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The Best Graduation Gift Ideas to Dropship with SourcinBox

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  • 2023-05-12 15:35:31
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Updated: 2024-04-30 10:15:10

Every year during the late spring and early summer, millions of young people graduate from high school or college, one of the most important moments in their lives to celebrate. Families and friends usually commemorate this special occasion with unique and personalized gifts for graduates. At the same time, the graduation season also provides an ideal opportunity for dropshipping sellers to strengthen marketing strategies and increase sales.


celebration plans and gift purchasing


According to NRF, about 36% of U.S. consumers surveyed in 2023 said they planned to buy graduation gifts, with total expected spending approaching $6.4 billion. The average spending on celebration and gift purchasing is expected to reach $116.19. And the numbers are likely to continue rising this year.


To help you make the most of graduation season 2024, we've put together some selling tips, as well as a list of inspirational graduation gift ideas and products you can dropship with SourcinBox.


3 Groups of People Can Be Your Target Audience


Graduation Gift Givers (Families and Friends)


Gift givers usually tend to skew older, with 45-54-year-olds (parents) and 65+ olds (grandparents) far outnumbering 18-24-year-olds (friends). Based on NRF's survey last year, younger consumers are more likely to buy apparel, electronics, or other keepsakes as graduation gifts, while older consumers intend to give cash or gift cards as graduation gifts.


Consumer Graduation Gifting Plans


To celebrate the hard work of young graduates, many parents and friends will plan to give something tangible for graduates to unwrap. Therefore, a personalized gift or keepsake is always timeless. All the potential graduation gift givers can be the main target audience for your sales this special season, and personalized items and keepsakes with graduation themes are the top products you can dropship.


Besides, about 50% of respondents to a survey from Statista said they planned to celebrate the occasion with cash last year. Giving a cash gift has come out as the top choice that will help graduates make the transition to the next part of their life. Graduates can use the cash for anything they want such as electronics, books, a graduation party or trip, room rent, etc., from which you can still find profitable business opportunities.


Graduation Party Planners


Another great idea is to sell party supplies for graduation. Whether it is middle school, high school, or college, graduation is an important moment in any student's life. Graduation parties are one of the best ways to celebrate their imminent entry into the next phase of their life.


The cost of hosting a graduation party includes the cost of food, beverages, decorations, tissues, cutlery, party electronics, and more. According to research by the FinanceBuzz team, the average cost of buying supplies for a 60-guest graduation party is $1,128.51 and the average cost per person is $18.81. So even a small party of 10 would run an average of around $190.


For dropshipping businesses, party supplies with graduation elements are great additions to your product list for the season!


Graduation Travel Planners


After graduating from high school, many students take a gap year before college to travel, work, or do something else they like. Also, many who graduated from college will plan to travel to celebrate the end of their studies, release stress, and connect with the future.


If you're selling travel essentials, this year's graduation season is the perfect opportunity to boost your sales. Chances are, grads are planning their graduation trip and buying necessities with the cash they received from their parents, and travel essentials would also make great graduation gift ideas!


The Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Dropshipping


To help you quickly get inspired, we have listed some of the best dropshipping products that you can sell as graduation gifts. If you are interested, just send us a sourcing request or contact us directly to get a quotation for dropshipping. Now let’s dive in and find what’s out there!


Graduation Gifts from Parents


 • Bow Tie & Pocket Square for Men


For graduates who are about to attend a graduation ceremony or party, a delicate bow tie will be the perfect addition of character to graduation outfits. A tie or bow tie that matches the school colors would be a great graduation gift option from parents to celebrate their children's move toward independence from school. Bow tie and pocket square sets in assorted colors or personalized ties are the best-selling products for dropshipping!


Bow TieBow TieTieTie


 • Crown Tiara for Women


Princess Crown tiaras would be the best graduation party accessories for both girls and women!  It is a popular accessory that can be worn for many important moments in life. And parents are more likely to give a delicate jewelry crown as a graduation gift to graduates. You can contact us now to source high-quality crown tiaras for dropshipping!


Crown TiaraCrown TiaraCrown TiaraCrown Tiara


 • Graduation Party Dress


Graduates may be looking for exquisite dresses for their graduation parties. And party dresses are one of the luxury gifts that parents may buy for young graduates. So if you are dropshipping clothing, it’s a good idea to add some party dresses to your online store. Classic black dresses and trending pink dresses are choices that can not go wrong.


Graduation Party DressGraduation Party DressGraduation Party Dress


 • Graduation Keychain


Keychains designed in graduation themes are also meaningful gifts! It can be keepsakes as well as a decoration for bags. You can contact us to source keychains in unique designs at favorable prices for dropshipping.


Graduation KeychainGraduation KeychainGraduation KeychainGraduation Keychain


 • Custom Graduation Blanket


An interesting and popular idea is to gift a loved one with blessings or words of remembrance printed on blankets. The following are some examples of custom blankets for graduates. If you're interested in running a POD business, then you may consider selling custom graduation blankets this season!


Graduation BlanketGraduation BlanketGraduation Blanket


Graduation Gifts from Friends


 • Graduation Stole of 2024


Graduation stoles can be a popular item for students who want to represent their academic institution or organization during their graduation ceremony. A personalized graduation stole makes a great graduation gift. And printing "Class of 2024" on the stole is a popular and appropriate method for stoles. You may also consider offering customization options for students who want to add their own personal touch to their stoles.


Graduation Stole Graduation Stole Graduation Stole of 2024


 • Graduation Necklace


A personalized necklace is sure to be one of the most commemorative graduation gifts. For classmates or friends, a popular way is to give each other a necklace printed with the graduate's name. Of course, if you're not considering starting a custom business, you can also choose to sell unique necklaces in the shape of a bachelor's hat.


Graduation NecklaceGraduation NecklaceGraduation NecklaceGraduation Necklace


 • Graduation Bracelet


Bracelets are also cool accessories that can make perfect graduation gifts, and graduates can wear them as a shining reminder of their big accomplishments.! The following graduation bracelets with inspirational words or pendant designs are the best sellers now.


Graduation BraceletGraduation BraceletGraduation Bracelet


 • Personalized Rings


When giving a graduation gift, friends who are close enough will consider the recipient's preferences. Jewelry especially rings designed without any graduation elements are more personalized gift ideas because they can have more styles like vintage, punk, or cute. If you're running a jewelry store, you can easily promote your best items to gift-givers.


Personalized RingsPersonalized RingsPersonalized Rings


 • Jewelry Box


A jewelry box can make a lovely graduation gift, particularly for a graduate who is interested in fashion or has a collection of jewelry that they would like to keep organized. A jewelry box can be a practical and thoughtful gift that the graduate can use for years to come. You can send us sourcing requests for more styles of Jewelry boxes.


Jewelry BoxJewelry BoxJewelry Box


 • Hair Straightener & Curler


Some gift-givers will consider giving practical items as graduation gifts. A good idea is a hair straightener or curler, which are frequently used products in daily life. The following hair straighteners and curlers are the best-selling for dropshipping.


Hair StraightenerHair StraightenerHair Curler


 • Leather Journal Notebook


Notebooks can serve as a place for the graduate to jot down their thoughts, ideas, and goals as they embark on the next phase of their life. It can be a thoughtful and practical gift for a graduate and you can sell journal notebooks with premium leather covers.


Leather Journal NotebookLeather Journal NotebookLeather Journal Notebook


 • Insulated Coffee Mug & Tumbler


Insulated coffee mugs or tumblers are gifts that can not go wrong for many special occasions. For graduates who are going to start a new job, further study, or a trip, a tumbler would be the perfect gift to help them start their healthy day with a cup of water, coffee, or tea.


Insulated Coffee MugInsulated Coffee MugTumbler


 • Night Table Lamp


Personalized table lamps are just designed for gift-giving. The Super Mario lamp is the most trending product for dropshipping recently and Galaxy night lights are also popular. It is a great time now to sell them as unique graduation gifts!


Night Table LampNight Table LampNight Table Lamp


 • Plush Teddy Bear


A plush teddy bear is a lovely and thoughtful gift that can be a great companion and keepsake for young graduates who are moving from home. When dropshipping plush toys, be sure to ask your supplier to compress the product volume to avoid extra shipping costs.


Plush Teddy BearPlush Teddy BearPlush Teddy Bear


 • Graduation Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can be a simple and elegant graduation gift option to be given alone or with other gifts. No matter what graduation product you'll be selling, you can add greeting cards to your store to cross-sell with other items to gift-givers.


Graduation Greeting CardsGraduation Greeting CardsGraduation Greeting Cards


 • Graduation Gift Box


A gift box in the shape of a bachelor's hat would be the perfect addition to a graduation gift! You can choose to cross-sell these cute gift boxes with other products in your store.


Graduation Gift BoxGraduation Gift BoxGraduation Gift Box


Graduation Party Supplies


 • Graduation Party Balloons


Balloons are the must-have supplies for any party and you can find them in black, white, and yellow designs for graduation parties popular on the market. With the SourcinBox dropshipping agent, you will be able to source all kinds of party supplies for dropshipping from China at favorable prices.


Graduation Party BalloonsGraduation Party BalloonsGraduation Party BalloonsGraduation Party Balloons


 • Cup Cake Decoration


Decorations for cupcakes are also a popular choice for graduation parties. If you plan to sell multiple types of party supplies, you may also consider adding these products to your online store.


Cup Cake DecorationCup Cake DecorationCup Cake Decoration


 • Graduation Backdrop Banner


Taking a group photo at the graduation party is an essential activity, and a graduation photography background banner will leave wonderful memories for the graduates. And this product can be a perfect addition to your product list.


Graduation BackdropGraduation BackdropGraduation BackdropGraduation Backdrop


 • Graduation Party Kits


Consumers are likely to buy more if you offer a complete party decoration solution. Party balloon kits, tableware kits, and banner kits with graduation designs are all great choices for dropshipping party supplies.


Graduation Party KitsGraduation Party KitsGraduation Party Kits


 • Confetti Poppers


Confetti poppers will come in handy at the moment of party celebration. A type of confetti popper that can be popped by simply inflating it is the most recommended! For other types of poppers, please be sure to ask your supplier before selling to ensure that the product does not contain flammable and explosive prohibited items.


Confetti PoppersConfetti PoppersConfetti Poppers


 • Party Accessories for Graduates


In addition to wearing bachelor gowns or party dresses, personalized party accessories can spice up the party vibe. The graduation sash crown tiara kit is the best choice! To offer a wide selection, you can also sell hair bands and glasses designed with graduation elements.


Party AccessoriesParty AccessoriesParty Accessories

Party AccessoriesParty AccessoriesParty Accessories


 • Candy Box


Candy boxes in the shape of bachelor hats are also very cute party decorations. You can sell it together with the graduation party decoration set in the same style to increase the customer order value.


Candy BoxCandy BoxCandy Box


Graduation Travel Essentials


 • Personalized Sunglasses


Sunglasses are very personalized products that can be the go-to gifts for those graduates who are going on a trip. If you are going to dropship sunglasses, it’s recommended to add your own brand to the product or packaging to make your products more recognizable.


Personalized SunglassesPersonalized SunglassesPersonalized SunglassesPersonalized Sunglasses


 • Electronic Organizer


Electronic organizers that are suitable for travel suitcases are the must-haves for a trip. And there are different specifics for laptops, chargers, mini power banks, or switches. These are practical products that you can sell all year round.


Electronic OrganizerElectronic OrganizerElectronic Organizer


 • Travel Handbag


Travel handbags are best-selling dropshipping products the graduation season is right the time to sell them for traveler planners. Also, gift-givers may also give a high-quality travel bag as gifts for graduates. You can easily add this product to your online store and start selling now!


Travel HandbagTravel HandbagTravel Handbag


 • Luggage Organizer


Makeup bags, toiletry bags, and clothing bags are all perfect luggage organizers for traveling. And these are all top-selling items for dropshipping recently. You can now contact us to get a quotation for these products.


Luggage OrganizerLuggage OrganizerLuggage Organizer


 • UV Umbrella


UV Umbrella is a practical item for summer and it is both anti-UV and rainproof. And the portable pocket umbrella is really great for travelers or gift-givers. Don’t hesitate to send us a sourcing request and start dropshipping UV umbrellas!


UV UmbrellaUV UmbrellaUV Umbrella


 • Neck Pillow for Traveling


A neck pillow is definitely a thoughtful gift for both travelers and office workers. The inflatable neck pillow is one of the most popular travel neck pillows out there. And you can find it with lower dropshipping costs on SourcinBox.


Neck PillowNeck PillowNeck Pillow


 • Sleep Mask


A sleep mask will be a great help for sleeping while traveling. It can be a travel necessity that you can cross-sell with travel pillows.


Sleep MaskSleep MaskSleep Mask


 • Camping Chair


Camping is the most popular activity outdoors when traveling and camping gear is one of the best dropshipping niches. Camping chairs are now hot products you can sell through dropshipping to offer a wider selection of travel essentials for graduates. But be sure to ask your supplier about the product size to ensure that it won’t be too large or heavy for dropshipping.


Camping ChairCamping ChairCamping Chair


Start Dropshipping Graduation Gifts Now with SourcinBox

Hope you could get inspired for what to sell this graduation season. Since graduation typically occurs in mid-to-late May, you should get ready for your sales as soon as possible!


Whether you are a dropshipping beginner or you want to expand your dropshipping business, if you haven’t found a dropshipping supplier for your graduation products, you may consider trying SourcinBox to get quickly started.


It is free to use and we have a wide source of dropshipping products and you can send us sourcing requests for any legal products you want, or you can contact us directly and share us the product images or links for sourcing. And you will get a customer manager who will help you 1-on-1 and find you the best quality products at favorable prices.


Just take a few minutes to connect your online store with SourcinBox and then you can easily add products to your store. All your store orders will be synced to SourcinBox automatically and fulfilled with fast delivery times. As most operations are automated on SourcinBox, you can have enough time and energy to focus on your marketing and advertising to get more sales.


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