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Best Dropshipping Products for Easter 2024

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  • 2022-02-26 13:19:50
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Updated: 2024-03-06 17:36:59

Easter is a traditional religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a day that symbolizes the coming of spring and it will be on March 31 this year. Families will gather to celebrate this holiday, buying or giving away festive symbolic Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, decorations, Easter gifts, candies, chocolates, etc.




People have always been enthusiastic about celebrating Easter and spending money on it. Last year, 81% of Americans said they would celebrate Easter and the total expected spending was up to $24B according to NRF. With Easter and spring around the corner, it’s time for dropshippers to find the best dropshipping products to sell.


So what will people buy for Easter? And what are the best dropshipping products to sell for Easter? Let’s keep reading.


Easter Consumer Trends Overview


People have been looking forward to Easter 2024 since February. The high enthusiasm towards this memorable holiday makes it also a shopping holiday--spent an average of $192.01 last year, the highest figure on record, and is expected to keep growing this year. It's worth noting that 33% was done online which provides profitable chances for online sellers.




Among all the Easter celebrations, cooking an Easter meal seems to be the must-do activity for every family. So there may be a demand for some interesting Easter tableware


Besides food and candy, Americans were expected to spend $3.8 billion on purchasing gifts. People appreciate stocking gifts inside beautifully designed Easter eggs which makes it possible for both children and adults to enjoy the bliss of Easter egg hunting. Therefore, your dropshipping store must have some products that can be sold as Easter gifts.


The growth in decorations continues, with a record high in 2023. Fully half of the people celebrating Easter had planned to buy decorations. To take a step ahead of your competitors, add as many creative and trendy decorations as possible to your store.





The 10 Best Dropshipping Product Ideas for Easter 2024


To help you better prepare for the Easter sale, we have found some unique, hot-selling, and trending products for you to sell online. If you want to dropship any product from us, please contact our customer managers with the product images or links, and they will source the product for you. If you are running a private label store, SourcinBox provides you with a seamless solution that allows you to bring a branded product to market efficiently, effectively, and with a strong brand presence.


1. Easter Eggs


When it comes to the most exciting part of Easter, it is definitely the Easter egg hunt. People will hide Easter eggs around the house and let the children or family members hunt for the eggs. To make the egg hunt more fun, people like to DIY their own Easter eggs, paint their favorite patterns, or put candy, toys, gifts inside the eggs.


The following colorful Easter eggs must be able to perform well in your dropshipping store. LED glowing eggs are perfect for a night glow hunt. The DIY painted eggs are popular with kids to make their own Easter crafts. Squeezable eggs with beautiful doodles are great Easter decorations and stress relief gifts.


LED Glowing Easter EggsEaster Egg OrnamentsDIY Painted Egg SetSqueezable Decompression Easter Eggs


2. Easter Basket


An Easter basket is a special basket full of Easter eggs, food, toys, or other meaningful gifts. People pass their blessings on Easter by exchanging Easter baskets, a tradition dating back to the 7th century. So it’s a great idea to add some Easter baskets into your store, cross-selling Easter eggs, or other Easter gifts. For example, if you are running a Kids Niche Store, you can sell Easter basket sets containing Easter baskets, toys, art paints, bunny dolls, or more.


Easter Bunny BasketNon-Woven Easter BasketBamboo Easter BasketStraw Easter Craft Bunny Easter Basket


3. Best Easter Gifts for Kids


One of the best Easter gifts for kids can be an Easter countdown calendar blind box with various small toys in it. It is a great joy for kids to open an unexpected toy every day with Easter approaching. Besides, Easter Squishy Mochi Toys, Easter bunnies, and Easter printed clothing and accessories are also great Easter basket ideas for kids. These products are flexible options for different niche stores or grocery stores.


Easter Countdown Calendar Blind BoxEaster Squishy Mochi ToysHand Crocheted Easter BunnyEaster Print T-Shirt


4. Best Easter Gifts for Adults


Easter baskets are not only for kids. Adults are also looking forward to receiving special Easter gifts. Since you have no idea about people’s preferences of giving a gift, there are plenty of Easter-related products you can sell as Easter gifts that can not go wrong. Such as colorful bath bombs, an egg-shaped soap, a carton of eggs (no, it's a carton of beauty sponges shaped like eggs), bunny candles, etc. Don’t miss these unique items, cause they might give your customers some inspiration for picking Easter gifts.


Bath BombsEgg-shaped Handmade SoapEgg-shaped Beauty SpongesBunny Candles


5. Easter Accessories


Easter-themed accessories are also great Easter gift ideas. Easter bunny ears hairband is one of the most popular Easter accessories on Amazon. And colorful Easter beads are hot-selling on Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. It's a great spring gift idea. If you haven't figured out what to add to your store's Easter basket, you can consider these cute Easter gadgets. And we have the possibility to source products directly from manufacturers at much lower prices.


Easter-themed GlassesEaster Bunny Ears HairbandEaster Decoration TiesColorful Easter Beads Crafts


6. Easter Cards


Easter greeting cards are among those top purchases for those planning to celebrate Easter. Giving a greeting card is a universal way to express wishes for people of all ages. You can cross-sell some pop-up Easter cards with other Easter products. Also, it’s a good idea to send your Easter wishes to your customers by customizing your own greeting cards and sending them to your customers attached with the product packages.


Easter Greeting CardsEaster Pop-up CardsEaster Bunny Pop-up CardsEaster Egg Pop-up Cards


7. Easter Decorations for Home


People usually prepare in advance to celebrate Easter, decorating their homes from the inside out. All kinds of decorations such as flower crafts, wooden ornaments, landmarks, and Easter buntings are all hot-selling items every Easter. So it can not go wrong to put some of these items into your store’s Easter product list. We can provide you with multiple fast and cost-effective shipping options to ensure that your customers will receive their products early before Easter.


Easter Flower CraftsEaster Wooden OrnamentsEaster LandmarksEaster Buntings


8. Easter Lights & Ornaments


Lighting is an essential holiday decoration to set off the festive atmosphere. Interestingly, we found some LED string lights in the shape of Easter eggs, as well as bunny lamps. We have special shipping lines for these electronic products with batteries, and the shipping time to most countries and regions is 7-15 days. You would better gain a head start on selling these products before your competitors start.


LED Easter String LightsLED Easter String LightsWooden Carved Easter Bunny LampLED Easter Bunny Lamp Ornaments


9. Easter Tableware


Easter tableware is prepared for an Easter picnic. Many people will also make Easter bunny chocolates themselves. So it’s a good choice to sell some chocolate molds and beautiful Easter tableware, including napkins, paper plates, cups, forks, and straws printed with cute Easter bunny designs!


Easter Bunny Chocolate MoldsEaster Cupcake CrustEaster TablewareEaster Tableware


10. Easter Candy Boxes


All products related to the bunny are so lovely, including these little candy boxes and bags shaped like bunnies. The dropshipping model is not suitable for shipping candy, but these cute boxes of candy can be shipped overseas easily, and they're perfect as your cross-selling options.


Carrot Transparent Candy BoxesBunny Ear Candy BagsEaster Egg Cutout Pattern BoxesEaster Bunny Candy Boxes


Start Dropshipping Easter Products with SourcinBox


SourcinBox is a dropshipping agent that can help you from product sourcing to fast shipping. You can connect your online store with our app to fulfill orders automatically. If you sell on Amazon, eBay, or other platforms, you can also manually upload your store orders to enjoy our services.


Product Sourcing


We have our own marketplace containing massive dropshipping products that we have sourced directly from Chinese manufacturers. And the prices are much lower than on AliExpress. You are able to import the products to your store through our app. You can also send us sourcing requests or contact us directly to help you source any products you want including the Easter products mentioned in the article.


SourcinBox Marketplace


Order Processing


Once you have store orders, they will sync to the SourcinBox app automatically. Then you place orders in bulk on our app. After we receive your orders, we will purchase the products to our warehouse, check the quality, and repack them ready to be shipped.


SourcinBox manage orders


Free Warehousing


Our warehouse is free for storage. If you have products that are selling fast, you can buy inventory in advance to ensure that you have adequate supplies. Usually, we’ll need 3-5 days to purchase and process the products. But if you have inventory in our warehouse, the processing time can be shortened to 24 hours.


Fast Shipping


We have multiple fast shipping methods such as Yun Express, Yanwen, USPS, CNE, DHL, 4PX, etc. On the Dashboard or product details page, you can check the shipping methods, shipping costs, and estimated delivery time to different countries and regions.


1-on-1 Customer Service


You will get a 1-on-1 customer manager to help you with all the matters including product sourcing, after-sales issues, and any problems you may encounter. You can contact us to get a manager code and enter it when signing up or on the dashboard after you have logged in to get your customer manager service.


Private Label Service


We also have a private label service to allow you to customize the product packaging, stickers, personalized cards, or inserts, with your brand label on them.


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