothic CostumesGothic CostumesGothic Costumes

Gothic Costume


16. Pet Costumes for Halloween


Interest in pet costumes remains high, with one in five Americans planning to dress up their pets for Halloween last year. Young people are more likely to dress their pets in costumes, as 28% of 18-24-year-olds and 30% of 25-34-year-olds plan to do so. Pet costumes in the shapes of spiders, bats, witches, and even hamburgers are perfect product ideas for Halloween dropshipping if you are running a pet niche store.


Pet CostumesPet CostumesPet Costumes

Pet CostumesPet CostumesPet Costumes

Pet Costumes


17. Halloween Accessories


Halloween accessories are the perfect addition to Halloween costumes. Vampire teeth are the most recommended Halloween accessories and there were more than 1.7 million adults who plan to dress up as a vampire this year. Besides, you can sell dripping blood necklaces, bat-wing hairpins, etc. Any other product ideas you have, just feel free to tell us and get free quotes.


Halloween AccessoriesHalloween AccessoriesHalloween AccessoriesHalloween Accessories

Halloween Accessories


18. Halloween Earrings


Earrings with Halloween themes are also perfect accessories for dropshipping. And Halloween earrings have had great trends in the past few years. The most creative earrings are those shaped in skeletons. Pumpkin earrings and skull earrings can also be great dropshipping products for accessory stores.


Halloween EarringsHalloween EarringsHalloween Earrings

Halloween Earrings


19. Halloween Party Supplies


Parties are essential parts of celebrating Halloween, no matter with families or friends. So why not sell some Halloween party supplies? Such as glowing glasses, masks, rings, and even floating flame. These supplies must look cool at parties!


Glowing glassesHalloween glowing maskHalloween glowing ringHalloween floating fire

Halloween Party Supplies


20. Halloween Baking Supplies


In addition to candies, cookies and cupcakes are also the most common desserts on Halloween. So it’s a good idea to sell baking supplies for Halloween. And spider web cupcake wrappers and pumpkin cookie cutters are recommended!


Halloween Cookie cutterHalloween cupcake wrappersHalloween Cookie cutter

Halloween Baking


21. Halloween Cups & Straws


There are some other creative items you can sell for Halloween. Such as the beautiful skull-printed straw cups and color changing cups. Halloween-printed biodegradable paper straws would be perfect additions to the table on Halloween night.


Halloween Water BottleHalloween Water BottleHalloween Paper strawsHalloween Paper straws

Halloween cups


22. Halloween Greeting Cards


Giving Halloween cards is still a popular way for people to express their greetings and wishes to families or friends. You can source very cheap but exquisite pop-up greeting cards with SourcinBox and sell them with high-profit margins.


Also, it can be a great idea to customize your personalized Halloween greeting cards and send them with the packages for your customers.


Halloween CardsHalloween Greeting CardsHalloween Greeting Cards

Halloween Cards


23. Day of the Dead Accessories


Day of the Dead (known as Día de Muertos in Spanish) is celebrated in Mexico between October 31st (the same day as Halloween) and November 2nd. On this holiday, Mexicans remember and honor their deceased loved ones.


Although Halloween and Day of the Dead are two distinct holidays, with the mixing of culture and customs occurring, Halloween celebrations are becoming more common in Mexico.


The hallmark element of the Day of the Dead is the ornately decorated and colorful skulls. Unlike traditional Halloween skulls, Mexican skulls symbolize remembrance, grief, mourning, and celebration at the same time. If you are selling to Mexico, then colorful skull accessories may be favored by Mexicans, both for Halloween and Day of the Dead.


Day of the Dead Accessoriesskull hair bandblack gauze hair band

skull earringsskull earringsskull earrings

Día de Muertos


Final Words


There are so many great products for Halloween on the market this year and hope you can get inspiration from our product list. If you are ready, just take a few seconds to connect your online store with our app and start dropshipping.


Don’t forget that for the product you want but is unavailable on our app, you can contact us and send us product images or links to get free quotes.


We are always ready to provide you with the best-quality Halloween products and fulfill your dropshipping orders in the most efficient way!


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