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AliExpress Dropshipping - Is It Still Profitable?

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  • 2022-07-22 16:15:55
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Updated: 2022-07-30 11:28:53

Is AliExpress dropshipping still profitable?


Recently, many people who dropshipping with AliExpress may have had many troubles because Oberlo is officially shut down and many of them have migrated to DSers. The key point is that whether Oberlo or DSers, their foundation is AliExpress dropshipping. However, AliExpress is actually not the best fit for Dropshipping. With many AliExpress alternatives emerging, dropshipping with AliExpress is no longer competitive.




So don't lose your time and money for DSers and AliExpress dropshipping anymore. In this article, we are going to give you some new ideas to work with dropshipping agents like SourcinBox. If you are tired of AliExpress dropshipping and looking for the best alternative, you are in the right place!


Now let’s dive in!


Why is AliExpress Dropshipping not Recommended?


AliExpress dropshipping was mentioned the most often in the whole dropshipping industry until today. The popularity of AliExpress dropshipping on Google Trends is going down despite the growing trends of dropshipping.


google trends dropshipping

google trends aliexpess dropshipping

Note: Google Trends improved its data collection system on 1/1/22


Why AliExpress dropshipping used to be popular?


AliExpress used to be popular and developed rapidly after the outbreak of the pandemic. Many people who were trapped at home and lost their jobs at that time started focusing on making money online. And dropshipping was one of the best ways.


In the meantime, China was the first country to control the pandemic and resume production, making it the best supply chain provider for dropshipping. And AliExpress has the most massive product supply from China with good prices and global shipping services, attracting those who want to make money online through dropshipping from China.


making money online


It was hard to buy items from China in the past, but AliExpress made it possible to source products directly from China and also solved some problems on language, geographic, and time differences.


Some automation tools like Oberlo and DSers allow you to associate your stores and products with the AliExpress suppliers, importing AliExpress products to your stores and fulfilling your orders.


All these reasons made AliExpress seem to be a great choice for dropshipping.


Why is AliExpress dropshipping not popular as before?


However, as dropshipping grows, more and more people have realized that dropshipping with AliExpress was not the best choice.


From the efficiency point of view, dropshippers have to deal with multiple AliExpress suppliers to get the best offers. The whole process was time-consuming and they have no control over the product quality and delivery. They almost had no time and energy focusing on improving the customer services or building brands of their dropshipping business.


Another key point is price. As mentioned at the beginning, AliExpress is actually not the best fit for dropshipping. Most AliExpress suppliers are already resellers, and the product prices are much higher than original manufacturers or factories. If you resell the AliExpress products to your customers, you basically have little margins unless you can negotiate with AliExpress sellers to get good prices, which is usually difficult.




That's why we don't recommend dropshipping with AliExpress or any tools run based on AliExpress dropshipping.


With the trends of AliExpress dropshipping going down, more and more dropshippers have already found alternatives to AliExpress with better dropshipping solutions. If you still work with AliExpress or some tools that rely on AliExpress, you will soon lose advantages over your competitors.


So what’s the best alternative? We are going a little deeper about SourcinBox and you’ll find out how it can be the best AliExpress alternative. Before that, let's first see how a dropshipping agent works?


How Does A Dropshipping Agent Work?


Different from AliExpress, a dropshipping agent works directly with manufacturers and sources products at wholesale prices. You are able to purchase products at lower prices and resell them to your customers with higher margins. Besides, a dropshipping agent helps you build your store‘s competitive advantages such as good quality control and fast delivery times. It's convincing enough why you should choose to work with a dropshipping agent, like SourcinBox.


how dropshipping agent works


After learning about how a dropshipping agent generally works, let’s see what services SourcinBox can offer as one of the best AliExpress alternatives.


SourcinBox - The Best AliExpress Alternative


SourcinBox is an automated app that allows you to connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Yampi, and SHOPLAZZA stores. Even if you are running stores on other platforms, you can also manually upload your orders with datasheets and enjoy our fulfillment services. All features of the SourcinBox app are free to use, with no subscription fees or monthly fees.


SourcinBox services


We are able to source almost any legal dropshipping products directly from manufacturers in China, the prices are competitive since there’s no middleman or hidden freight like on AliExpress. You just need to tell us what you want and get quotes for free, import the products to your stores via our app easily and start selling.


In addition to the feature of importing products from the SourcinBox Marketplace, our app also supports importing AliExpress products to your store directly. It’s user-friendly for Oberlo or DSers (AliExpress) users to switch to SourcinBox.


Your store orders can be synchronized to our app automatically and you are able to manage and place your orders in bulk. We have our own team and warehouse to process your orders rather than forwarding your orders to random AliExpress suppliers.


Since we work directly with manufacturers, you are allowed to customize packaging or something for the products under your own brand, which AliExpress does not have. What's even better is that we centralize all your customers’ products in our warehouse for quality checking, packing, and shipping, the whole process is fast and uniform. However, if you use AliExpress for dropshipping, the products will come from different suppliers so the packaging, processing time, and shipping time will vary.


For shipping, we have many cost-effective shipping options with super fast delivery times. The average delivery time to the US and EU countries is 7-14 days. Once the orders are shipped, the tracking numbers will be updated to the SourcinBox app and your store in real time. Your customers will also receive emails with tracking links.


One more advantage over AliExpress is that you can easily get refunds or reship for damaged, defective, or lost products.


Final Words


With SourcinBox, you just need to pick and sell the products, place orders to us, and then we will handle all the rest for you in the most efficient way, and your customers will receive the products in time. The whole process costs you less but gets you more. That’s much better than working with AliExpress, right?


how to work with sourcinbox


SourcinBox has been evolving with the most advanced technology, collecting the widest range of product supplies, and working with the best shipping companies to provide you with the best dropshipping fulfillment services. So, don’t hesitate to try something new that can change the situation of your dropshipping business or can even make it better.


If you want to learn more about how to work with SourcinBox for dropshipping, please contact us to get help from a 1-on-1 customer manager.


We are always ready to be your best partner and make your business even more successful!


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