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Pay by SourcinBox Credit

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  • 2020-03-03 11:25:37
  • 1 min read

Updated: 2022-03-03 14:55:55

What is SourcinBox Credit?


SourcinBox Credit is a credit line offered to SourcinBox customers who have regular daily orders. Customers can use the credit to place orders to SourcinBox when they don't have enough SourcinBox balance.


Who's Qualified For SourcinBox Credit?


1. Customers who have been constantly placing more than 10 daily orders on average to SourcinBox for over 6 months;

2. A recharge request is submitted on SourcinBox app;

3. The credit used at the present must be 0. If there's credit used and not repaid to SourcinBox, please first repay the used credit before applying for new credit.


How Much Credit Can You Apply For?


We offer credit with the same amount that you've transferred to our account, but the credit won't be more than the upper limits below.



How to Apply?


Please contact your SourcinBox customer manager when you need some credit to fulfill orders.


How Long Does The Credit Last?


We keep your SourcinBox Credit Line valid till we've actually received your money that you transferred to recharge your SourcinBox balance.


How to Repay For The Used Credit?


When you recharge the balance, the balance will be deducted preferentially to repay the used credit.

For example, there is a $2000 credit used, and we've received $10,000 from you to recharge your SourcinBox balance. Automatically, our system will deduct $2000 from the amount and add $8000 to your SourcinBox balance.

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