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Get Ready for Exciting Halloween Dropshipping 2023

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  • 2023-08-30 13:30:09
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Updated: 2023-09-25 11:27:19

It's time to get ready for an exciting Halloween dropshipping as people are expecting and shopping for costumes, candy bowls, and decorations for Halloween earlier than ever! As a dropshipper, you can take advantage of this opportunity to offer unique and in-demand Halloween-themed items to your customers.


So, let's take a look at what are consumers looking for and what are the best dropshipping product ideas to help you stand out at Halloween sales this year!


Halloween Shopping Trends Overview


According to NRF's 2023 Halloween Spending Survey, a record number of people (73%) will participate in Halloween-related activities this year, up from 69% in 2022. And the total Halloween spending is expected to reach a record $12.2 billion this year.


Halloween shopping trends roundup:

 • Consumers plan to spend a total of $4.1 billion on costumes for Halloween 2023.

 • 77%  of consumers plan to purchase Halloween decorations this year.

 • 32% of consumers plan to shop online in preparation for Halloween.

 • 51% of 28-24-year-old consumers look for Halloween costume inspiration via online search.

 • 45% of consumers plan to start shopping for Halloween before October. More than half of younger consumers(25-44-year-olds) are eager to begin their Halloween shopping before or during September.

 • Consumers spending on pet costumes is expected to reach $700 million for Halloween 2023 (17% of total costume expenditures).

 • Inflation was impacting 57% of Americans' Halloween spending according to LendingTree survey 2022.



We can expect that consumers' enthusiasm for Halloween will only increase this year. However, inflation is still impacting people's spending this year. Consumers may buy less, compare prices, or reuse last year's costumes and decorations. All you should do to seize the sales opportunity is focus on offering unique Halloween products in categories that consumers are most willing to buy and provide campaigns, and discounts.


Best Halloween Dropshipping Product Ideas 2023


To help you make the most of this Halloween season to boost dropshipping sales, we have found some of the best and most creative Halloween products you can sell online. Let's see what's new in 2023!


Any product mentioned below you are interested in, you can send us a sourcing request for dropshipping or directly contact us to get a free quote!


Pink Halloween Decorations


Halloween 2023 is likely going to be pink and cute with hashtags #pinkoween and #girlyhalloween going viral on TikTok. The latest Halloween trend is ushering in a whole new shade of the spooky season. A hot-pink-and-white ghost blanket has been the "viral blanket of the year" with #pinkghostblanket gaining over 18.3M views on TikTok. So don't miss out on the opportunity to sell popular pink-inspired decorations for Halloween 2023. 


Pink Halloween Decorations


Halloween Basket


As "Trick or Treat" is a tradition of Halloween, handing out candy is the top activity for people who plan to celebrate Halloween. Since candy can not be sold via dropshipping, you can sell Halloween baskets online. Parents are more likely to buy Halloween baskets for their children, so if you are involved in the market, then you'll have the chance to add profits by selling the following unique Halloween baskets of 2023.


Halloween Basket


Halloween Lights


The most appealing Halloween decorations must be Halloween-themed lights. One of the best ways to prevent your customers from reusing last year's decor is to offer them brand-new product options. So check out what's new for this year's Halloween lights. Also, don't forget to ensure that the Halloween lights you sell are of high quality and meet safety standards. You can contact us to source light products for dropshipping professionally.


Halloween Lights


Halloween Ornaments


Many people enjoy decorating their homes with Halloween-themed ornaments. There is definitely a demand for Halloween ornaments in your target market, so it can be a profitable opportunity to sell these small fancy Halloween ornaments. One of the most effective ways to offer unique products and attract your audience is to build a brand that differentiates your product from other brands.


Halloween Ornaments


Holloween Inflatables


Inflatables are excellent outdoor decorations for Halloween. They are typically large, eye-catching, and often feature spooky or festive designs that can add a fun and festive atmosphere to outdoor spaces. And they are easy to set up and also for storage. You can sell inflatables of various shapes and sizes, including ghosts, pumpkins, witches, skeletons, and other Halloween-themed characters.


Holloween Inflatables


Halloween Party Supplies


There are 32% of Americans plan to throw or attend a Halloween party this year according to NRF. Consumer spending on party supplies is expected to only increase this year. There are a lot of creative Halloween party ideas such as Twitch and Itch dance party, Wednesday Addams soirées, creepy carnival, and costume challenges. It's a great idea to sell some unique party decorations and props from all kinds of styles this year.


Halloween Party Supplies


Halloween Accessories


Halloween-themed accessories allow you to offer your customers a wide range of spooky and festive products. Such as glowing scary masks, tattoo stickers, stylish jewelry, and nail art are all popular accessories for Halloween parties. Selling the most creative and stylish Halloween accessories can help you easily tap into the seasonal demand for Halloween accessories. For more profits, you can use SourcinBox to fulfill your orders at a lower dropshipping cost.


Halloween Accessories


Halloween Costumes


According to NRF, Princess, Spider-man, Witch, and Vampire are top costumes this year. These are costumes that can not go wrong to sell for Halloween 2023. Also, this year, the influence of movies, TV shows, and music on Halloween costumes cannot be underestimated. For example, the release of the Barbie movie has brought childhood nostalgia back into the spotlight. Its style and theme are likely to be popular in Halloween costumes.


Halloween Costumes


Halloween Pet Costumes & Pet Supplies


Pets play important roles in celebrating Halloween with 1-in-5 consumers plan to dress their pet up in a costume this year. And pet supplies have been a popular niche for dropshipping, it is a great opportunity for pet stores to boost sales on Halloween! In addition to creative pet costumes of pumpkins, hotdogs, bats, etc., Halloween-themed pet supplies such as leashes or chewing toys are also great product ideas.


Halloween Pet Costumes Pet Supplies


Start Halloween Dropshipping with SourcinBox


Hope you are inspired by our best Halloween product listing. Also, remember to continuously evaluate the market, stay updated on the latest trends in Halloween items, and adapt your offerings and strategies accordingly. By offering unique and high-quality Halloween products, along with effective marketing and customer service, you can potentially create a successful dropshipping business catering to Halloween enthusiasts.


SourcinBox is always ready to help you source high-quality products at favorable prices and deliver your orders with fast global shipping! Contact us now to get a free quote!


Get more product inspiration from our last year's list of the best dropshipping product ideas for Halloween.


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