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The Top Selling Dropshipping Products for St. Patrick’s Day

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  • 2023-02-16 17:16:41
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Updated: 2024-02-28 11:22:39

Saint Patrick's Day, on March 17, remembers one of Ireland's patron saints, Saint Patrick. Irishmen across the world will celebrate this national-turned-worldwide holiday. Most celebrations take place in Ireland, the USA, and Canada. Green and shamrock are the classic elements of St. Patrick's Day. People will dress in green, decorate food and furniture with shamrock patterns, parade through city streets, and drink green beer.

While people do not give gifts to each other to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, they do shop. So, for dropshipping sellers, it can be a great chance to boost sales by selling products with green and shamrock elements!

In this article, we have compiled for you the best collection of profit-oriented products to help you quickly start selling. Before introducing the top-selling dropshipping products, we will first show you some information about St Patrick's Day shopping trends.


St. Patrick's Day Shopping Trends: What Retailers Need to Know?


The St. Patrick's Day Shopping Spree


According to NRF, 61% of consumers planned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day last year and the total planned spending reached the highest level of $6.9 Billion. Selling St. Patrick's Day related products this year is sure to take advantage of the holiday frenzy to maximize your profits.



How Do People Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


In 2023, the top 5 ways consumers planned to celebrate St Patrick's Day included wearing green (80%), making a special dinner (31%), decorating home or office (26%), attending a party at a bar/restaurant (25%), and attending a private party (15%). Looking at the overall trend from 2007 to 2023, wearing green and sttending a party consistently ranked high. They are expected to remain the positions in 2024.


St Patricks Day Celebration plans


Top Spending Categories of St Patrick's Day


Besides the spending on food and beverages, every year, a large amount of money would be spent on apparel or accessories and decorations--29% for apparel or accessories and 26% for decorations in 2023. Based on the statistics for the past seven years, these two components account for a relatively constant share. Following this trend, people will have the same purchase plans for St. Patrick’s Day this year. So selling apparel or accessories and decorations can be the top product ideas for you this year!


St Patricks Day Spending categories


Top Dropshipping Products for St. Patrick's Day 2024


It's time to curate a collection of products specifically for St. Patrick's Day to attract customers. This can involve selecting existing products from your listing that align with the holiday's theme or creating a new product line exclusively for the occasion. The products should not be simply green but celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Pick from our selected dropshipping product ideas for St. Patrick's Day and easily start sourcing and selling with SourcinBox.


You can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly to source the product you want. And we will source the products for you directly from manufacturers at better prices and then you can easily add them to your store via SourcinBox and start selling.


1. St. Patrick's Day Bead Necklace

Lightweight yet durable bead necklaces are classic and eye-catching items for St. Patrick's Day. These necklaces feature traditional St. Patrick's Day elements such as shamrocks and green hats. These green necklaces are fun and perfect for all ages. It's a good idea to dropship green bead necklaces containing abundant pieces with different styles.


Bead NecklaceBead NecklaceBead Necklace


2. St. Patrick's Day Bracelet


Bracelets have been popular accessories and they can be featured in St. Patrick's Day elements like green and shamrock. St. Patrick's Day bracelets in different styles can meet different decorative needs. They have nice flexibility, which can be stretched to fit different size wrists, great for adults and children. Don’t hesitate to contact us for sourcing this product.


St. Patrick's Day BraceletSt. Patrick's Day Braceletbracelet


3. St. Patrick's Day Nails


Nails are must-have girly accessories and St. Patrick's Day-themed nails are gaining popularity now. You can source wearable nail art of different specs and sizes from China at much more favorable prices. So add St. Patrick's Day Nails to your product listing if you are looking for fantastic accessories.


St. Patrick's Day NailsSt. Patrick's Day NailsSt. Patrick's Day Nails


4. St. Patrick's Day Outfits


T-shirts, pants, and caps are Stylish and simple St.Patrick's Day outfits popular on social media. If you are dropshipping clothing, you should not miss out on the opportunity to sell your green collection. It is recommended to incorporate the POD business model to offer personalized options and sell with your unique St. Patrick's Day designs.


St. Patrick's Day OutfitsSt. Patrick's Day OutfitsSt. Patrick's Day Outfits


5. St. Patrick's Day Bow Tie & Necktie


Green bow ties and neckties are fantastic St. Patrick's Day accessories and party supplies. Designed in the color green, these ties can be combined with most St Patrick's Day outfits & costumes. They can be ideal product choices for St. Patrick's Day dropshipping.






6. St. Patrick's Day Headband


St. Patrick's Day headband is sure to get you in the St. Patrick’s Day mood. The shamrocks or green hats connected to the headband with a spring, like a real clover swaying in the wind, bringing people good luck. If you don’t know where to source St. Patrick's Day headbands for dropshipping, then just contact us and we can source the following headbands from Chinese manufacturers at great prices!




7. St. Patrick's Day Hair Clips


Little girls love to wear pretty things in their hair. As for St. Patrick’s Day, nothing is prettier than hair clips for them. Bow hair clips and mini top hat hair clips are perfect for holiday celebrations.




8. St. Patrick's Day Eyeglasses


All St. Patrick's Day eyeglasses are brightly colored and have a variety of cute designs. It is not only the St. Patrick's Day eyeglasses but also could be used for St. Patrick's day photo booth props. It's suitable for taking photos at parties with eye-catching. The eyeglasses below are perfect items for dropshipping.


eyeglasseseyeglasseseyeglassesSt. Patrick's Day Eyeglasses


9. St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Top Hat


It becomes commonplace for people to wear leprechaun top hats on St. Patrick's Day. Green hats with shamrock patterns can be fun accessories and easy to be a standout. With a leprechaun top hat, people will be leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day.




10. St. Patrick's Day Temporary Tattoos


St Patrick's Day temporary tattoo is one of the most popular items for young people to attend parades and parties. St. Patrick's Day temporary tattoos usually are designed with cute clover-themed patterns, and a lucky shamrock. These are classic St. Patrick's Day elements that are perfect for celebrations. People can apply them to their face, cheek, arm, hand, ankle, etc. for Irish luck. These temporary tattoos are easy to apply and safe for kids. We highly recommend you add these products to your dropshipping list.




11. St. Patrick's Day Tutu Skirts


St. Patrick's Day tutu skirts are the perfect addition to celebrate St. Patrick's Day for girls aged 3-8 years old. The tutu skirt is soft, lightweight, elastic, and comfortable, allowing people to wear it with confidence for a long time. If you are running a kid's appearal store, you can not miss this item!




12. St. Patrick's Day Socks

Classic St. Patrick's Day designed socks have been the basic item for most people. There are different St. Patrick's Day elements printed on the holiday socks, such as the shamrock, rainbow, hat, and so on. Undoubtedly, it can be one of the best sellers in your stores.






On St. Patrick's Day, people are not only keen on dressing themselves up but also decorating their homes or offices. The places hosted a party tend to need scads of decorations and party supplies. Therefore, we have listed some trending products for you.


13. St. Patrick's Day Banners


The banner can be a basic decoration for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. People would hang them for sharing the spirit of the Irish. They can finely decorate homes, gardens, yards, outdoors, garages, patios, balcony, etc. The mainly green banners with wonderful color combinations and shamrock pattern designs can add more vibration to parties.




14. St. Patrick's Day Windsock Flag & Garden Flag


Gardens can be the first place to welcome guests and share Irish luck. Windsock flags printed with different St. Patrick’s Day element patterns are suitable for adorning lawns, gardens, yards, porches, and other places. We highly recommend windsock flags equipped with LED rope lights if you own a store selling outdoor decorations.




15. St. Patrick's Day String Lights


String lights are a must for home or party decorations with a green warm glow, perfectly matching the green for St.Patrick's Day theme. If you are interested, just contact us and get a free quote!




16. St. Patrick's Day Inflatable Ornaments

Inflatable Ornaments with various designs decorate St. Patrick's Day theme party best! St. Patrick's Day party balloons have wide range of use scenes. Also, huge St. Patrick's Day outdoor inflatables are popular decorations every year. You can easily dropship these items at SourcinBox with fast delivery times to make sure that your customers can receive the decorations before St. Patrick's Day!




17. St. Patrick's Day Door Decorations


You can also sell door decorations like door signs and mesh wreaths for St. Patrick's Day. Please make sure that your products have shamrock patterns or Happy St. Patrick's Day letters. We can help you source cheap but high-quality St. Patrick's Day decorations from China to save your dropshipping costs.




18. St. Patrick's Day Hanging Ornaments

Hanging ornaments can decorate trees or hang on walls. You can sell some shamrocks hanging ornaments, wooden gnome ornaments, and ornaments with shamrock patterns.




19. St. Patrick's Day Gnome Plush Decorations


In folklore, Gnome guards home and protects people from misfortune. It brings good luck and happiness to the family and is regarded as good luck. We’ve found some gnome plush decorations with unique designs from Chinese manufacturers for your reference.




20. St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Coins/Lucky Coins


Classic St. Patrick's Day coins/ lucky Coins can be served as decorations and photo props. You can sell these gold and green coins that can add a sense of festive touch.




21. St. Patrick's Day Cake Topper


Lovely cake toppers can make more personalized cakes and also create impressive cupcake towers. They are great for St Patrick's Day party decorations. It's easy to dropship these items with SourcinBox, please contact us if you need them.




22. St. Patrick's Day Table Runners & Placemats


How to have an impressive special dinner on St. Patrick's Day? Delicate table runners and comfortable placemats could leave a deep impression on guests. You may consider adding some table runners and placemats for to your store.




23. St. Patrick's Day Tableware Set & Light Up Cup


There are some other creative items you can sell for St. Patrick's Day. As so many people plan to attend a party, there are large demands for tableware and cups. Light up cup is a popular product in bars. These products can be perfect for dropshipping.




Final Words


When searching for St. Patrick’s Day products, be sure to look out for 'Shamrock' and 'green'--these two elements--to attract as many as consumers to your stores. Hope you can get inspiration from our product recommendation list.


However, good products are only half the success. The next step is finding a drophipping supplier for St. Patrick’s Day products. If you haven't decided yet, you may try to work with SourcinBox! Just take a few seconds to connect your online store with our app and start dropshipping. Or if you already have your online store connected, just start adding products to your store with SourcinBox and start promotions and selling.


We also have some marketing tips for you. Before getting sales, you have to let consumers see your products. Therefore, it is significant for you to have a clear strategy when it comes to creating product descriptions. You can consider keepping your brand temporarily aligned with the St. Patrick's Day spirit. This can include incorporating green and shamrock elements into your St. Patrick's Day product listing, promotional banners, social media pages, email themes, and even your brand logo. Also, use St. Patrick's Day hashtags such as #stpatricksday, #stpattysday, #lucky, #luckoftheirish, and #shamrock in your social media posts can help get your brand noticed by a broader audience. 


Anyway, we are always ready to provide you with the best-quality St. Patrick’s Day products and fulfill your dropshipping orders in the most efficient way!


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