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Winning Dropshipping Products - Crystal Hair Eraser

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  • 2022-07-21 16:36:21
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Updated: 2022-07-30 14:20:19

Hey! Are you considering selling hair removal products for this summer?


We have found a hair removal product called Crystal Hair Eraser that has gone viral all over the world on TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon. The popularity of Crystal Hair Eraser is running higher but the market is not yet saturated.


Crystal hair eraser


It is definitely one of the winning dropshipping products for this summer and it’s still profitable to sell this product now, but as soon as possible!


Why Choose This Product for Dropshipping?


Good Product Idea


This kind of Crystal Hair Eraser is made with a crystal base, which uses Nano-Crystalline technology that can both remove hair and exfoliate. It subverts the traditional hair removal stone made of sandpaper.


Also, compared to other hair removal products such as shavers, waxes, lasers, etc., crystal hair erasers can remove hairs more easily and gently without pain. It fits the hair thickness of most people and has great product feedback.



Growing Trends


Incredibly, Crystal Hair Eraser has gone viral all over the world just in a few months. We can see from Google Trends that its search interest is still rising.


google trends crystal hair eraser


Different types of crystal hair erasers appeared on TikTok. Videos under tag #crystalhairremover, and #haireraser have got tens of millions of views. Some are Shopify merchants selling crystal hair erasers and promoting their products on TikTok. 




TikTok crystal hair eraser


Besides, the Crystal Hair Eraser is the best seller in Light Hair Removal Devices on Amazon after Amazon prime day 2022. All of this proves that Crystal Hair Eraser is the winning product among all the hair removal products. Consumers love it no matter what brand it is from. And you also have the chance to sell it and profit from it.


Amazon best sellers


High-Profit Margins


This product is selling at $19.9~$39.9 in the top-selling stores.


Guess what? The product cost is only $3.26 on SourcinBox! It is sourced directly from manufacturers in China. If you dropshipping this product to the United States, the total cost is only $7.56 dollars for each. You can sell it under your own brand at $29.9 and earn $22.34 as a profit for each product!


We support private label customization for your dropshipping products, you can contact us for more details.


SourcinBox product

View the product on SourcinBox


Please Note: This product is not an infringing product, but if you sell this product, to avoid infringing the copyright of other stores selling this product, please be sure to use your own original product pictures, descriptions, videos, and advertising content.


Now add it to your store from SourcinBox with easy clicks! If you are new to SourcinBox, just take a few seconds to connect your online store with SourcinBox and enjoy all the app functions for free.


Other Trending Products You Can Sell


The following are some hot-selling hair removal products on SourcinBox, you can directly import them to your store and start selling.


If you have other product ideas but can’t find them on SourcinBox, please send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the products from manufacturers at good prices.


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