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Best Dropshipping Products to Sell for Spring Break 2023

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  • 2023-03-21 17:59:35
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Updated: 2023-03-25 10:13:38

For the young, spring break has long been the embodiment of a prime time for stress-free and relaxation. Depending on the school, students will have one to two weeks of vacation between March and April.


Whether it means heading to a vacation spot, attending parties, taking on a volunteer project, or spending time at home with family, people will count on their disposable income to make the most of their time off. Thus, this is an excellent opportunity for dropshippers to get more sales.


But how do you choose the right products for spring break dropshipping? In this article, we'll share some tips for selecting spring break products based on travel trends. And we'll also recommend you some popular or trending products in different categories, such as clothing, accessories, travel accessories, and more. Let's get started!


Four Spring Break Travel Trends


1. Travelers Getting More Willing to Pay for Flexibility


Given the ongoing uncertainty throughout the pandemic, travelers prioritized flexibility with travel planning. And they sought out tickets, reservations, and bookings that provided the option to reschedule or cancel if needed.


Even as concerns about the pandemic have declined, when it comes to transportation and accommodation for spring break travelers, flexibility remains a top consideration--80% for transportation, and 81% for accommodation.


At the same time, Americans are getting more willing to pay for flexibility. The data from Morningsuggears suggests that 12% of US adults with travel plans during the spring break say they are willing to spend $100 or more for airfare, and 13% say the same about hotel reservations.


pay for Airfarepay for hotel reservation


As indispensable spending (transportation and accommodation) has grown, customers would cut spending on other aspects correspondingly to save money. Thus, online stores that sell high-quality products at lower prices are sure to be more popular. To seize the sales opportunity during spring break, you can use SourcinBox to source products directly from manufacturers at much lower better prices.


2. Distant Destinations Getting More Popular


Scads of destinations are gaining more attention from travelers year after year. After a long period of pulling back, travelers this year plan to go to places that are less familiar and more distant.


And international travel is in higher demand due to the reopening of borders and the easing of pandemic restrictions around the world. Compared with last year, the share of travelers who plan to travel abroad over the spring break period is 7 points higher, while the share of travelers planning to travel domestically is down 5 points.


Distant destinations mean longer travel time. To get a more pleasant journey, travel accessories are essentials. And we have listed some trendy travel accessories in the next part, so please read on.


3. Gen Z Travelers Getting More Important


Gen Z travelers are the largest rising and youngest generation of travelers. They are becoming an increasingly important traveling demographic. A survey by YouGov indicates that Gen Z would comprise 40% of the consumer market in the US and 34% of the U.S. workforce by 2030. And they are willing to spend extra income on travel instead of material things.


With this strong willingness comes curiosity to discover new places this spring break. According to Priceline, 63% of young travelers are eager to get out and travel this year during spring break. Among them, 46% of travelers aged between 18 to 34 are planning to go somewhere they've never been to. Thus, you may sell items for their brand-new trips.


What's more, one of the most strikingly different characteristics of Gen Z is their reliance upon and use frequency of social media. The TikTok hashtag #springbreak ranks top 1 these days and has reached 213M views in the last 7 days. You may consider TikTok marketing to attract more Gen Z customers.  



4. Events & Experiences Getting More Colorful


Apart from travel, students also throw themselves into events and get in-person experiences during spring break. Actually, almost half of the college students (46%) spend money on this vertical in 2022.


Students plan activities like visiting an amusement park (43% plan to do), attending a festival or live music event (36% plan to do), and going to a party, BBQ, or sports event. Demand for these activities will undoubtedly be high this year, so dropshippers should promote related products early to get students onboard.


Best Dropshipping Product Ideas for Spring Break 2023


Spring break is a time for traveling, relaxing, and entertainment. As a store owner, you may hope to offer the best products to your customers for a better spring break. But how to choose the appropriate seasonable products?


You can refer to some shopping websites for a selection of popular spring break clothing products. Take PRINCESS POLLY as an example, it has created an independent catalog for spring break. It mainly sells casual, sexy, ethnic, and many other different styles of outfits. Items like one-pieces, bikinis, and bathing suit accessories meet different groups' favors.


The following are our tips and product recommendations for you. And we have already listed some of them in our marketplace. If you find other products that you want to dropship, you can send the product link to your customer manager


1. Swimwear & Beachwear


The beach can be a main destination for spring break vacations. Swimwear and beachwear must be top-selling products for spring break sales.




Ladies always prefer bikinis when they go to the beach for enjoying sunbathing, swimming, and so on. Besides, the fabric should be stretched, soft, and comfortable as customers may wear it long. Fashionable bikinis in different colors and patterns can be popular with ladies of all ages. Don't hesitate to gain a head start on selling color, floral, or tie-dye printed bikinis before your competitors start.




Beach Cover-up


If you decide to dropship bikinis, you should never forget beach cover-ups. Cute and flowy cover-ups can highlight ladies' graceful figures. As the cover-ups float with the wind, people will love the feeling when blowing the wind by the beach. Either a hollow-out design or a sheer design will be perfect choices for a beach vacation. SourcinBox can easily source beach cover-ups that are made of light, soft, and comfortable fabric for you.  


beach cover-up1beach cover-up2beach cover-up3beach cover-up4


Beach Dress


Besides bikinis, another hot product for a spring break beach vacation is beach dresses. Diverse designs can meet different savors and occasions. Whether you dropship long or short dresses, strap dresses, halter neck dresses, or sheath dresses, you'll find customers to buy them. It's worth noting that dresses with adjustable spaghetti straps are better suited for fun and adventurous beach vacation during spring break.




Crop Top


Most ladies would pack some crop tops when they go for a beach vacation. Sexy or elegant crop tops can easily pair with high-waist shorts, swimwear, skirts, and pants for a sweet look. We highly recommend top-selling crop tops like those designed in ruffle short puff sleeves and off-the-shoulder. You can get high-quality crop tops on SourcinBox at much lower costs for dropshipping and earn higher margins.


crop top1crop shop2crop top3crop top4


2. Accessories


After preparing spring break clothing, people will focus on accessories to match their outfits. We have listed some must-to-take accessories for you to refer to.


Cowboy Hat


The cowboy hat is a hot vintage item for the young. Trendy cowboy hats always combine authenticity and simplicity. They can block sunlight or rain to seep through. The perfect hats to wear out on those sunny days when a little bit of sun protection goes a long way.


Cowboy Hat1Cowboy Hat2Cowboy Hat3Cowboy Hat4


Straw Hat


People always need UV protection when they go to beaches. Straw hats can shade people's faces and necks to block the sunlight. And they are never out of style. Some can be folded and packed for easy portability in luggage or bag while retaining their shape. Please remember to choose straw hats to dropship for your spring break sales.


straw hat 1straw hat 2straw hat 3straw hat


Baseball Cap


The baseball cap is a must-have all year. It is either a fashionable sports hat for outdoor activities, and working routines, or simply for adding a finishing touch to casual outfits. If you want to customize your products with your brands, we also have a private label service to support your branded dropshipping.


baseball hatbaseball hatbaseball hatbaseball hat




Visors are very wearable with summer outfits. The open-top design makes visors suitable to any hairstyle, people can put their hair down or tie it into a ponytail or high bun, which helps to dissipate heat, then keeps you cool and vented in hot weather. If you are interested, just contact us and get a free quote!






Sandals are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spring break activities and can match almost all outfits. Both men and women would need a pair of sandals when they enjoy themselves during a vacation, especially those planning for a beach vacation. If you own an online shoe store, you can source traditional-designed sandals and fashionable-designed ones to attract customers of all ages. And you can easily dropship these items at SourcinBox with fast delivery times to make sure that your customers can receive the decorations before their spring break vacations!




3. Travel Accessories


Trips ranging from short flights to lengthy road trips can be streamlined when the right gadgets are at one's fingertips. Below, we’ve listed some stand-out accessories designed to make life in transit as simple and comfortable as possible.


Beach Bag


People would take a beach bag that is big enough to take all the things they need to a beach. Some also have pockets outside the bag to keep items separated and organized. Besides a large capacity, the bearing capacity should also be taken into your consideration when dropshipping products. Usually, beach bags are easily folded up to fit in the carry-on for travel, beach trip, family days, grocery purchasing, and vacations.


beach bagbeach bagbeach bagbeach bag


Packing Cubes


For organized packing and space-saving, people would use travel cubes. You may source packing cubes of multiple sizes for packing various things. They can store classified clothes, dirty clothes, bras, underwear, footwear, cosmetics, towels, toiletries, and electronic accessories. We can source waterproof trendy travel cubes at a low prices, just contact us if you need.


packing cubepacking cubepacking cubepacking cube


Travel Bottles


No matter where people go for a spring break vacation, the travel bottles seals liquids to keep their luggage safe and intact. All of the bottles easily fit into the included clear zipper bag to keep them contained on the go. Perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and more.


Travel BottlesTravel BottlesTravel BottlesTravel Bottles


Neck Pillow


The travel pillow is a perfect travel partner for a long journey. Many people will choose those featured adjustable inflation for portability and comfort. We highly recommend a special hoodie pillow that comes with a hood. It helps isolate light during the flight, prevent eye irritation, and provide protection from the wind from the air conditioner. Also, you can ask your customer manager for a private label service for your branded dropshipping.


neck pillowneck pillowneck pillowneck pillow


Start Dropshipping Now with SourcinBox for Spring Break


To gain more profits during spring break, working with a dropshipping agent like SourcinBox would be a great choice for you. SourcinBox integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms to automate your order processing. For Amazon, and eBay dropshipping sellers, you can also manually upload orders to enjoy our following services.


Product Sourcing


We already have massive products in our marketplace, you can import them to your store directly.Also, we can source almost any products directly from manufacturers at lower prices than on AliExpress. If you want to dropship any spring break products that do not exist in our app, you can send us sourcing requestson SourcinBox or contact us directly.


Order Processing


Orders in your stores will sync to SourcinBox app automatically. Your customers pay you and you pay us on our app. Once we receive your orders, we will purchase the products to our warehouse, check the quality, and repack them.


Free Warehousing


The processing time is usually 3-5 days, you can buy inventory in advance to shorten the processing time. Then we can ship your orders out within 24 hours when you have orders for products in stock. Our warehouse is free to use for our customers.


Fast Shipping


We have multiple shipping methods available, you can check the estimated shipping cost and delivery time on the Dashboard of our app. It usually takes 7-15 days to most countries with our cost-effective shipping methods.


1-on-1 Customer Service


You will get a 1-on-1 customer manager to help you with all the matters in the processing of using our app. And we will responsibly deal with after-sales issues that are caused by us. To get a customer manager, you can contact us to get a manager code and enter it when signing up or on the dashboard after you have logged in.


Private Label Service


We also have a private label service to support your branded dropshipping. You can customize the product packaging, stickers, thank you cards, or inserts with your brand on them.


sign upp for freecontact us

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