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Ecommerce Website Builder: Best Options for Dropshipping 2023

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  • 2023-07-10 17:27:35
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Updated: 2023-07-12 10:39:56

Ready to start a dropshipping business but find no way out of building an online store?


'Should I use any website software? If so, which one? Do I need a real technical background? Should I pay a web designer to create a website for me?'--All these questions can be solved by an ecommerce website builder!


With a professional ecommerce website builder, you can easily build a site without even tapping a single line of code on your own. There are many options for people with different needs. Most offer excellent service at reasonable prices and some are even free!


Setting up a unique store for a dropshipping business is one of the most necessary steps for beginners. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best ecommerce website builders with key features and prices for your reference. Read on to find the one that fits your needs to help you scale your business and increase sales!


10 Best Dropshipping Website Builders


Dropshipping Website Builders Pricing Key Features
Shopify A free trial for 3 days
The paid plans start as low as $39/month
70+ templates
100 payment gateways
Ecommerce Tools
Multi-currency and language support
Wix eCommerce Business Basic plan starts at $23/month 100+ free templates
An internal ecosystem of tools
SEO-optimized product pages
Integrations with Social Media
GoDaddy Ecommerce plan starts at $24.99/month 100+ templates
Automatic sales and inventory management
Built-in SEO and marketing tools
Custom domain name
WooCommerce Free (excluding plugin costs) Complete control
Free open-source platform
Conversion-oriented templates
Squarespace Free for 14 days
Basic commerce plans start at $26/month
Advanced blog section
Online appointment booking
Free domain name registration
Automatic post-purchase email sequences Online store plans start at $13.95/month Secure payment options
All-in-one digital marketing
Popular dropshipping platforms Integration
Customizable product pages and a shopping cart
Square Online Free start
Paid plans start at $29/month
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Robust e-commerce support
Built-in apps and tools integrations
BigCommerce A 15-day free trial
Standard Paid plans start at $29/month
Mobile-optimized design
Product options and variants
Automatic updates and regular backups
Ecwid A free plan limited to ten products
Paid plans start at $14.08/month
Live support
Multichannel selling
Manage on mobile devices
A fully integrated payment method
Shift4Shop Free for over-$500 sales with Shift4
Paid pricing plans start at $29/month
User-friendly interface
Daily updating themes
Complete supporting tools
Ecommerce built-in features


An ecommerce website builder is a tool that helps online sellers create a website through various templates and features. It is usually easy to operate and has no requirement for coding skills. Besides, online store builders usually integrate with different platforms. The high efficiency and scalability are really worth the price!


1. Shopify - The Best Global Ecommerce Website Builder




Shopify is perfect for physical product sellers, especially dropshippers. Shopify is popular with its affordable pricing, beautiful website designs, and helpful marketing tools. And you can integrate with over 100 payment gateways and options. It’s easy to customize everything for your store in easy operation. Besides, the Shopify App Store has over 4,000 marketing, sales, and customer support tools, including apps to find dropshipping suppliers!


Key Features:

-Over 70 professional templates

-100 payment gateways

-Easy customization

-Multi-platform selling

-No selling Limits

-Over 4,000 Tools in Shopify App Store

-Multi-currency and multi-language support


Shopify Pricing:

Offer a free trial for 3 days, then enjoy $1/month for 3 months

The paid plans start as low as $29/month


2. Wix eCommerce- Perfect Solution for Small Businesses


Wix eCommerce


As a simple, all-in-one website builder, Wix is another perfect choice for dropshippers. Wix is a cloud-based website builder that provides over 100 free templates, unlimited pages and top grades. Its drag-and-drop editor makes every customization step super easy. Wix also has a few helpful tools to improve your ecommerce business, especially its SEO settings.


Key Features:
-A wide variety of templates

-Drag-and-drop editor

-No seller limits

-An internal ecosystem of tools

-SEO-optimized product pages

-Integrations to help sell on Social Media


Wix Pricing:
Business Basic plan starts at $23/month


3. GoDaddy - Best Ecommerce Website Builder for Beginners




GoDaddy is a professional website builder and it can also be used to create an online store. It allows using a custom domain name for your website, which makes it more competitive. Since it is important to choose a domain based on the niche keywords for your online business. Many beginners take this lightly. For creating a successful dropshipping website, you should avoid containing too many keywords in your domain name, and try your best to make it short and easy to say. Remember, the most SEO-friendly and trustworthy domain name is used with ".com".


Key Features:
-Over 100 mobile-friendly templates

-Custom domain name

-Integrations with popular social media sites

-Built-in SEO and marketing tools

-Multiple payment options and language support

-Automatic sales and inventory management across all marketplaces and channels


Ecommerce plan starts at $24.99/month


4. WooCommerce - Best Open-source Ecommerce Website Builder




WooCommerce is an open-source and customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress. It has conversion-oriented templates to ensure traffic and convert them into buyers. And it also has numerous add-ons that allow you to create a dropshipping site. And you can connect your WooCommerce store with SourcinBox only in a few steps to improve your sales. There is one thing to highlight: with WordPress + WooCommerce, you’re in complete control and flexibility. Besides, you can easily access third-party designers and programmers to help you upgrade your store.


Key Features:
-Exclusively built for WordPress

-Complete control

-Mobile-friendly stores

-Free open-source platform

-Conversion-oriented templates

-Order management system


Free (excluding plugin costs)


5. Squarespace - Best Website Builder for Creative Templates




Squarespace started as a site builder for creatives, and it has transformed into one of the best ecommerce website builders. Its highly intuitive editor and decent design templates are quite amazing and can be customized with easy operations! This online store builder also provides online appointment booking customization — you can set up reminder emails, intake forms, and calendar integrations.


Key Features:
-Highly customizable

-Advanced blog section

-Online appointment booking

-Free domain name registration

-Automatic post-purchase email sequences

-Finance, marketing, shipping, and sales extensions


Free for 14 days

Basic commerce plans start at $26/month


6. - Superb Choice for Multi-channel Selling is a website builder available for starting dropshipping business. It offers a wide range of tools and features for creating an online store, including support for dropshipping. Due to the integrations with popular payment gateways and dropshipping platforms, is perfect for online retailers selling in multiple channels. You can experience high flexibility, scalability, and professional support from this platform!


Key features:
-Customizable product pages and a shopping cart

-Integration with popular dropshipping platforms

-Secure payment options

-All-in-one digital marketing

-Advanced SEO tools


Online store plans start at $13.95/month


7. Square Online - Best for Online Businesses on a Budget


Square Online


Through Square Online, you can go from setup to selling on your online store in no time. It offers various features and tools to support online retailers in building a professional website, managing inventory, processing payments, and more. The Instagram integration allows importing Instagram feed to create a single shopping page. Only tag your items, they are available to sell on your own online store in minutes.


Key Features:
-Inventory Management

-Robust e-commerce support

-Abandoned Cart Recovery

-A number of built-in apps and tools integrations

-Online integration with popular dropshipping platforms


Free Start

Paid plans start at $29/month


8. BigCommerce - Best for Big Businesses with Big Dreams




BigCommerce is an online ecommerce website builder designed for both beginners and professionals. BigCommerce helps a lot in running the entire ecommerce website effortlessly. It allows online sellers to manage payments and shopping processes, list products on social media, and customize sites according to niche keywords. The advanced features include international selling capabilities, SEO apps, optimized stores, and sales access to social media and common online selling channels.


Key Features:
-Robust security

-Mobile-optimized design

-Reliable marketing tools

-Product options and variants

-Automatic updates and regular backups

-Built-in inventory management system


15-day free trial

Standard Paid plans start at $29/month


9. Ecwid - Most Easy-to-use Online Store Builder




Like its name--a portmanteau for e-commerce widgets, Ecwid is a top-notch ecommerce website builder. This platform enables dropshippers to create an online store and sell products on multiple selling channels. Additionally, you can effortlessly manage your business on mobile devices. All paid plans allow multichannel selling and inventory management across each of those channels. This means if you have sold a product on one channel, then its inventory will automatically adjust across all other channels.


Key Features:
-Live support

-Multichannel selling

-Manage on mobile devices

-Easy-to-use marketing tools

-Affordable pricing plans

-A fully integrated payment method


A free plan limited to ten products

Paid plans start at $14.08/month


10. Shift4Shop - Best cloud-based website builder




Shift4Shop makes it easy to build a website for your business and start selling your products or services online. This dropshipping website builder is equipped with a feature-rich website builder, product and order management, customer marketing tools, and more. Just choose from templates that are mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and highly customizable.


Key Features:
-User-friendly interface

-Rich ecommerce built-in features

-Complete supporting tools

-Daily updating professional themes

-Cost-effective pricing options


Free for businesses processing more than $500 in monthly sales with Shift4

Paid pricing plans start at $29/month


Of course, if you do not have enough knowledge and time to build a website yourself, you can cooperate with experts. Fiverr is the perfect option where you can hire freelancers to design a website. You can choose the designer based on your needs and budget. Just share your opinions with your designer to customize an attractive dropshipping website. Besides, its 24/7 support allows you to contact the support team whenever having questions.


How to Choose an Online Store Builder?


Since we've listed the 10 best ecommerce website builders above, you may struggle to choose the right one. Taking the following factors into consideration can help you make a decision easier:


1. Ease of Use: A good ecommerce website builder should be user-friendly and easy to operate with an intuitive editor. Step-by-step tutorials can make your work smoother.


2. Customer Support: Choose a platform that offers reliable customer support. A site builder with 24/7 support, either via phone or live chat, ensures you to resolve issues anytime.


3. Customization: Look for a platform that allows you to customize the website to your needs and liking. It should enable you to make as more as changes based on various templates.


4. Payment Options: Make sure the website builder supports the payment options you want to offer your customers. This includes credit cards, PayPal, and other common payment gateways.


5. Pricing & Free Trail: Evaluate the pricing plans based on your budget. Some platforms charge monthly and give a discount for annual fees, while others charge a commission on sales. Besides, some website builders provide a free trial for users to test out features before paying. Choose one that fits best for your business.


6. Marketing Tools: Many online store builders offer built-in marketing tools, such as email marketing campaigns, social media integration, and abandoned cart recovery. These tools can help you attract more customers and increase sales for your dropshipping store.


Automate Your Dropshipping Business with SourcinBox


A professional ecommerce website builder can take your dropshipping business to the next level. Next, you can operate with dropshipping agents who can offer more support in sourcing and shipping. Integrating with many ecommerce platforms, SourcinBox offers a reliable dropshipping fulfillment service. With all the available features, we can make your dropshipping journey highly automated. Connect your store with SourcinBox app now for more free services!


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