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The Best Dropshipping Product Ideas for Christmas 2023

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  • 2022-11-03 16:55:51
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Updated: 2023-11-16 14:58:56

Christmas is approaching! Consumers plan to spend nearly $900 on core holiday items including gifts, decorations, food, and other holiday-related purchases this year according to NRF! As the holiday season begins, it's essential for dropshippers to stay ahead of the game and identify the hottest dropshipping product ideas for Christmas 2023.

Consumers will have a thoughtful Christmas as inflation hits this year. Rising prices have led consumers to look forward to discounts and offers, and to calculate and save on gifts wherever possible. And most shoppers have been kicking off their holiday shopping early to spread out their budgets. 

To make sure that your customers can buy and receive their holiday items before Black Friday, now it’s time to follow our best Christmas product ideas and holiday gift ideas for dropshipping 2023 to start your sales!


Christmas Shopping Trends Overview 2023


Holiday Sales for 2023 are Expected to Reach Record


The NRF has forecasted that the holiday sales this year are expected to reach record levels during November and December and increase between 3% and 4% over 2022 to between $957.3 billion and $966.6 billion.

In addition, online shopping has been one of the biggest shifts in consumer behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic. Online and other non-store sales are expected to increase between 7% and 9% to a total of between $273.7 billion and $278.8 billion


Consumers Start Holiday Shopping Early to Avoid Stress


This year, 92% of American consumers plan to celebrate the winter holidays, including events like Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, according to NRF’s survey. Shoppers are embracing the holiday season by focusing their spending on core holiday items like gifts, decorations, and food.


Consumers start their holiday shopping earlier than ever in order to spread out their gift-shopping budgets and avoid the stress of holiday shopping. 43% of holiday shoppers are beginning to browse or buy before November, and the majority (62%) expect they won't finish their holiday shopping until December.


NRF holiday survey


Brits Tend to Buy Value-for-money Christmas Items


Brits will have a more considered Christmas. With inflation prompting people to tighten their wallets, 51% of consumers say that good value for money is the most important factor when shopping for this festive season, according to eBay Ads UK’s research.


What's more, almost half (47%) of shoppers plan to buy thoughtful gifts for friends and family this year. And a further 48% say they spend a lot of time exploring their options before making festive gift purchases.


There are still plenty of opportunities for brands and retailers at traditional retail events as 34% of consumers said they are influenced by online advertising during Christmas, which will help them find exactly what they are looking for.


The Best Christmas Product Ideas for Dropshipping


We have summarized some of the best Christmas product ideas based on the Christmas trends for 2023 that are expected to dominate the dropshipping market during this festive season!


If you are inspired, you can send us sourcing requests or contact us to source the product you want to dropship and get free quotes. Now let’s dive in!



1. Christmas Tree Decorations


Decorating a Christmas tree is a cherished tradition in many cultures around the world. People typically adorn their trees with a variety of ornaments to create a festive and personalized display. Inspired by the Christmas trends this year on social media, we have some great product ideas as follows!


 • Candy Christmas Tree Ornaments


Candy is trending this Christmas! People are decorating their Christmas trees with sweet candy-themed ornaments. The classic red and white candy Christmas trees are the most popular and candy canes are the top choices. Follow the trend and add some attractive candy ornaments to your store!


Candy Christmas Tree OrnamentsCandy Christmas Tree OrnamentsCandy Christmas Tree Ornaments


 • Grinch Christmas Tree Decor


The Grinch is a popular Christmas character and many people enjoy incorporating the Grinch into their holiday decor as a fun and whimsical element. The Grinch is back this year with the popularity of the Grinch Christmas tree rising to a new level. Don’t miss out on the following funny Grinch ornaments for sale this Christmas!


Grinch Christmas Tree DecorGrinch Christmas Tree DecorGrinch Christmas Tree Decor


 • Gingerbread Decor


Gingerbread is a traditional Christmas decoration with a growing popularity. This season, people's love for gingerbread ornaments takes to a new level. It is no longer just a plate of ordinary cookies, but integrated into the design of Christmas decorations. Gingerbread ornaments are expected to stand out in this year's Christmas sales!


Gingerbread DecorGingerbread DecorGingerbread Decor


 • Mushroom Ornaments


Mushroom is a charming and whimsical theme that stands out for this year's Christmas decorations. The cute and delightful mushroom ornaments symbolize reverence for nature and hope for good luck in the coming year, which have captured the hearts of decorators and nature enthusiasts alike. You can keep up with this interesting trend of taking over social media by selling Christmas tree decorations with mushroom designs.


Mushroom OrnamentsMushroom OrnamentsMushroom Ornaments


2. Christmas Lights


Beautiful lights can add a warm and festive ambiance to any space, creating a cozy and magical atmosphere during Christmas celebrations.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for versatile decoration possibilities.


 • Christmas String Lights


String lights are commonly used to adorn Christmas trees, outdoor spaces, and indoor areas during the holiday season. The mushroom string lights are the most creative product ideas that went viral on TikTok. We have also found some of the best string lights with unique designs for this season. Just contact us to source the string lights for dropshipping!


Christmas String LightsChristmas String LightsChristmas String LightsChristmas String Lights


 • Christmas Night Lights


Night lights are a wonderful addition to Christmas decorations. They often feature festive designs like snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, or other holiday-themed motifs. Also, night lights can be perfect Christmas gift ideas for families or friends. Don’t hesitate to add them to your product listing!


Christmas Night LightsChristmas Night LightsChristmas Night LightsChristmas Night Lights


 • Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights


Permanent outdoor Christmas lights are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. They are installed once and remain in place throughout the year and are meant to withstand various weather conditions. For dropshipping, solar-powered and waterproof outdoor lights are perfect product choices that can also help save on energy bills.


Permanent Outdoor Christmas LightsPermanent Outdoor Christmas LightsPermanent Outdoor Christmas Lights


3. Christmas Home Decor 


Home decor has been a popular dropshipping niche this year. Many people enjoy transforming their homes into festive and cheerful spaces with Christmas elements. So, let's see what product ideas we have got for you!


 • Pink Christmas Decor


The pink aesthetic has always been indispensable for festive decorations. This year is no exception as the popularity of Pink Christmas is rising. You can get inspiration from social media for pink Christmas decor including pink ornaments, pink Christmas blankets, pink candy canes, etc.


Pink Christmas DecorPink Christmas DecorPink Christmas Decor


 • Christmas Pillow & Plush


Christmas pillows and plush toys are popular choices for Christmas decorations. Many people enjoy incorporating these items into their holiday decor to enhance the visual appeal of home during the holiday season. The zombie skeleton plush, candy cane pillow, and gingerbread pillow are viral products you can sell this season.


Christmas Pillow & PlushChristmas Pillow & PlushChristmas Pillow & PlushChristmas Pillow & Plush


 • Christmas Blanket


Blankets with festive designs are always perfect additions to comfortable and cozy home decor. Additionally, Christmas blankets are popular gift options for families. The following blankets with beautiful designs can not go wrong for your holiday sales.


Christmas BlanketChristmas BlanketChristmas Blanket


 • Christmas Wreath & Garland


Christmas wreaths and garlands are widely used as classic Christmas decorations to provide a natural and festive look. They can be installed in most places around the home like doors, windows, walls, and cabinets. Reusable artificial wreaths and garlands are the best product choices for dropshipping!


Christmas Wreath & GarlandChristmas Wreath & GarlandChristmas Wreath & GarlandChristmas Wreath & Garland


 • Christmas & Holiday Tableware


Selling Christmas and holiday tableware can be a profitable idea if you offer high-quality and appealing products. If you sell tableware that is made of ceramic or glass, you should be sure to ask your supplier to enhance the product packaging to prevent breakage in transit. Instead, silicone tableware would be the perfect choice for dropshipping.


Christmas & Holiday TablewareChristmas & Holiday TablewareChristmas & Holiday Tableware


4. Christmas Clothing & Accessories


People who plan to celebrate Christmas would love to dress up with clothing and accessories with Christmas elements and colors for family gatherings or parties to make the holiday memorable. Let’s find unique designs for this year’s Christmas clothing and accessories.


 • Christmas Pajamas


Pajamas are top choices if you are going to sell creative home clothing for Christmas this year, which can add an extra layer of fun and coziness to holiday celebrations. Christmas pajamas come in a wide range of designs. Pink Christmas pajamas and gingerbread pajamas are the most recommended!


Christmas PajamasChristmas Pajamaspink Christmas Pajamas


 • Christmas Necklace & Earrings


Selling Christmas necklaces and earrings can be a great addition to your holiday product offerings. This year, Christmas tree earrings and beads necklaces are popular product ideas. You can contact us to source more unique and eye-catching designs to differentiate your Christmas products from competitors.


Christmas Necklace & EarringsChristmas Necklace & EarringsChristmas Necklace & EarringsChristmas Necklace & Earrings


 • Christmas Bracelet Kit


Bracelets have been popular for years and people are gradually turning their interest to making bracelets by DIY. Now bracelet kits are on the trend, making it a great gift idea for Christmas 2023. Beads bracelets have gained the most popularity. You can easily source and sell Christmas bracelet kits with personalized options!


Christmas Bracelet KitChristmas Bracelet KitChristmas Bracelet KitChristmas Bracelet Kit


5. Christmas Toys


Toys are a popular choice for holiday gifts, especially for children. Parents, relatives, and friends often seek out toys that are on children's wish lists or that they believe will bring joy and excitement during the festive season. Offering a range of Christmas-themed toys can attract customers looking for gift options.


 • Push Pop Fidget Toys


One of the viral toys on TikTok is the fast push game and you can follow the trends to sell it for the Christmas version. In addition, there are some other push pop fidget toys that you can sell as unique Christmas ornaments as well as Christmas gifts for kids.


Push Pop Fidget ToysPush Pop Fidget ToysPush Pop Fidget Toys


 • Christmas Building Blocks


If you are dropshipping toys, then you should not miss building blocks designed in Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas stockings, and sleds. You can source various creative Christmas toys from SourcinBox to save on product costs and earn more profits on holiday sales.


Christmas Building BlocksChristmas Building BlocksChristmas Building Blocks


Start Christmas Dropshipping Now with SourcinBox


Hope you can get inspiration from the product listed in this article. To make sure that you won’t miss the best opportunity for Christmas sales, you can now quickly add products to your store with SourcinBox and start selling. If you are new here, just take a few seconds to connect your online store with SourcinBox. So that your orders will be synchronized to SourcinBox, and be processed and shipped out as soon as possible!


We also support product customizations for your own brand! For any dropshipping product you want to source, just leave your message and get a free quote! We are always ready to help you with holiday product sourcing and save on your dropshipping cost!


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