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Winning Dropshipping Products - Portable Neck Fan

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  • 2022-07-28 14:28:49
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Updated: 2023-05-25 11:16:14

What kind of portable fan are you selling this summer? Handheld fan, hanging neck fan, or mini vertical fan?


Among all kinds of portable fans, we have found the best one to sell this summer. It is a kind of portable U-shaped neck fan with no external fan blades and has many kinds of types. You may have already seen them on Amazon, TikTok, or Youtube. Yes, they are popular right now!


portable neck fan


Portable Neck Fan is definitely one of the winning dropshipping products in 2022 and now is the best time to sell it in the hot summer!


Why Choose This Product for Dropshipping?


Good Product Idea


This kind of U-shaped neck fan is completely hands-free and can be adjusted to the wearer's neck. The product is very light in weight and wearers will not feel tired after wearing it for a long time.


Besides, it doesn't have external fan blades so users with long hair don't have to worry about getting their hair caught in the fan.


It is suitable for almost everyone and we can use it at any time while working, shopping, resting, and jogging.


portable neck fanportable neck fan


Growing Trends


It is obvious that the popularity of neck fan is higher than ever. It is getting more popular as the weather gets hotter.


google trends neck fan


Besides, on TikTok, videos under the tag #neckfan and #portableneckfan have got tens of millions of views. Almost all have good reviews of portable neck fans. And it is mainly favored by those who work outside under the sun, sweat too much, or travel in hot summer.



pipiads neck fanpipiads neck fanpipiads neck fan



We also found that ads for portable neck fans performed well on TikTok. So TikTok would be a great platform for you to promote this product.


Now you definitely have reasons to sell portable neck fans. It is an excellent product with great design, not expensive but very useful, and demanded by a specific consumer. And you are at the best time to sell it, with high popularity.




There are different types of neck fans on Amazon and AliExpress and the pricing varies according to the specific type and functions.


Amazon neck fan


We’ve listed some cost-effective neck fans in the SourcinBox Marketplace. Take the following one as an example, the product cost is $13.52. If you dropshipping this product to the US, the total cost is $24.85 with a 7-15 days delivery time. You can sell it under your brand at $39.85 and keep $15 as a profit for each product!


SourcinBox neck fan


Is AliExpress better for dropshipping?


The same product on AliExpress costs $23.05 in total if shipping to the US. It seems cheaper but the delivery time is almost a month. And you couldn’t let your customers wait for so long. So SourcinBox is a better choice.


AlliExpress neck fan


Now add it to your store with easy clicks and start selling!


If you are new to SourcinBox, just take a few seconds to connect your online store with SourcinBox and enjoy all the app functions for free.


Other Portable Fans You Can Sell This Summer


Other portable fans like wearable watch fans, handheld fans, adjustable vertical fans, etc. are also popular fans that are good-selling in summer. Also, we’ve picked some trending dropshipping products for you to sell in summer 2022.


If you have other great product ideas but can’t find them on SourcinBox, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the products from manufacturers at good prices.


watch fanhandheld fanadjustable vertical fan


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