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Niche Dropshipping - Sell Products for Seniors to Level up Online Business

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  • 2023-10-23 13:38:22
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Updated: 2023-10-23 15:32:16

Population aging is a global issue. According to the 2022 UN World Population Prospects, there were 771 million people aged 65+ years globally in 2022, accounting for nearly 10% of the world’s population. The growing number of seniors creates various problems in countries across the world. However, the senior care industry has developed a lot as a result.

More elderly means that the audience for elderly care products is growing. Manufacturers have also taken note of this. More and more products that help seniors enjoy life are coming into view. These products are designed with the elderly in mind in every aspect: they not only greatly facilitate lives, but also positively affect physical and mental health. For dropshippers, this is surely a lucrative niche with great potential.

Never miss this chance to level up your online business! If you are interested but have no product ideas to start,  please keep on reading for more information! You can get inspired a lot thorough analysis of the market we present below.

Why Dropship Elderly Care products?


The Faster Rate of Population Aging


Population aging is the top global demographic trend. Take the US as an example, the population aged 65 and over grew at a record fast rate from 2010 to 2020 at the fastest rate--a 38.6% increase in just 10 years. This is mainly contributed by aging baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964). By 2030, all baby boomers will be aged 65 and over and the number of people aged 65+ is projected to reach over 70 million.




As more and more people step into their elderly period, how to better protect and care for their own lives has become an urgent and serious problem for many elderly people and even middle-aged people. Plentiful kinds of products have come along aiming to make the elderly live safely and comfortably.


The growing elderly population will undoubtedly give rise to a huge consumer base of senior care products. In 2022, boomers were responsible for 22% of all spending in the US. Their amazing spending power makes them an ideal target audience for small businesses that want to be involved in the market. If you start dropshipping elderly care products, you can easily find potential customers through marketing.


The Necessity of Senior Care


For most adults, keeping healthy ensures independence, security, and productivity at older age. Yet millions of seniors struggle every day with health and safety challenges such as chronic disease, falls, and mental health issues—all of which can severely impact their life quality.

Owing to various factors such as financial and physical fitness, the elderly tend to prefer home elderly care. Today, seniors living alone comprise the majority of the whole elderly group. What's more, among them women are the majority. Women will face more challenges and risks in their old age than men. Women are more likely to say that they need help with retirement planning. One in three women said that they would like help planning how to age in place, much more than the one in four men who said they needed help. Therefore, there is a high demand for senior care products among both caregivers and the elderly themselves. Products that can solve inconveniences in life have a high potential to be best-selling products for your online businesses.


What Products for Seniors Can I Dropship?


Products for seniors should not be confined to medical. When selecting products for your dropshipping store, those that make seniors live more conveniently and comfortably shall all be considered. We list 5 categories below for your reference which are combined with some tips!


1. Daily Living Aids

For the old, especially those living alone, there are many inconveniences in daily life. Tools can always be their efficient partners in dealing with stuff but save more effort. Dropshippers can find ideal products to sell according to the daily life scenarios in the kitchen, bedroom, living, and bathroom. 

A typical category is the various types of time and labor-saving kitchen appliances. We highly recommend can openers, since they are becoming more well-designed and cost-effective. Dropshippers can sell manual and electric can openers at the same time to meet more consuming needs.


 can openers


Other popular kitchen items can also help you win more purchases from elderly customers: cooking tools, food storage tools, water filters, and so on. These products tend to be affordable but offer a great experience with a simple process. This can be your marketing key point--showing the use of the product within seconds.


kitchen items


When choosing products to facilitate their lives, customers can be easily attracted by unique designs. Smaller and more unusual products are often more appealing to customers and are more conducive to marketing, with the chance of getting more orders. Elderly people often need more care in detail during their lives, and the corresponding products have a large potential.


daily living aids

For the elderly with mobility problems, mobility aids are an essential part of their daily life. Many of today's walking canes are designed with the function to be turned into seats which allows seniors can rest at any time. Of course, if you're worried about the large product size making shipping prices more expensive, folding canes are the perfect option for you!


mobility aids

Most seniors are chasing a more comfortable life. Products like ergonomic pillows, heating pads, massagers, and cozy blankets often offer comfort and relaxation for elderly individuals. These products can also be good choices for gifts, which ensures the sales for your online business to some extent.


products offer comfot and relaxation


The elderly also get pressure from caring for their young grandchildren. U.S. census data shows that about a third of grandchildren living with grandparents who are responsible for them are younger than 6. Thus, dropshippers can consider adding baby products aiming to ease seniors' burden of baby caring. When sourcing, note that products should meet the following requirements: lightweight, easy to operate, and highly safe.


baby care products


2. Recreation & Entertainment


The mental health of older people ought to get more attention. Mental health problems are common among seniors. At least a quarter of older people suffer from some kind of mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or dementia, with depression being the most common mental health problem among older people. Dropshippers can sell products that provide seniors with leisure and entertainment options.

Research shows that contact with nature plays a vital role in our psychological well-being. Domestic gardening is a common hobby among older adults. They spend more leisure hours gardening than any other age group. Within the United Kingdom, the age group with the most gardening lovers was 55 and older, with 51.42 percent. For aged participants, gardening is more than a casual leisure pursuit but see it as critical to their physical and psychological well-being. 

Such a market offers great profitable opportunities for online retailers. In 2022, UK households purchased approximately 6.11 billion British pounds worth of plants, flowers, and other garden goods, considerably more than just two years before. Contact us for high-quality gardening goods now to get more profits!


garden goods


Pet ownership is one of the most common ways the elderly interact with animals. over half of adults over 50 have at least one pet.  Pet ownership can provide important forms of social and emotional support for older adults that can reduce distress, and loneliness and improve overall quality of life. Owning a pet for over five years may help keep cognitive skills sharp. Taking care of a pet – walking a dog, or feeding a cat – also boosts physical activity.

Despite the many advantages pet ownership brings, it also presents some challenges for aged pet owners. Caring for a pet requires a lot of mental and physical energy, and the elderly may lack stamina and endurance for it. They also need to take the expense of having a pet into consideration. Thus, aged pet owners usually choose products that are practical and endurable. For dropshippers selling pet supplies, you can offer more practical pet supplies with different price levels to get more orders from seniors. Efficient and kind service can also leave a good impression on the elderly customers. 


pet supplies


Besides, fishing has long been a favorite pastime of many elderly people since it's relaxing and affordable. There are several benefits that fishing for seniors has to offer: lower heart rates, reduced stress levels, developing a positive mindset, and so on. Revenue in the fishing equipment market amounted to US$23.04bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.34% (CAGR 2023-2028). The market with great potential offers dropshipping sellers a long-term margin. You can easily find suitable fishing equipment for your online store with SourcinBox.


fishing equipment

Changing the home decor from time to time can change the mood of the occupants effectively. Lovely home decorations can be the enhancement of the home's sense of atmosphere and comfort mind. You need to optimize the decorative nature and keep pace with the older customers’' needs when selecting products. 


home decor


3. Outdoor Care

Regular outdoor activities help seniors maintain independence and prevent many health problems. Since spending time outdoors exercising is better than spending more money on a cure. Common choices like jogging, mountain climbing, walking, camping, and so on--there are many great ways to learn about the world, get some fresh air, and get away from stress and distractions. Dropshipping sellers can sell outdoor activity products that keep them safe and comfortable for seniors!

For outdoor activities, suitable outdoor footwear is extremely important. It can prevent injuries and even save effort for the elderly. Outdoor footwear's main characters are anti-slip and wear-resistant. In winter, those with fur designs can better keep the foot warm. Find lightweight but endurable outdoor footwear with SourcinBox within a few steps.


outdoor footwear


Taking outdoor activities means preparing for any weather changes. Sun protection items and rain gear are necessities for all families. To get more orders from older people, just sell products with multi-functions and easy to carry.


Sun protection items and rain gear


You can also choose other outdoor care products for the elderly like foldable stools, water bottles, gloves, and fanny packs. Gear that is used for outdoor activities may be depending on the specific situation. Just start with general ones, which means they can be taken anywhere and anytime.


outdoor care products


4. Home Safety & Security

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among the elderly. More than one out of four Americans age 65+ falls each year. Falls can not only threaten seniors' safety and independence but also bring enormous economic and personal costs. Seniors are increasingly concerned about falling, which results in limited mobility and socialization. There are various products for protecting seniors from falling. This category includes products like home monitoring systems, emergency alert devices, motion sensor lights, and door/window alarms to reduce or eliminate danger at home.

Most of the elderly people have vision problems, which makes it dangerous for them to move in the dark environment. Sensor night lights provide effective protection for the elderly when they wake up at night or early in the morning. These lights are also usually easy to install and remove, even elderly people who live alone can install them in any position at home.


Sensor night lights

Most falls happen in the bathroom or elsewhere with water. The concerned security products create a perfect dropshipping niche. You can choose common products like non-slip mats, and no-slip slippers, but also bathroom handles for the elderly and shower chairs! We can find high-quality products at a more reasonable price! Don't hesitate to sign up now for more services!


non-slip products


Besides, furniture edge protectors can also prevent fall injuries to some extent. Injuries sustained by heading on the furniture edges when falling are the leading in all kinds of injuries in old age. Considering the amount of furniture in today's families, you can get constant orders if you add these products to your store.


furniture edge protectors

Of course, in addition to buying products for specific places, people can also purchase devices such as security cameras and fall detection devices, to monitor their parents' safety when they are home alone. Today's home security camera is usually equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker that allows one to keep in touch with family at a remote distance. For such technological products, professional after-sale service ensures a better purchasing experience for your customers.


security devices


5. Health & Wellness


Although dropshippers can't sell medical devices directly, the related derivatives make good senior care products. 

Typical ones are for cleaning and storing dentures. Statistics show that 40.99 million Americans used dentures in 2020. This figure is projected to increase to 42.46 million in 2024. Nearly a quarter of people over 65 have lost their teeth and wear dentures. It is a common misconception that dentures require less maintenance than natural teeth. Seniors must care for their mouths and dental appliances to keep oral health. After all, oral health can greatly impact the elderly life.


cleaning and storing dentures

Most elderly take pills every day. Thus, pill organizers and portable pill takers will save them from mistaking medicines. The weekly pill organizer's compartment helps seniors better separate their medications, while the tiny size makes it easier to carry around. Work with SourcinBox to sell more practical products.


pill organizers and portable pill takers

Fitness trackers with blood pleasure and heart rate detecting functions are trendy today. After recovering from COVID-19, the elderly should pay more attention to the changes in their bodies. Most of them are now in the style of watches or bracelets, and some are even designed as rings, which are more convenient to wear in daily life. Find more fashionable designs with SourcinBox!


fitness trackers


Start Selling Elderly Care Products with SourcinBox


Have you noticed the surprising potential of the senior care products market? You can easily find profitable niches with steady sales all year round. Start with the categories mentioned above to get more orders! 


Need a dropshipping supplier? SourcinBox works with many reliable suppliers and sends excellent products across the world. We try our best to lower your dropshipping costs and offer faster order fulfillment! Connect your online store within only a few steps. You can contact your 1-on-1 customer manager for help if you have any problems! 


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