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Winning Dropshipping Products - Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

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  • 2022-08-31 16:39:48
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Updated: 2022-08-31 17:09:48

Smart Weighted Hula Hoop must be the best fitness equipment for weight loss this year!


Weighted hula hoops once were viral on TikTok during the UK lockdown and have become the essential home workout equipment since then. The smart weighted hula hoop with a gravity ball swinging around is the most popular one and is the best seller on Amazon.


smart weighted hula hoop

Image source: Amazon


More and more brands are selling smart weighted hula hoops in 2022. If you're running a fitness dropshipping store, don't miss out on the perfect time to sell this product!


Why Choose Weighted Hula Hoop for Dropshipping?


Great Product Idea


Unlike the traditional hula hoop, the smart weighted hula hoop is perfectly fixed at the waist, and the weighted part is connected with a rope and hung on the hula hoop. There is no need to learn traditional hula hoop techniques when using the smart weighted hula hoop.


As the user's hip turns, the hula hoop itself remains stationary, but the gravity ball swings on the outside of the hula hoop. This makes the hip and waist movement easier to maintain and lasts longer.


Even better, using a smart weighted hula hoop is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your abs for real weight loss.



Growing Trends


The smart weighted hula hoop is favored by fitness enthusiasts around the world, especially in the UK. We can see on Google Trends that the popularity of Weighted Hula Hoop is still growing in the United Kingdom. The demand for this product has not stopped!


Google Trends weighted hula hoop


TikTok is where the weighted hula hoop went viral. Videos under tags such as #weightedhulahoop, #smarthulahoop, and #smartweightedhulahoop have gained hundreds of millions of views. Most of them are about people sharing their weight and body shape changes before and after using a smart weighted hula hoop. They also approve that the smart weighted hula hoop actually works!







Dropshipping Smart Weighted Hula Hoop with SourcinBox


There are multiple styles of smart weighted hula hoops listed on our marketplace and you can import them directly into your online store using SourcinBox.


If you sell the one that is already the best seller on Amazon, the competition can be cruel. So we recommend you sell smart weighted hula hoops differ from Amazon or AliExpress. Such as the one that has unique colors or the one that has an intelligent timing system. You can easily sell these high-quality hula hoops under your brand at a price of over $60 to keep a high profit.


SourcinBox weighted hula hoop

SourcinBox weighted hula hoop


Any product ideas you have, you can send us product sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the products you want directly from Chinese manufacturers at good prices. As for brand customization, free warehousing, fast order processing and shipping, we have it all!


Sign up SourcinBox for free and start dropshipping smart weighted hula hoops now!


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