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What Opportunities Could World Cup 2022 Bring to Dropshipping?

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  • 2022-09-30 16:33:55
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Updated: 2022-11-21 10:36:56

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18 for about 29 days! Due to Qatar's intense summer heat which can reach 45 degrees, this will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the northern winter.


As a major sporting event held every four years, almost half of the world (over 3.5 billion) watched the record-breaking 2018 World Cup. Regional football fans are already pumped and searches related to the 2022 World Cup are already active on Google.


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Source: Google internal data, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, 2021.


Search interest on Youtube around the FIFA World Cup already surpassing 2018’s by 80%. And the 2022 World Cup could see watch time soar by more than around 30%, reaching about 300 million people.


World Cup Qatar


Coincidentally, the timing of the World Cup perfectly covers the Black Friday, and Cyber Monday shopping season. And Christmas comes right after the World Cup this year.


As e-commerce sellers, you must not miss this opportunity to interact with football fans, build brand connections, and boost your holiday sales. But this also can be a challenge when adding the World Cup event to your busy winter holiday marketing plan.


So are there any marketing tips or hot products for the World Cup 2022?


Marketing Tips for The World Cup 2022


1. Being present on search engines and connecting with fans.


The Qatar World Cup 2022 is the first ever World Cup to take place in the Middle East in winter. People's curiosity is particularly high for this year's World Cup. So, for e-commerce sellers, your products and brands need to appear at the right time on search results.


If you are a football fan, you can use your strengths to capture high-performing and emerging keywords, and trending topics, create exclusive content, and increase brand awareness to increase sales.


2. Planning promotions with the World Cup theme.


You can cleverly combine the Christmas, Black Friday shopping season, and the World Cup theme. Give full play to the enthusiasm and dynamic of the World Cup to increase the interactivity of your target audience.


For example, you can take the World Cup exclusive gifts as an opportunity to give out coupons and discounts, run sweepstakes, etc.


Also, you'll need to get the right keywords so that audiences can see your marketing campaigns when they search for the World Cup and get interested and impressed with your product and brand.


3. Analyzing fan behavior and making the most of social media.


Football fans love to share their thoughts, predictions, and reviews about the World Cup on social media, which enables social media to play a huge role.


In addition to watching live games on TV, more and more fans are enjoying watching fan interviews, post-match analyses, highlights, and retrospective videos on social media such as YouTube. 78% of viewers in the MENA region say YouTube offers sports content you can't find anywhere else.


This gives you a lot of opportunities for marketing, like running your World Cup-themed promotion on YouTube weeks in advance with Google’s Video Ads to reach your target audience and generate awareness of your brand among potential customers.


Dropshipping Product Ideas for The World Cup 2022


In addition to increasing sales of your holiday products through World Cup-themed promotions, you can of course sell some hot products directly related to the World Cup.


If you don't know what World Cup-themed products can be sold through dropshipping, you can refer to our selection of bestsellers below.


You can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly to get free quotes for the product you want to sell.


1. Products for your target country and the favorites to win the World Cup 2022


There are 32 teams participating in the World Cup, but you don't need to add product SKUs for 32 different countries, you just need to grab your target country and the favorites to win the World Cup 2022, such as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Spain.


2. Best-selling products from previous World Cup events


Products that are popular every World Cup are not the newest but are products with high traffic. For example, products with football elements, football team flag decorations, etc. are all regular products that small and medium-sized dropshippers can sell. These products are also applicable to a wider range of countries and regions.


 • Football-themed Products


Like football hanging swirls, tableware, earrings, and paper glasses.


football hanging swirlsfootball tablewarepaper glasses


 • World Cup ornaments


World Cup ornamentsWorld Cup ornamentsWorld Cup ornaments


 • Flag banners & trumpets


Flag bannersFlag trumpets


 • Decals & tattoo stickers


Decals Decals Decals


The majority of football fans have their favorite teams and stars. Whether the fans watching the World Cup live in Qatar or those who are unable to go to the event due to the pandemic, drinking beer while watching the live broadcast on TV, they all will wear iconic objects to express their support for their favorite teams and stars.


Therefore, accessories with team characteristics and ornaments or souvenirs related to football stars are good product ideas.


 • Flag accessories


Like flag-printed hats, scarfs, flag face scarfs, etc.


flag-printed hatsflag-printed face scarfsflag-printed scarfs


 • Party supplies for World Cup 2022


Like paper glasses with flags, glowing bracelets, flag tattoo stickers, etc.


paper glasses with flagsglowing braceletsflag tattoo stickers


 • Football star ornaments & souvenirs


Like football star posters, Airpods case covers, etc.


football star postersFootball star ornamentsAirpods case coversFootball star ornaments


3. Products with elements of the World Cup 2022


The theme color of the Qatar World Cup is white and dark red. And the official mascot of the World Cup 2022 is called La’eeb, which means "super-skilled player" in Arabic. Products with theme colors and mascot elements are great choices!


 • White and dark red accessories for World Cup 2022


hats for World Cupscarf for World Cupwigs for World Cup


 • Cute La’eeb


Cute La’eebCute La’eeb


The number of people watching the World Cup is expected to reach billions, a number that any stadium cannot accommodate. Therefore, most fans will watch the World Cup through electronic devices, such as high-definition TVs, projectors, etc., which are excellent choices for watching the game.


Lightweight and portable projectors would allow fans to gather with friends to watch the game for a better atmosphere. Besides, outdoor and camping products such as tents, camping chairs, shawls, and other camping gear will also become the best choice for fans to watch the game outdoors. So dropshiping camping gears is also a great additional option!


In addition to the trending products for World Cup 2022, heating and energy-saving products for winter are in huge demand now, you can refer to our TikTok and Youtube shorts for dropshipping product ideas!


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