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The Best Heating & Energy-saving Dropshipping Products for Energy Crisis in Europe

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  • 2022-10-11 16:00:17
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Updated: 2022-10-18 14:52:02

You must have known that Europe is facing an energy crisis that is exacerbated by geopolitical tensions and inflation. The prices of natural gas have reached record highs but supplies are running low. Europeans are looking for affordable alternatives to keep warm this winter.


The truth is that Chinese heating products are in great demand in Europe! We have heard from many Chinese manufacturers and suppliers that the sales of electric blankets are booming! And Orders from European countries have explosive growth!


Consumers are buying more affordable heaters to prepare for possible energy disruptions this cold winter. This must be the best opportunity for dropshipping winter supplies like heating products and energy-saving products!


26 Best Heating and Energy-saving Dropshipping Product Ideas


Since we work directly with Chinese manufacturers, we can source high-quality and affordable winter dropshipping products for you. To help you get inspired quickly, we’ve brought you a list of the best winter heating and energy-saving product ideas. If you are interested, just contact us to get free quotes for the product you want to dropship!


1. Thermal Clothing for Men and Women


In the case of energy shortages, increasing the thickness of clothing is the best way to keep warm in winter. Thermal clothing is one of the winter necessities you can prioritize selling. In addition to common clothing (such as cotton jackets, sweaters, winter hats, cotton slippers, etc.) with stable sales every year, you can consider selling the following hot products!


 • Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear


The best clothes for keeping warm are thermal underwear. The fleece-lined ones can better resist the cold in case of insufficient space heating.


Thermal UnderwearThermal UnderwearThermal Underwear


 • Fleece Lined Tights for Women


Fleece-lined tights have been popular because with this, women can wear dresses in winter without feeling cold and it looks very natural like real skin.


Fleece Lined TightsFleece Lined TightsFleece Lined Tights


 • Fleece Lined Thermal Shirts for Men


For men who need to wear suits on work days in cold weather, except for Thermal Underwear, fleece-lined thermal shirts are good choices for wearing inside the suits.


Thermal ShirtsThermal ShirtsThermal Shirts


 • Electric Heated Thermal Underwear Set


Another advanced choice is electric-heated thermal underwear, which can quickly heat up with portable batteries.


Electric Heated Thermal UnderwearElectric Heated Thermal UnderwearElectric Heated Thermal Underwear


 • Plush Warm Pajamas


Pajamas are must-have stuff for home and plush wrap pajamas are the best options for keeping warm.


Plush Warm PajamasPlush Warm PajamasPlush Warm Pajamas


2. Electric Heated Blanket and Heating Pad


Electric-heated products are the most popular items this winter, especially electric-heated blankets! Since there are strict safety and quality requirements for dropshipping electronic products, we will source electric blankets or other electric-heated products that meet customs standards for you and provide fast and reliable shipping options, to ensure that your customers can receive safe electric heated products in time.


 • Soft Fleece Electric Heated Blanket Throw


Many people may not even know the potential cost savings of electric blankets compared to other heating devices. Thin wires are sewn into the blankets, and by powering them, they distribute heat nearby instead of heating the entire room.


According to the conclusion of the German Commodity Evaluation Foundation after comparing various types of heaters, electric blankets are the cheapest heating appliances for electricity, and only cost about 25 euros during a six-month heating period.


Electric Heated BlanketElectric Heated BlanketElectric Heated Blanket


 • Heating Pad for Back, Neck, and Shoulder


Heating pads for body parts are the best sellers and they can not only be used for keeping warm but also used for pain relief.


Heating Pad for BackHeating Pad for NeckHeating Pad for Neck


 • Pet Heating Pad


Pets will also have a tough winter due to the energy crisis. Common pets such as adult cats and dogs have fur to withstand the cold, so cotton beds and cotton costumes can be good additions.


Some people may have small pets such as puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, and even lizards, they will be more sensitive to temperature, so a heating pad would be the best option for these small pets.


Pet Heating PadPet Heating PadPet Heating Pad


 • Smart Electric Heating Pad for Office Desktop


In addition to home supplies, there are also some great heating products for offices. Such as smart electric heating pads for office desktops.


Electric Heating Pad for Office DesktopElectric Heating Pad for Office DesktopElectric Heating Pad for Office Desktop


 • Electric Heated Seat Cushion


Soft seat cushions are also available in an electric-heated version, similar to the principle of the electric-heated blanket. It must be the most comfortable item for keeping warm while working at office or at home!


Electric Heated Seat CushionElectric Heated Seat CushionElectric Heated Seat Cushion


3. (Non-electrical) Warm Plush Items for Winter


A more energy-saving way to heat is to use non-electrical products. And the following products with warm plushes are the best choices!


 • Soft Shaggy Throw Blanket


Blankets are great additions for winter, the most comfortable ones are soft and shaggy blankets.


Shaggy Throw BlanketShaggy Throw BlanketShaggy Throw Blanket


 • Warm Quilt with Sleeves


A wearable quilt with sleeves is an interesting design for young people who like to stay at home to keep warm.


Quilt with SleevesQuilt with SleevesQuilt with Sleeves


 • Cartoon Animal Pillow Blanket


Cartoon Pillow BlanketCartoon Pillow BlanketCartoon Pillow Blanket


 • Plush Warm Toilet Seat Cover


Say goodbye to the cold toilet seat! A plush toilet seat cover is a great idea, and it is soft, warm, and friendly for old and kids.


Toilet Seat CoverToilet Seat CoverToilet Seat Cover


 • Warm Plush Phone Cases


If you are running a phone case store, you can sell phone cases with warm plush for winter.


Plush Phone CasesPlush Phone CasesPlush Phone Cases


 • Foldable Plush Ear Warmer


Foldable Plush Ear WarmerFoldable Plush Ear WarmerFoldable Plush Ear Warmer


4. Electric Space Heater for Home and Office


Electrical space heaters are the best alternatives to expensive natural gas! They usually can provide powerful heating with low energy consumption. The best-sellers are heaters with high-speed fans that can warm up an entire room in seconds!


 • Portable Radiant Quartz Heater


Radiant Quartz HeaterRadiant Quartz HeaterRadiant Quartz Heater


 • Portable Electric Space Heater Fan


Electric Space Heater FanElectric Space Heater FanElectric Space Heater Fan

Electric Space Heater FanElectric Space Heater FanElectric Space Heater Fan


5. Foot and Hand Warmers


Feet and hands are the hardest parts to warm up in cold weather. So there are some practical heating tools for hands and feet.


 • Electric Heated Gloves and Socks


Electric-heated gloves and socks with rechargeable batteries are the best heating choices for the outside.


Electric Heated GlovesElectric Heated SocksElectric Heated Gloves and Socks


 • Electric Heated Foot Warmer


Electric-heated foot warmers are available for homes or offices.


Electric Heated Foot WarmerElectric Heated Foot WarmerElectric Heated Foot WarmerElectric Heated Foot Warmer


 • Rechargeable Electric Heated Hand Warmer


The rechargeable electric-heated hand warmer, which is also a power bank, is the best companion for going out or working.


Electric Heated Hand WarmerElectric Heated Hand WarmerElectric Heated Hand Warmer


 • Mini Self-heating Hand Warmer


The cute self-heating hand warmers are popular choices for students. They can quickly heat up with just one tap, and the heat can last for hours.


Self-heating Hand WarmerSelf-heating Hand WarmerSelf-heating Hand Warmer


 • Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Cover


Electric-heated hot water bottles contain electric liquids, which are not suitable for dropshipping. So traditional rubber hot water bottles are the best options, and you can sell hot water bottles with plush covers or belts.


Rubber Hot Water BottleRubber Hot Water BottleRubber Hot Water Bottle


6. Energy Saving and Storage Products


Facing the energy crisis in Europe, if a large number of households use high-power heaters at the same time, it may overload the grid. So, in addition to keeping warm in a more affordable way, energy saving is also very important! More people consider purchasing energy-saving and energy-storage products to prepare for possible power outages.


It’s a good idea to sell some energy-saving products such as power banks with solar charging pads, solar outdoor lights, energy storage batteries, manual coffee grinders, etc.


 • Solar Power Bank Portable Charger for Phone


Solar Power BankSolar Power BankSolar Power BankSolar Power Bank


 • Solar Outdoor Lights and Lanterns


Solar Outdoor LightsSolar Outdoor LightsSolar Outdoor Lights


 • Manual Coffee Grinder


Manual Coffee GrinderManual Coffee GrinderManual Coffee Grinder


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SourcinBox delivery times


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Besides, you don’t need to worry about after-sales issues. If your customers receive damaged or defective products or packages lost due to our fault, we will take the responsibility to reship or refund.


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