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Tips and Tools to Find The Best Dropshipping Products

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  • 2023-07-20 16:45:47
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Updated: 2023-07-21 16:51:53

What is the best dropshipping product to sell?--Dropshippers are asking this question all the time. In fact, there is no exact answer that works for everyone. Because an ideal dropshipping product needs to meet the demand of your niche and the different standards of your target audience. 


Finding the right products is key to a successful dropshipping business. There is still something essential that beginners should follow when selecting products or a niche for selling online.


In this article, we'll provide the best tips and tools to save time and money in finding dropshipping products. At the end of this article, you can also find some great ideas for the best dropshipping niches you can sell now.


11 Common Mistakes When Selecting Dropshipping Products


Some beginners may do little work on product and niche research, and they are more likely to end up failing by only selling hot products without considering the competition or selling products with low-profit margins. So, have you ever made the following common mistakes when doing product research?


1. Choose products mainly based on personal preference

2. Not conduct thorough market research

3. Focus only on best-selling products

4. Focus on products with very low prices

5. Ignore product quality

6. Failed to target a specific niche

7. Choose products with low-profit margins

8. Failed to consider the target audience

9. Not analyze the market competition

10. Not consider shipping times and costs

11. Overlook emerging trends


6 Tips to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping


Based on the common mistakes mentioned above, we've summarized some best tips to follow when selecting products for your dropshipping store:


1. Start with Your Hobbies or Interest


When starting a dropshipping business, just select a niche that you are familiar with, interested in, or better understanding. You do not have to start from a completely strange field. Since everyone has fields they are good at, along with different resource integration capabilities. Your hobbies and interest can all be taken into consideration and utilized when selecting products. If building up a dropshipping business in your interested field, you can fully realize personal strengths, specialized knowledge, and market acumen. It means you can better find out the pain points of the target audiences, but also be clear about what products can meet their needs.


2. Conduct Thorough Market Research

Thorough market research can help you identify products that are in high demand and have low competition. Products in high demand often have a larger customer base and richer product categories. Through market research, you also can find products with low competition and high potential. Don't know how to start? You can simply use product research tools and analyze social media trends such as TikTok hashtags.


3. Analyze Your Competitors

When choosing a niche, remember to analyze your competitors. This step can give you more insights into current hot products in your niche currently. Also, it will present a basic picture of marketing and SEO strategies to promote your store later. Knowing the gaps in the market is beneficial to your whole online business.


4. Consider Shipping Time and Costs

Shipping time and costs can leave a great impact on customer satisfaction and your store's profit. Choose products that can be shipped quickly and at a reasonable cost. Avoid some such as large-volume or fragile products if possible, since they can cost more to ship. Remember to control shipping costs to ensure dropshipping profits.


5. Choose Products with High Profit

Choosing products with high-profit margins is essential to the sustainability of your dropshipping business. To find profitable products, you need to consider the cost of goods, shipping costs, and other associated expenses. Also, potential profitability is another key thing to focus on. You can use tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords to estimate the future profitability of certain products. Furtherly, one of the most effective ways to get a higher margin is to build a brand for your products.


6. Monitor Emerging Trends

Spending time monitoring emerging trends can help you stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business. Through such practices, you can identify products with potential and add them to your store in time. Customers always prefer stores offering the latest and most popular products. Also, you can adjust your marketing strategy based on emerging trends, which can help drive more sales. To increase profits, dropshipping sellers must figure out what is currently trending.


10 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools


Google Trends


camping gear google trends


If you are struggling to find more detailed insights into the niche you choose, just enter the keyword on Google Trends. Google Trends is a free product research tool that presents trending searches.


For example, if we search for 'camping gear', then it can not only display the trend in search volume over time but related topics and queries of 'camping gear'. When we learn about what keywords are trending, we can find out popular products to sell. Further, these terms can also be helpful for your marketing and SEO efforts. Another useful feature is Google Trends can present the popularity of a term geographically during a specified time frame. This can help you locate the regions of the major customer base for a specific niche.


AliExpress Dropshipping Center


AliExpress Dropshipping Center


AliExpress Dropshipping Center is an online tool designed to help dropshippers find trending products on AliExpress. You can use this free tool even if you're not dropshipping with AliExpress. Additionally, it is easy to use since you can search the products you want by image. And you can also find various hot product collections on the top selection page. It can also analyze products from AliExpress with price advantages, logistics advantages, and official suppliers.


AliTools Shopping Assistant


AliTools Shopping Assistant


AliTools Shopping Assistant is another popular free tool for AliExpress dropshipping. This browser extension can auto-find and apply AliExpress promo codes, check price history and seller rating. And it also allows searching items by picture and tracking delivery on AliExpress. With this tool, you can get real product photos from customer feedback and product reviews before selling. Additionally, the extension also has a seller verification feature that helps dropshippers source products from reliable suppliers.


Exploding Topics


Exploding Topics


Exploding Topics is an online tool that helps users find the most trending words or topics in their target markets. The tool can crawl more than enough databases(including searches, conversations, and topics on the Internet) to identify trends and help you find the best-trending topics. This means, whichever niche you choose, you can find the most appropriate topics on the fly. Additionally, you can use the given information to optimize your marketing strategies.






FindNiche is a free Shopify and AliExpress niche analytics tool for a dropshipping business. FindNiche provides a broad number of searches and filters in its AliExpress databases to help you get the best products for your online store. In addition, you can research best-selling products on the Shopify products database. It also allows trend analysis and competitor analysis which can be used to identify competition and find opportunities in your target niche.






SourcinBox is a professional dropshipping agent that works directly with many reliable manufacturers to provide high-quality products and order fulfillment services. You can easily find hot products from different niches on its YouTube channel as it uploads videos recommending winning products every week. And you can find niche dropshipping blogs with related product recommendations on its website. If you find any interested products, you can directly send a sourcing request. Sign up now and contact us to get a free quote for your niche dropshipping!






Semrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that includes various tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, market analysis, and much more. Semrush makes it possible to research keywords related to the niche or products you select and provide data on search volume, competition level, and other information. With Semrush's tools, you also can better analyze your competitors including their organic and paid search rankings. Besides, it provides insights into market trends and customer behavior(consumer interests, search patterns, demographics, and more) to help you make better choices.






TikTok has become a perfect platform for dropshippers to get updated information about targeted niches. While facing millions of videos uploading daily, how can you find valuable data among them? PiPiADS can analyze tens of millions of examples of TikTok ads and discover the most popular products and videos every day. It's effortless to track what product is trendy on TikTok through PiPiADS and inspect the future market. You can also get inspired by well-performed TikTok ads and apply them to your product promotion.


Zik Analytics


Zik Analytics


Another perfect tool for dropshipping product selection is Zik Analytics. It is designed for sellers running eBay businesses to find the best niches and winning products. It allows users to do eBay product research and AliExpress product research as well as product listing optimization. With Zik Analytics, dropshipping sellers can also monitor competitors by analyzing sales data, pricing strategies, marketing efforts, and more.


 Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is especially for Amazon sellers to find hot products to sell. As an all-in-one tool, it can identify, evaluate and source profitable products on Amazon. Equipped with a verified supplier database, Jungle Scout provided insights on product trends and keyword optimization. Whether a beginner wants to launch an Amazon business or an ecommerce retailer hopes to take the business to the next level, Jungle Scout can offer efficient tools.



3 Examples of the Best Dropshipping Niches in 2023


1. Camping Gear


The camping demand is at an all-time high and the camping industry is keeping expanding today. Thus it would be the perfect time to take a closer look at dropshipping outdoor and camping gear. Pick out some trending and profitable camping products and start your dropshipping business now!



2. Pet Supplies


Owing to the popularity of online shopping and the higher willingness to spend money on pets, pet supplies have become one of the most popular niches for small online businesses. The common average margin on pet products is around 60% while pet toys can have a margin of 70%.



3. Sporting Goods


Since more and more people are taking physical activities for fitness and wellness, the sports industry is growing to be one of the largest in the world. The plentiful sports segments provide niches for dropshippers to gain profits. Consumers are gradually spending more on sporting goods for a more comfortable sports experience. Among these, the major spending is on sporting clothes and accessories.



Find the Best Dropshipping Products with SourcinBox


To find the winning products for your online business, you should always keep pace with the trends and make niche and product analyses frequently. Good Dropshipping tools like SourcinBox help us with finding the best dropshipping products efficiently and effortlessly. Besides, there are many useful tips you can follow to find winning products on social media platforms.


Just choose the most appropriate one based on your situation. And if you want growing sales, remember to improve your marketing strategies by following the latest information in your targeted market all the time. If find a product that you are interested in, just send a sourcing request to SourcinBox directly. Then we can realize automated order fulfillment for your dropshipping store at a lower cost and faster speed.


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