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Niche Dropshipping - Best Camping Gear to Dropship in 2022

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  • 2022-05-03 13:40:27
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Updated: 2022-07-22 10:35:12

Even in a challenging 2021, the popularity of camping has experienced rapid growth in the United States. COVID-19 has given people the opportunity to work and study remotely and get more outdoor time. People turned to the outdoors and camping to spend time with family and friends, finding solace in nature. More than 66 million people went camping in the US last year, including more than 8.3 million who tried camping for the first time.


With May upon us and the growing enthusiasm for camping, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a closer look at dropshipping of outdoor and camping gear.


So what are the camping trends for in 2022? How is COVID-19 affecting camping? Which camping products are in demand, and are the best dropshipping product ideas? Let's learn more in this article.


5 Camping Trends to Watch in 2022


1. COVID-19 is Changing Camping


For the first-time campers, their decision to go camping is likely to be a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many people work remotely from their homes, and they could have more free time to go out but have no more options for traveling. So more people turn to local campsites to stay away from the city and spend time with their families.


The Dyrt camping report 2022

Source: The Dyrt camping report 2022


Working remotely at the campground has been one of the biggest shifts for campers over the pandemic. According to the camping report from The Dyrt, 70% of campers include weekdays in their trip. And 23.8% of campers worked at their campgrounds in 2021, a 49% increase compared to the number of campground workers before the pandemic.


In addition, the growth of campsite remote work has made camping more digital. Going completely off-the-grid has been a trend of the past, and access to technical support while camping is more important than ever. On average, using cellular and Wi-Fi services could generate six additional camping nights. Technical camping accessories will become the new trend in 2022.


2. Camping Season is Getting Longer


The camping season typically runs from April/May to September/October. And July is the peak season for camping. Camping is on the rise every year, and there is no sign of stopping in 2022.


The Dyrt camping report 2022


The camping season is getting longer. Because winter camping and spring camping have increased by 40.7% and 27% respectively from 2019 to 2022, according to The Dyrt. This gives you a long time to make more profit by selling camping gear online.


3. Camping with Pets


People are no longer satisfied with just going outdoor with family and friends. More and more people want camping with their dogs or cats. The majority of the dog and cat owners (54%) have planned to travel with their pets this year. 38% of campers consider pets allowed campgrounds in mind when searching for campgrounds. Therefore, you may wish to consider some pet camping gear when choosing camping products.


The Dyrt camping report 2022


4. More Millennials and Gen Z RVers


The RV Industry Association reports that the number of people camping between the ages of 18 to 34 has grown significantly, and they now make up 22% of the buying market. Millennials and Gen Z make up 84% of the population planning to buy another RV in the next five years.


The Dyrt camping report 2022


Most of the campers tried RV and camper vans last year. RV camping means longer trips and more nights, and campers may have more demand for camping gear like car tents, camping kitchen tools, camping furniture, bedding, etc.


5. People Research Online before Camping


According to 2022 Amazon's survey of outdoor recreation shopping trends, 76% of outdoor recreation consumers say they gather information online before they buy. More than half (54%) of outdoor recreation products are purchased online. Besides, most campers use online searches to find suitable campsites. So if you sell camping gear online, your products will have the chance to be exposed to more campers.


The Best Camping Gear for Dropshipping


To sum it up, with camping season upon us, camping gear is definitely one of the best dropshipping niches right now. We have picked out some trending and profitable camping products, based on the search interests for all kinds of camping gear as well as hot-selling product listings on AliExpress and Amazon. If you haven't decided what to sell this camping season, then you can refer to our list of the best camping gear.


You can quickly start dropshipping camping gear with SourcinBox in the following ways:


1. Find the product you want on SourcinBox and add it to your store with clicks.

2. If you can’t find the product you want on our app, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us directly. We will source the product for you at good prices. Then you confirm and add the product to your store via our app.


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1. Backpacks & Accessories


 • Camping Backpack


When comes to the most representative camping gear, it must be a camping backpack. The US wholesale sales of camping backpacks reached $706 million in 2020. It is one of the best-selling product categories for overall camping gear. Whether camping, hiking, mountaineering, or other outdoor activities requires a versatile camping backpack. It should be the first best camping product category for your dropshipping store.


The advantage of dropshipping camping backpacks compared to wholesale is that you don't need to worry about the risk of overstocking. You can always replace different types of camping backpacks for sale.


Camping BackpackCamping Backpack Google Trends


 • Hydration Bladder


A hydration bladder is one of the popular accessories for a camping backpack. It provides an adequate supply of water during camping, hiking, mountaineering, or cycling. And in some cases, it can provide a flow of water strong enough to wash effectively. You can individually sell different sizes of hydration bladders, or sell them with matching camping backpacks.


Hydration BladderHydration Bladder Google Trends


 • Rain Poncho


Camping or hiking may encounter sudden rainy weather. But how to shelter from the rain without stopping your activities? A rain poncho would be an excellent camping companion. It can be folded without taking up much space and is easy to use. A camping-friendly rain poncho can also be used to build a temporary shelter. If you're looking for practical camping gear to sell online, don't miss out on a camping rain poncho.


Rain PonchoRain Poncho Google Trends


2. Camping Gear for Pets


 • Dog Backpacks


A dog backpack is an interesting pet camping gear. It can help campers share some of the weight of the carry-on items when out hiking. But remember that the weight of the backpack cannot exceed 25% of the dog's weight, which is at least for adult dogs. Usually, when the dog wears the backpack, it will feel that it is helping its master, and the backpack can also allow the dog to get exercise during the hike. If you are selling pet stuff in your online store, picking out some pet camping gear is a great idea.


Dog BackpacksDog Backpack Google Trends


 • Dog Carrier Backpack


For small dogs, it may not be suitable for long way hiking. Campers may choose to carry their puppies in dog carrier backpacks. Most small dogs like to be put in pet bags because they can rest and look around. We can see in Google Trends that the popularity of dog carrier backpacks is rising every year in May. It is just the best time for selling this.


Dog Carrier BackpackDog Carrier Backpack Google Trends


 • Pet Tent


Pets can also have their own small tents for camping nights. The foldable pet tent can be easily unfolded or stowed in your backpack. It has great popularity on Google Trends and it is growing recently. It's time to contact us to source pet camping gear for dropshipping right before the camping season.


pet tentpet tent google trends


3. Camping Kitchen Gear


 • Camping Cookware


Eating healthy while camping is also important. With the popularity of RV camping and camper vans, camping kitchens have become possible, and sustainable stainless steel camping cookware has become the go-to choice for backcountry campers. If you already have an idea, feel free to contact us and tell us what kind of product you want to sell. We provide 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you source products and process store orders.


Camping CookwareCamping Cookware google trends


 • Cooler Bag


Cooler bags are great camping gear for those who go camping in summer. They allow campers to enjoy cool drinks and food in the wild. The popularity of cooler bags is growing year by year. As summer approaches, the possibility of campers buying cooler bags will increase. So hurry up to add it to your list of camping products.


Cooler BagCooler Bag google trends


 • Stainless Steel Ice


Stainless steel ice has been popular for a long time. It is better than water ice to put into a cooler bag and avoid contamination caused by melting ice. And stainless steel ice cubes will not change their original taste when placed in wine or drink. You can sell it any time, not only during camping season.


Stainless Steel IceStainless Steel Ice google trends


 • Folding Pot


Folding Pot features an anodized aluminum base with foldable silicone sidewalls. It is more lightweight and saves space and weight in a backpack, car camping box, or RV kitchen when camping. And it is a cost-effective camping gear that is also ideal for dropshipping.


Folding PotFolding Pot google trends


 • Camping Storage Bag


One of the ways to keep the campsite from being a mess is to neatly store items in storage bags. Portable eco-friendly storage bags are becoming more and more popular with campers. Storage bags that can be hung by the camping table can be very convenient to store utensils and food. If you are planning to sell some camping kitchen gear, consider a camping storage bag like this.


Camping Storage BagCamping Storage Bag google trends


4. Camping Furniture


 • Camping Chairs


The foldable oversized camping chair is one of the best-selling camping chairs in the past two years. It is light and easy to carry, easy to unfold, made of waterproof fabric, and has an awning, which is very suitable for hot summer camping. Campers usually prepare a month in advance, so you can start selling camping chairs before summer hits and use SourcinBox dropshipping to enjoy fast global delivery.


Camping ChairsCamping Chair google trends


 • Camping Table


Campers who buy camping chairs are likely to buy a camping table, which is also an expandable folding style and made of waterproof material. Such camping tables are hot-selling products on Amazon. You can contact us to source high-quality compliant camping tables at low costs to get more profits.


Camping TableCamping Table google trends


 • Camping Inflatable Couch


An inflatable sofa can be a very convenient outdoor sofa for camping. The simple inflatable sofa can bear the weight of an adult just by running and pouring air into the sofa bag. Lying on such an inflatable sofa is much more comfortable than lying on the grass. It is a popular and portable camping product in summer.


Camping Inflatable CouchCamping Inflatable Couch google trends


5. Camping Lights & Lanterns


 • Camping Lanterns


Powerful lighting equipment can provide a sufficient light source for camping nights. High-power camping lanterns are an excellent choice for campers. It can be hung or stand and the light tone can be adjusted. The waterproof design makes it suitable for use in rainy fields. For electronics, we offer qualified products and dedicated fast shipping, so you can dropship with SourcinBox with confidence.


Camping LanternsCamping Lantern google trends


 • Headlamp


Headlamps are better than flashlights for night camping, climbing, cycling, or fishing. In addition to large camping lanterns, small portable headlamps are also a good camping light for campers. November is the peak season for headlamps, and you can take them as a choice for camping dropshipping products this fall.


HeadlampHeadlamp google trends


 • Camping Fan


For tent campers, how do they spend a hot summer night at a campground? Camping fans are the best air conditioner replacement. Camping fans provide wind power while also providing lighting, making them ideal for small camping. A portable fan like this is not only suitable for camping, but also all kinds of outdoor activities, and you can sell it for a variety of reasons.


Camping FanCamping Fan google trends


6. Personal Care


 • Camping Shower


Shower facilities are one of the important settings to enhance the campsite experience. For campers who want to challenge wild survival, the campsites they choose usually do not have perfect shower facilities, so portable camping showers will be an important piece of camping equipment that wild campers will consider. A camping shower is a small portable shower system that can also be used to wash food, utensils, clothing, and more.


Camping ShowerCamping Shower google trends


 • Mosquito Killer Lamp


One of the most annoying things in the outdoors is mosquito bites, so a portable mosquito killer lamp is definitely a must-have camping gear to keep campers away from mosquito bites. People are already searching for the best mosquito killer lamps. Now sign up SourcinBox for free to easily add products to your store and start selling.


Mosquito Killer LampMosquito Killer Lamp google trends


7. Safety & Survival Tools


 • GPS Tracker


GPS trackers are widely used. It seems that people need them at any time, especially when going out and camping. GPS trackers can help campers locate their vehicles, companions, family members, and pets in real-time, preventing them from getting lost or having an accident. This is definitely one of the best camping tech gear for dropshipping.


GPS TrackerGPS Tracker google trends


 • Survival Whistle


Camping in the wild is not 100% safe. In any case, campers must be prepared for various emergencies before camping, especially to ensure the safety of children. The multi-functional survival whistle contains a variety of emergency tools such as a compass. It allows people to send rescue signals in time in case of danger. This is a great camping accessory that you can add to your camping product list to cross-sell with other camping gear.


Survival WhistleSurvival Whistle google trends


 • First Aid Bag


A first aid kit should be a must for every family, and it is also the basic equipment that campers are most likely to carry. But selling first aid medicines is not friendly to dropshippers. You can choose to sell empty first aid bags suitable for outdoors. Large-capacity first aid bags can allow campers to carry sufficient first aid supplies to the campsite. This will be a great help for campers. You can contact us to help you source more styles of first aid kits.


First Aid BagFirst Aid Bag google trends


 • Wire Saw


For campers who are going to challenge wild survival, a portable wire saw can be part of their survival kit. This small tool can easily saw through tough branches or wood to start a fire, or to build other challenging wilderness shelters. If you're interested in survival tools, you can try to sell wire saws.


Wire SawWire Saw google trends


8. Sleeping Bag & Camping Bedding


 • Camping Pillow


One of the guarantees for a comfortable night at the campsite must be to have a comfortable pillow. Portable camping pillows are one of the popular camping gear. It is used by filling with air, so it can be portable by releasing air when not in use. It fits nicely with a camping cot or a camping blanket to cross-sell.


Camping PillowCamping Pillow google trends


 • Camping Cots


Compared with sleeping bags, the camping cot can isolate the cold ground very well, which very mimics the feeling of sleeping at home. It is a very comfortable choice for car camping. Ultralight portable camping beds are lighter, easier to pack, and also great for backpacking campers.


Camping CotsCamping Cot google trends


 • Camping Sleeping Bag


Compared with camping cots, camping sleeping bags are a more convenient and traditional choice. Sleeping bags do not require much camping tent space, nor camping bedding such as blankets. It will be the first choice for camping enthusiasts who want to experience traditional camping life. Sleeping bags and camp cots are both growing in popularity as camping becomes more popular.


Camping Sleeping BagCamping Sleeping Bag google trends


 • Picnic Blanket


A picnic blanket suitable for camping activities must be one of your camping products list. It can be used for a picnic in the wild, for the kids to play on it, or to lie down for a nap. Its lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable features have made it so popular. You can see the recent growth of the popularity on Google Trends. It's not too late to start selling picnic blankets.


Picnic BlanketPicnic Blanket google trends


9. Camping Tents & Awnings


 • Pop Up Tent


Pop-up tents are very friendly for those who don't know how to set up tents. Pop-up tents are small-sized, easy to set up, and perfect for camping and outdoor activities. Its popularity on Google Trends is growing over the past two years. You may wish to add some pop-up tents to your camping products list. With SourcinBox, you will have the opportunity to source pop-up tents or other camping gear at lower prices.


Pop Up TentPop Up Tent google trends


 • Camping Awning


The camping awning is perfect for family camping by the sea, it will be a large shelter from the hot sun, and big enough for a camper van, table, and chairs. The generous space allows campers to fully appreciate the surrounding scenery. May is the best time to sell camping awning as one of the camping gears for family camping, seaside camping, or RV camping.


Camping AwningCamping Awning


 • Tent for Car


Tents for cars allow campers on adventurous road trips to set up a simple tent where they want to spend the night. It is more convenient and affordable than a luxury squared tent. Car tents are more exciting than traditional tents and are becoming a trend for campers in 2022.


Tent for CarTent for Car google trends


Why Choose SourcinBox Dropshipping?


SourcinBox is one of the best dropshipping suppliers as well as an all-in-one dropshipping platform. Like most dropshipping suppliers, we provide dropshipping fulfillment services such as product sourcing, quality inspection, free warehousing, private labeling, global shipping, etc. But we also have the following advantage among so many suppliers:


Lower Cost


Maybe you don't feel much about the low price and think our products are just a few dollars cheaper than AliExpress products. However, you will find that when you buy the same product in bulk, you can save a lot of money at SourcinBox.


If you dropshipping on AliExpress, you will find that most products on AliExpress are “Free Shipping”, which means the shipping is hidden in the product price. When you buy in bulk, the shipping cost will stack. But on SourcinBox, the products are sourced directly from original manufacturers at wholesale prices. The shipping and product price are separated and the shipping cost only depends on the product weight, shipping methods, and delivery country.


You can see a typical example of pricing in our blog: SourcinBox VS AliExpress


Faster Delivery


We provide multiple cost-effective and fast shipping methods such as Yun Express, CNE, 4PX, Yanwen Express, and UBI, which are much cheaper and faster than ePacket. And super fast shipping methods like DHL and USPS are also available. For electronics, powder, or liquid products, we have special shipping lines. With SourcinBox, you and your customers will experience efficient and affordable deliveries.


More Efficient Order Fulfillment


SourcinBox provides multiple store integrations including Shopify, WooCommerce, Yampi, and SHOPLAZZA. You can add products to your store easily and sync store orders automatically. For store orders from Amazon or eBay, our app allows you to manually upload your store orders and enjoy our fulfillment services.


We have our own warehouse to process your dropshipping orders with fast processing times and uniform quality checking and packaging. You can also buy inventory in advance to shorten the processing time. Once the products are shipped, the tracking numbers will sync to our app and your store. The whole order fulfillment will be highly automated and efficient.


More Professional Services


We provide professional services including responsible customer support. Once you use our app for dropshipping. You will get a 1-on-1 customer manager to help you with all the matters. No subscription fee or extra service fee is required. You can feel free to contact us any time for product sourcing, order tracking, or handling after-sales issues.



Hope you can get some inspiration on camping gear to dropship in 2022. We are ready to help you with product sourcing and order fulfillment. If you are ready, sign up SourcinBox for free and get started.


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