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Niche Dropshipping - Sell Wigs and Hair Extensions Online

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  • 2022-08-27 17:48:46
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Updated: 2022-08-29 09:38:16

Have you ever thought about selling wigs or hair extensions online? Are wigs a great niche for dropshipping?


With the growing consumption potential in middle-income Consumers and the growing hair fall rate, more and more people demanding hair extensions or wigs for beauty or functional purposes. The market for wigs and hair extensions has been growing.


The revenue of the global hair wigs and extension market is expected to grow by $5.3 billion during 2022-2026 progressing at a CAGR of 9.82% during the forecast period.


Also, due to reasons such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of social media users, and the popularity of social media shopping features, selling wigs and hair extensions online is more popular than ever.


Maybe wigs will become your first or next winning dropshipping niche. So how do you start selling wigs and hair extensions online with no inventory?


Why Choose The Dropshipping Model for Wigs?


Wigs and extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors, materials, styles, and more. It can be hard to predict which kind of wig product will sell the best. If you sell wigs and hair extensions by keeping a large number of inventories, you are likely to lose money when your products are hard to be sold out.


However, the dropshipping model can help you overcome the uncertainty of the wig market and avoid the risks that may be caused by overstocking.


You only need to sell wigs online without keeping inventory or touching the products. When you have orders, your dropshipping agent or supplier will ship the products directly to your customers. And you don't have to pay any purchase and storage fees for products you can't sell. In this way, you can save a lot of time and money to focus on advertising and marketing.


So, the dropshipping model is the best solution for selling wigs and extensions. What you have to do next is audience and product research and find the most suitable dropshipping agent or supplier to start your business.


What Are The Best Wigs and Accessories to Sell?


Wigs and hair extensions are widely used all over the world. Women wear wigs usually to add volume and beauty to their own hair, or to experience different hairstyles and colors without damaging their real hair. For bald men or cancer patients, wigs can improve their confidence by giving them normal and natural-looking hair. In addition, wigs are also important accessories for Halloween, special occasions, and the film industry.


Based on the different types and usage of wigs, the target audience of wigs is very diverse. People of different genders and age groups can become the target audience of wigs.


So far, you may still be confused about selling wigs, so let's take a look at the types of wigs and the best-selling wigs and accessories.


There are two types of wigs by material: human hair and synthetic. Both are great options for combining budget, time, and needs. Ideally, you would choose to sell both as they each have advantages!


human hair vs. synthetic


Human hair wigs are made from real hair and are very soft to provide the most natural look and shine. Since it is human hair, it allows for better control over the look and styling. However, high-quality human hair wigs are usually expensive and have high requirements for care. With proper care, human hair wigs can last 1-3 years.


Synthetic wigs are an affordable alternative to human hair wigs, with a density and texture almost similar to human hair. High-quality synthetic wigs look almost the same as human hair. Synthetic wigs usually have a fixed styling and can be used out of the box, and the curl can maintain for a long time. But its styling can not be arbitrarily changed like human hair. With proper care, synthetic wigs can last 4-6 months.


According to the diverse demands and audiences of wigs, there are wigs and partial wigs. Partial wigs are also known as half wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces & toppers, etc. The following are some common and popular types of wigs and accessories you can sell online.


Front Lace Wigs


Front lace wigs are one of the most popular wig choices among wig wearers and are praised for creating the perfect illusion of a natural hairline. The lace part is right on the front edge of the wig, hence the name. And front lace wigs are popular among celebrities and influencers. So, it’s a good idea to find influencers to promote your wig products.


Front Lace WigsFront Lace WigsFront Lace Wigs


Clip In Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular product categories worldwide. Unlike most other wig types, clip-in hair extensions can be easily removed and reused without hassle. The ease of installation of these extensions increases their preference among beginners.


If you are interested in selling hair extensions then curly and wavy hair extensions are the best sellers in the hair wig market. Also, hair extensions in bold and fun colors are popular in the hair wig niche. They can be used for costume parties, Halloween parties, or concerts.


Clip In Hair ExtensionsClip In Hair ExtensionsClip In Hair Extensions


Hair Toppers


Hair toppers, alternatives to full wigs, transform the wearer's appearance by adding volume and thickness to thin hair. Hair toppers are the best solution for women and men with thinning hair or hair loss concentrated on the top of their heads. And they are lighter and easier to wear than other wig types.


People wear hair toppers tend for more functional purposes. So if you are going to sell hair toppers, your marketing activities should target people who are suffering from hair loss.


Hair ToppersHair ToppersHair Toppers


Hair Pieces


Hair pieces are simple wigs that are usually used as decorations and accessories. Such as hair buns, ponytails, and bangs. They are suitable for women of most ages to experiment with different hairstyles at a very low cost instead of spending a lot of money in hair salons. And these simple hair pieces are easy to wear for beginners. If you know little about the hair and wig niche, you can start dropshipping wigs by selling cost-effective hair pieces.


Hair PiecesHair PiecesHair Pieces


Wig Accessories


Almost all people who buy wigs will buy wig accessories, such as wig grip bands, which are used to keep wigs in place, and wig holders, which are the best storage tools for long hair wigs. Wig styling and care are also very important, and wig styling sets including wig combs and clips are very popular. These are great product ideas that you can cross-sell them with wigs and hair extensions.


Wig AccessoriesWig AccessoriesWig Accessories


Find A Sourcing Agent to Dropship Wigs


In terms of supply, China leads the market for hair wigs and extensions. In 2021, China is the largest exporter of synthetic full wigs, accounting for 40.8% of global exports of synthetic full wigs with a worth of US$224.8 million.


Dropshipping wigs from China would be the best solution since China has the most massive wig suppliers and manufacturers. For example, you can find wig suppliers on AliExpress and Alibaba. But it may be hard and time-consuming for you to find wig suppliers who can provide high-quality wigs on AliExpress and Alibaba.


For wig dropshipping beginners, the most convenient way is to hire a dropshipping agent in China who can source and ship wigs for you.


Can You Dropship Wigs with SourcinBox?


Of course, you can!


SourcinBox is one of the best dropshipping agents in China. And we can get in touch with the best wig manufacturers and wig wholesalers to source high-quality wigs according to your needs and budget. The product cost can be much lower than on AliExpress.


We will check the quality of the products before shipping them directly to your customers. We also provide product photography and private label services to meet all your needs for dropshipping wigs.


And because the volume and weight of wigs are usually relatively small, you don't have to worry about high shipping costs for global shipping. We will provide you with the best cost-effective solution and the fastest shipping times.


Now sign up SourcinBox for free and explore more about how to work with us. If you are ready to dropship wigs and hair extensions, just send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. You will get 1-on-1 help from our customer managers.


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