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Niche Dropshipping - Grow Your Dropshipping Business with Baby Toys

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  • 2023-11-10 11:25:51
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Updated: 2023-11-10 15:04:59

This year's holiday shopping has kicked off early. Toys remain one of the most popular categories for purchases. ICSC’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Forecast shows that 49% of respondents add toys to their shopping list. All families need to prepare gifts for the young, and toys are always their top choices!

Toys can be divided into several segments according to targeted ages. And among these, the potential of the baby toy market deserves attention. Playtime is important for babies' development, which makes parents today willing to spend more on baby toys. The continuing heat and growing profits make it an ideal niche for dropshipping!

Are you interested in dropshipping baby toys? In this article, we'll present insights into the baby toy market and share tips when selecting products for a successful dropshipping business. Just read on and make your minds glow!


Insights into the Baby Toy Market

Montessori Toys Gain Popularity

Playtime is not only for fun, but it is an essential part of learning and development. The baby toys market's growth is attributed to the rising awareness of parents on the well-being of their infants and the wide popularity of educational-based toys for children.

Thus, Montessori toys have become one of the top choices. They allow babies to learn with fun, build cognitive and physical strength, and enhance exposure to and interaction with the world around them. Today's Montessori toys are designed in various styles and considering different development stages. As an online seller, you can upgrade your products to make them more competitive.


Montessori Toys Google Trends

Pop Trends Boost the Toy Retail


Pop culture also leads the toy industry in some way. Take the Barbie movie as an example, it not only makes Mattel's iconic toys--Barbie become more hot-selling but drives a 'pink' heat across the world. Pink toys have also been well received as a result.

Besides following the pop trends, parents will also reference social media before purchasing. Reviews on the Internet can really be helpful for them. A perfect example is the fast push--its great popularity on TikTok contributes to the higher demand. Streaming has become a perfect platform for toy retailers to market their products. Since it can better show the advantages of your products (material, function, fun or so) in the most direct ways.


Fast Push Trends


Toys Take Larger Parts of Online Shopping


With the development of ecommerce, purchasing toys online is more common today. The two biggest product categories in the U.S. ecommerce market are Electronics & Media and Toys, Hobby & DIY. By 2025, the toys, hobby, and DIY segment is estimated to account for almost 12 percent of the U.S. ecommerce retail.

One of the key advantages of the online toy business is the vast selection of toys available. Add plentiful products to your online baby toy store catering to a wider range of preferences and interests. 

Best Baby Toys for Dropshipping


1. Sensory Toys


Soft Book


Playing with a soft book is a common way of boosting the development of early skills. Babies around 10-11 months may begin to learn how to turn pages of a book and even begin touching and sensing all the flags, tags, and images in the book practicing using hands and fingers.


soft book


Stroller Toys


Small but well-designed stroller toys can offer entertainment for infants on the go. Featured high-contrast colors and patterns, these toys stimulate babies' developing sense of sight as well as multiple textures to touch and explore. We can easily find high-quality stroller toys for you at reasonable prices!


Stroller Toy


Sensory Balls 


Sensory balls in different textures can be used for tactile exploration and sensory development. Add sensory balls in bright colors and various patterns to attract parents wanting to stimulate their children's imagination. And make sure your products are safe enough for babies to use.


Sensory Balls


Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles Socks 


The colorful items on the wrist rattles and socks can entice babies to touch and grab them, which is great for developing color cognition, vision cognition, and hearing senses. They can also be perfect gifts for infants.


Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder Rattles Socks


2. Fine Motor Toys


Pulling Toys


Pull toys may be simple, but they offer a host of developmental benefits. They can greatly strengthen gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Send your sourcing requests now for lovely-designed pull toys for toddlers to learn and grow.


Pulling Toys


Shape Sorter


With shape sorters, babies can practice grasping, turning, flipping, and releasing. Visual motor skills can be effectively improved. The educational toy can surely create more sales for your online business!


Shape Sorter


Stacking Toys


Stacking toys aid in developing several fine motor skills including hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills. Also, its low danger allows babies can play them alone.


Stacking Toys


Activity Cubes


An activity cube is a perfect gift idea for babies! With special designs, it presents much to explore with great fun. Through playing with the cube, their motor gross and fine skills can be developed. You can sell activity cubes in different levels for more age groups!


Activity Cube


3. Bath Toys


Bath Squirters


To make bath time more interesting, many parents will purchase squeeze toys that can squirt water when submerged and released. They come in different shapes, such as animals, characters, or bath-themed objects. Contact us to get a free quote!


Bath Squirters


Floating Bathtub Toys


Little animals floating on the water can be a great fantasy for babies. These products can make babies relax and enjoy bathtime more by creating adventure stories. Connect your store with SourcinBox and add floating bathtub toys to your store.


Floating Bathtub Toys


Bath Pipe Toy


This product allows bathtime to tickle little ones' imaginations. By assembling and piecing the pipes freely, they can create exclusive bathroom toys. Kids will enjoy controlling the water flow direction with this wonderful DIY tube toy.


Bath Pipe Toy


Suction Bath Toys


The suction bath toys can offer delightful sensory for the little. Connect, build, and create--just let the creativity run! The suction toys can be easily stuck and removed on the bathtub, walls, or windows. Contact us for high-quality suction toys with various designs!


Suction Bath Toys


4. Teething Toys


Teething toys can effectively relieve the pain when babies begin teething. Since chewing on a teething toy soothes sore gums. According to materials, there are silicone teethers, wooden teethers, and cloth teethers for different purchasing needs. Whatever they are made of, baby teething toys must be safe to put in a baby’s mouth and easy to clean. Besides, some pacifiers can also become pain relievers.


teething toys


Basically, teethers are designed with a hold or in a ring shape, which is easy for little fingers to grab onto and guide to mouths. Those in bold colors or with lovely patterns are usually more attractive for babies. To make your products more competitive, you can also add your own designs like unique shapes or patterns. If you are finding teething toys to dropship, just leave a message to us!


5. Tummy Time Toys


Baby Play Mat


A play mat provides babies with a safe and comfortable playground. Through the dangling toys equipped with the mat, babies can practice grasping during tummy time, which is one of the key fine motor skills. For parents, these mats should be easy to fold, and light enough to take to everywhere.


Baby Play Mat


Tummy Time Mirror


Tummy time is challenging for most babies at the beginning. Mirror play can be a great motivator since the reflections in the mirror will distract the attention. Also, babies may lift their heads and look around to explore the mirror toys.


Tummy Time Mirror


Tummy Time Pillow


The pillow is specifically designed for babies enjoying tummy time. They allow kids to practice tummy time comfortably and safely by providing additional support. The support from the pillow can help in developing neck, back, and shoulder muscles.


Tummy Time Pillow


Start Dropshipping Baby Toys with SourcinBox

In conclusion, the thriving baby toy market presents plentiful opportunities for dropshippers. With the convenience and flexibility of dropshipping, you can sell a wide range of high-quality, safe, interesting, and educational toys. You can simply start from the product ideas mentioned above. 

As long as start your dropshipping trip, remember to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and preferences in the realm of early childhood development.

Working with a professional agent like SourcinBox to manage your fulfillment can save you time to focus on things that matter more. We can ensure your product quality and work with the best shipping company to send products to your customers. Sign up and send your sourcing requests to us now!

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