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How to Place Wholesale Orders/ Buy Samples on SourcinBox App?

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  • 2020-03-03 11:34:57
  • 1 min read

Updated: 2022-12-13 11:22:02


The "Wholesaler" module on SourcinBox is for those who want to wholesale products, buy samples, or place dropshipping orders manually with datasheets.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to place wholesale orders or buy samples in the "Wholesaler" module.


Note: Before starting, please contact us to get a customer manager first so that you can access all the functions in this module.


SourcinBox Wholesaler


STEP 1. Find The Product You Want and Add to Cart


You can search for the product you want in the "Marketplace" or use the product link your customer manager sent you.


1. Choose the product variant (it may be specification, color, size, etc.).
2. Enter the product quantity you want to order.
3. Click "Add to Cart".


Note: There is no need to select the shipping method here, it will be matched in STEP 3.


SourcinBox Porduct Details


STEP 2. Check Your Cart and Submit


After you have added all the products and quantities you want to your cart, you can click on the Cart or click "Full screen" to have a check.



You are still able to change the product quantities before submitting.


1. If everything is correct, then select the products you are going to buy.
2. Click "Submit" and you will be directed to the "Order Summary" page.


SourcinBox Purchase Cart


STEP 3. Set Address and Match Shipping Method


1. Select an address where the orders will be shipped to. If you don’t have one, click "Add Address" to create one.
2. Select a shipping method you want for each group of products displayed.


Note: The optional shipping methods for the products are automatically matched with your chosen address, the product category, and the total product weight. Products with the same shipping options will be grouped together.

3. Click "Place Order" and the products will be generated into corresponding orders that are ready to be paid in the "Wholesale Orders" Section.


SourcinBox Order Summary


STEP 4. Pay for The Order


You can select multiple orders and pay for them in bulk or pay for each order one by one.


SourcinBox Wholesale Orders

1. You can change the shipping method again here.
2. Select a payment method.
3. Click "Pay now" to finish the payment.


Note: In order to get your wholesale orders processed as soon as possible, please inform your customer manager.





1. The order status can be tracked in the "Wholesale Orders" section.


SourcinBox Wholesale Orders


2. You can add, edit, or delete your addresses in "Setting - Addresses".


SourcinBox Setting Addresses


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