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AliExpress Alternatives: SourcinBox VS Zendrop

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  • 2022-07-11 15:06:39
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Updated: 2022-07-11 15:49:44

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business model that allows you to easily sell online without touching the products or keeping any inventory. You’ll have to work with 3-party dropshipping suppliers for order fulfillment. Since AliExpress dropshipping is no longer competitive in some aspects, there are lots of great AliExpress alternatives that you can choose from. In this article, we will introduce two of them: SourcinBox and Zendrop.


Both are great AliExpress alternatives that work directly with dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers to provide massive dropshipping products and fulfill your orders automatically in a more efficient way. They generally work very similar but differ in some details.


Let’s learn more about SourcinBox and Zendrop and the differences between them from the way they work, features, pricing, delivery, customer service, and reviews.


Let’s dive in!


How Does SourcinBox Dropshipping Work?


SourcinBox is a dropshipping agent from China. It works directly with Chinese manufacturers and can help you source products at wholesale prices, which are much lower than on AliExpress. You can import products from SourcinBox to your store easily and start selling. When you have store orders, they will synchronize to the SourcinBox app. After you pay for these orders and shipping. Your orders will be fulfilled automatically.


SourcinBox services


We will purchase the corresponding products from manufacturers and process your orders in our warehouse rather than forward your orders to random suppliers. The product quality is well controlled and the packaging is uniform without any Chinese words.


We also integrate with almost all the mainstream shipping methods to provide the most cost-effective and fast global shipping and delivery. Once your orders are shipped, the real-time tracking numbers will be updated to both SourcinBox and your store. Your customer will also receive emails including the tracking links.


INTEGRATIONS: Shopify, WooCommerce, Yampi, SHOPLAZZA


If you are dropshipping on other platforms like Amazon or eBay, you can manually upload your orders to SourcinBox and enjoy efficient fulfillment services.


SourcinBox Features


 • Product Sourcing

 • Importing AliExpress Products

 • Automated order Fulfillment

 • Free warehousing

 • 1-on-1 Customer Manager Service

 • Private Labeling

 • Wholesale

 • Personalized cards customization

 • Product photography

 • Branded invoices

 • Multi-store management

 • Staff account management

 • Customizable shipping rules

 • Inventory analysis

 • Profit reports


How Does Zendrop Dropshipping Work?




Zendrop is a dropshipping platform that can associate your store with qualified dropshipping suppliers and products. It works directly with dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers from the US, UK, Australia, China, etc. You can import products from Zendrop to your store. If you want to import AliExpress products, you can submit the product link and they will source the same products for you.




Your store orders will also sync to Zendrop and the fulfillment is automated. The suppliers that work with Zendrop will offer the best prices and fulfill your orders with qualified packaging and fast delivery times. You can check the tracking numbers on Zendrop or in your Store once the orders are shipped.


INTEGRATIONS: Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ


Zendrop Features


 • Fast Shipping

 • 24/7 Support

 • Real-Time Analytics

 • Custom Branding

 • Automated Fulfillment

 • United States Fulfillment

 • Private Labeling

 • Zendrop Academy

 • Bundles and Subscription Boxes


What Are The Differences Between SourcinBox and Zendrop?




SourcinBox is free to use and there’s no subscription fee or monthly fee required. You only need to pay for your orders, shipping, and customization fees.


Zendrop provides three plans. If you want to fulfill orders, you’ll have to pay for the pro plan, which is $49/mo. But it is enough for the basic needs of dropshipping.


Zendrop Pricing

Zendrop Pricing


Product Cost


We found the following Juicer Cup both on SourcinBox and Zendrop so let’s take it for example.


Product Price on SourcinBox: $15.24

Shipping Cost to The US: $12.7

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-15 Days

Total Cost: $29.94


SourcinBox product

SourcinBox Product


Product Price on Zendrop: $17.72

Shipping Cost to The US: $14.6

Estimated Delivery Time: 10-15 Days

Total Cost: $32.32

If you choose Express Shipping, the total cost would be $39.32.


Zendrop product

Zendrop Product

Zendrop Express Shipping

Zendrop Express Shipping


So after comparison, SourcinBox is not only free to use, but the cost of product and shipping can be lower than using Zendrop. Of course, this is not absolute, Zendrop may also offer other products at lower cost, depending on the suppliers. You can sign up SourcinBox for free to learn more.


Payment Methods


SourcinBox supports PayPal, PIX, and SourcinBox Balance to pay for your orders directly. To top-up SourcinBox Balance, you can use 5 payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, PIX, Boleto, and Wire Transfer.


Zendrop only supports payment via credit card or debit card.


Shipping & Delivery


SourcinBox provides multiple shipping options like Yun Express, CNE, UBI, USPS, ePacket, Yanwen, etc. And you can check the shipping cost and estimated delivery times on the app. The shipping cost is based on the product weight, shipping methods, and delivery countries. There are also shipping options available for electronic or liquid products. It takes 7-14 days on average to deliver to most countries and 10-25 days to Brazil.


SourcinBox shipping times

Shipping Times on SourcinBox (Cost depends on the specific product)


Zendrop provides Economy Shipping, Regular Shipping, and Express Shipping. Express Shipping is temporarily only available for the US.


The Regular Shipping Time to most countries is 10-15 days on average and the shipping time to Brazil is 15-25 days, according to showing on the app.


Zendrop shipping times

Shipping Times on Zendrop (Cost depends on the specific product)


Customer Service


SourcinBox provides 1-on-1 customer manager service. You will get 1-on-1 help from a customer manager who will take care of your order fulfillment.


Zendrop provides 24/7 support on all matters you may encounter for your business.


Both SourcinBox and Zendrop have guaranteed after-sales support and will handle returns and refunds for you.




SourcinBox reviews


Final Thoughts


In general, SourcinBox and Zendrop both perform well to provide cost-effective products and fast shipping. SourcinBox has a free warehousing service that allows you to keep inventory in advance to shorten the processing time. And Zendrop has US suppliers and products that can ship directly from the US warehouse to shorten the delivery time. They also have efficient apps and great customer support.


The only concern is that Zendrop requires a monthly fee to start fulfilling orders while you already paid money for Shopify plans, advertising, or something else important. So if you are looking for an AliExpress alternative at less cost, SourcinBox is a great choice that is worth a try.


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