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The Best Dropshipping Product Ideas for Christmas

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  • 2022-11-03 16:55:51
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Updated: 2023-03-01 13:31:41

The holiday shopping season is one of the critical times of the year to increase e-commerce sales. As the start of the Christmas shopping spree, now is the best time to start a dropshipping business and sell Christmas products and holiday gifts online!


Consumers will have a thoughtful Christmas as inflation hits this year. Rising prices have led consumers to look forward to discounts and offers, and to calculate and save on gifts wherever possible. So, what you should do is plan early and provide exciting deals.


Now follow our best Christmas product ideas and holiday gift ideas for dropshipping 2022 to maximize your sales!


Christmas Shopping Trends Overview 2022


Americans Start Holiday Shopping Early to Spread out Budgets


This year, 91% of American consumers plan to celebrate the winter holidays, including events like Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, according to NRF’s survey. Shoppers are embracing the holiday season by focusing their spending on holiday items like gifts, decorations, and food.


Although the COVID concerns have waned, they have been replaced by inflation this year. Consumers start their holiday shopping earlier than ever in order to spread out their gift shopping budgets and avoid the stress of holiday shopping. 46% of holiday shoppers are beginning to browse or buy before November, given concerns about inflation.


consumers start shopping early


Brits Tend to Buy Value-for-money Christmas Items


Brits will have a more considered Christmas as inflation hits this year. With inflation prompting people to tighten their wallets, 60% of consumers say that good value for money is the most important factor when shopping for Christmas this year, according to eBay Ads UK’s research.


What's more, more than half (56%) of shoppers plan to buy thoughtful gifts for friends and family this year. Because many Brits will prioritize gifts that can add value to their loved ones' lives when they feel hard to afford everyday items.


There are still plenty of opportunities for brands and retailers at traditional retail events, as half (50%) of consumers say they plan to take advantage of deals on this Black Friday to save on gifts.


Brazilians Plan to Shop for Christmas on Black Friday


With an eye on taking advantage of the end-of-year promotions, 68% of Brazilians have already planned to shop early for Christmas on Black Friday 2022, according to a survey carried out with more than 10,500 users of Mercado Pago and Mercado Livre.


80% of respondents said they will buy online on this year's Black Friday and 90% intend to buy on the date and at Christmas.


The survey results also indicated that 86% of respondents want to shop at at least one of these three main year-end events: World Cup, Black Friday, and Christmas.


The Best Christmas Product Ideas for Dropshipping


When it comes to holiday shopping, gifts, decorations, and food are the must-have items. Among Americans who celebrate at least one of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, more than 72% say they will decorate their homes for the holidays. And according to NRF, Americans who planned to celebrate the holidays last year have planned to spend $63 per person on holiday decorations.


So what are the best Holiday and Christmas decorations and items to sell this year?


We have listed some of the best Christmas product ideas this year after filtering from the hot-selling and trending products from Amazon, AliExpress, and Chinese suppliers. You can send us sourcing requests or contact us to source the product you want and get free quotes for dropshipping it. Now let’s dive in!



1. Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments


Christmas trees are one of the most traditional symbols of the holiday season. According to research last year, Americans were expected to spend an estimated $6.1 billion on Christmas trees. 85% of UK adults have a Christmas tree up in their household each year.


Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most popular activities for Christmas! Those who will put up Christmas trees are sure to decorate their trees with baubles and ornaments! Search interests are growing according to Google Trends.


Christmas tree decorations


Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the earliest people would put up a Christmas tree and put up Christmas decorations. So now is the perfect time to start selling Christmas tree decorations to make sure that your customer can buy and receive decoration items before Thanksgiving. We have some great ideas as follows!


 • Christmas Tree Pendants


Decorating the Christmas tree in a traditional way is a great idea, you can sell some crystal pendants or gold and silver hanging balls.


Christmas Tree PendantsChristmas Tree PendantsChristmas Tree PendantsChristmas Tree Pendants


 • Glowing Christmas Tree Ornaments


Glowing baubles are great additions to a Christmas tree! The following ornaments have led lights and batteries in them. But you can dropship them safely via SourcinBox because we have special shipping options for products that have built-in batteries. If you are interested, just contact us and get a free quote!


Christmas Tree OrnamentsChristmas Tree OrnamentsChristmas Tree OrnamentsChristmas Tree Ornaments


 • Christmas Tree Toppers


An exquisite Christmas tree must have a unique topper. The classic red and white color scheme is the best choice, of course, you can also try selling glowing or Santa doll toppers, that would be interesting!


Christmas Tree ToppersChristmas Tree ToppersChristmas Tree ToppersChristmas Tree Toppers


 • Christmas Tree Skirts


A Christmas tree skirt makes a perfect base for a Christmas tree! It’s a beautiful decoration as well as for putting Christmas gifts on it.


Christmas Tree SkirtsChristmas Tree SkirtsChristmas Tree SkirtsChristmas Tree Skirts


2. Christmas Light Decorations


The atmosphere of Christmas night needs lighting and LED lights can help you save on energy bills, the most cost-effective way to add some sparkle to this year's Christmas decorations.


 • LED Christmas Tree Figurine Crystal Lights


Crystal lights with Christmas tree shapes are the cutest Christmas lights this year. These can also be great Christmas gift ideas! Such beautiful crystal lights cost a bit high on Amazon but you can get these on SourcinBox at much lower costs for dropshipping and earn higher margins.


Christmas Tree Figurine LightsChristmas Tree Figurine LightsChristmas Tree Figurine LightsChristmas Tree Figurine Lights


 • Christmas Lamps & Night Lights


Christmas lamps with cute cartoon Santa, Christmas tree, or reindeer must be the best decoration for Children's studies and bedroom. If your audiences are families with children, then these lamps and night lights are the best dropshipping product ideas for you.


Christmas LampsChristmas LampsChristmas Lamps


 • Christmas String Lights


String lights are universal Christmas decorations. If you don’t want to sell string lights that commonly see on Amazon, you can sell the following unique string lights for indoor decoration.


Christmas String LightsChristmas String LightsChristmas String LightsChristmas String Lights


3. Christmas Home Decorations & Ornaments


In addition to Christmas trees and lights, there are also various beautiful and cute baubles for home decoration. Let's see what product ideas we have got for you!


 • Santa & Elves Doll Ornaments


Santa and elves dolls and mini reindeer will be the go-to ornaments for Christmas. They can also be decorations under the Christmas trees!


Santa DollsElves DollsElves DollsSanta Doll


 • Christmas Reindeer Ornament


Reindeer OrnamentReindeer OrnamentReindeer OrnamentReindeer Ornament


 • Christmas Toy Ornament


Delicate toys and calendar ornaments are good choices for Christmas decorations, and also perfect gift ideas for families.


 • Christmas Candlesticks


There are also Christmas-themed candlesticks for traditional Christmas lighting choices. And Led-lighted candles are safer choices.


Christmas CandlesticksChristmas CandlesticksChristmas Candlesticks


 • Christmas Pillow Covers


Household items can also be full of Christmas atmosphere. Christmas-themed pillow covers with LED lights and red and white sequins will be sure the highlight of Christmas home decorations!


Christmas Pillow CoversChristmas Pillow CoversChristmas Pillow CoversChristmas Pillow Covers


 • Christmas Stocking Ornament


Christmas stockings are one of the iconic decorations of Christmas! You can sell large Christmas stockings that can hang on the wall and put in gifts.


Christmas StockingChristmas StockingChristmas Stocking


 • Christmas Tablecloth and Chair Covers


How to have an impressive Christmas dinner? Christmas tablecloth and chair covers would be the best additions!


Christmas TableclothChristmas TableclothChristmas Chair Covers


 • Christmas Wall Decorations


Walls, windows, and doors can not be monotonous on Christmas. It's a good idea to fill them with hanging ornaments and Christmas stickers.


Christmas Wall DecorationsChristmas Wall DecorationsChristmas Wall DecorationsChristmas Wall Decorations


4. Christmas Inflatable Ornaments


Inflatables are the best items for Christmas parties! Reindeer balloons are the most recommended. Also, huge Christmas outdoor inflatables are popular decorations every year. You can easily dropship these items at SourcinBox with fast delivery times to make sure that your customers can receive the decorations before Christmas!


 • Christmas Party Balloons


Christmas Party BalloonsChristmas Party BalloonsChristmas Party BalloonsChristmas Party Balloons


 • Christmas Inflatable Outdoor Decoration


Christmas InflatablesChristmas InflatablesChristmas InflatablesChristmas Inflatables


5. Christmas Kitchen Items and Decorations


Kitchen items would be favored by those who planned to cook meals and have a family get-together on Christmas. If you are running a niche store of kitchen items, then you can consider selling the following products for Christmas.


 • Christmas Wine Bottle Covers


Christmas wine bottle covers and tableware holders are definitely decorations that can liven up a Christmas dinner!


Christmas Wine Bottle CoversChristmas Wine Bottle CoversChristmas Wine Bottle CoversChristmas Wine Bottle Covers


 • Christmas Tableware Holder


Christmas Tableware HolderChristmas Tableware HolderChristmas Tableware Holder


 • Christmas Baking Supplies


Christmas cakes and cookies are still in fashion for celebrating the festival. People would love to bake their own cakes at home rather than bee-lining outside bakeries. So baking supplies have a good demand every year before Christmas!


Christmas Baking SuppliesChristmas Baking SuppliesChristmas Baking SuppliesChristmas Baking Supplies


 • Christmas Cookie & Candy Gift Bags


The best way to give Christmas cookies and candy to neighbors and kids is with these adorable Christmas-themed gift bags!


Candy Gift BagsCandy Gift BagsCandy Gift Bags


6. Christmas Clothing & Accessories


People who plan to celebrate Christmas would love to dress up with clothing and accessories with Christmas elements and colors for family gatherings or parties to make the holiday memorable. So have you got ideas about Christmas clothing and accessories?


 • Christmas Pajamas & Sweaters


Family pajamas and couples sweaters in classic Christmas prints and colors would be great Christmas clothing dropshipping options that are not prone to errors.


Christmas PajamasChristmas Pajamas & SweatersChristmas Pajamas & Sweaters


 • Christmas Costume


Children love to wear festive costumes or get dressed up for special Christmas parties. So cute Santa costumes or red sequined princess dresses would be favored by parents of children.


Christmas CostumeChristmas CostumeChristmas CostumeChristmas Costume


 • Hair Clips & Hair Bands


Cute Santa hat hair clips and hair bands are the best additions to Christmas Costumes.


Hair ClipsHair ClipsHair ClipsHair Bands


 • Home Christmas Socks


In addition to Christmas stockings that are used for decorations, soft Christmas-printed socks are great for wearing at home or as a small Christmas gift. It’s a great idea to cross-sell these with other products in your store.


Home Christmas SocksHome Christmas SocksHome Christmas Socks


 • Santa Hat & Christmas Hat


A Santa hat is more likely to be used as a part of costumes or Christmas parties. And knitted hats with Christmas designs would be one of the best winter holiday gifts for family members.


Santa HatSanta HatChristmas HatChristmas Hat


 • Christmas Glasses Decoration


Also, don’t forget to add some Christmas party supplies to your store. Funny glasses with Christmas elements are great items for Christmas parties!


Christmas GlassesChristmas GlassesChristmas Glasses


Start Dropshipping Christmas Now with SourcinBox


Hope you can get inspiration from our product recommendations. You can find more holiday and Christmas gift ideas for dropshipping in our next article soon!


To get early Christmas sales, now is the best time to start adding products to your store with SourcinBox and start promotions and selling. If you are new here, just take a few seconds to connect your online store with SourcinBox. So that your orders will be synchronized to SourcinBox, and be processed and shipped out as soon as possible!


Any product you want, you can contact us to source it and get a free quote! We are always ready to help you with holiday product sourcing and save on your dropshipping costs as possible.


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