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Oberlo Officially Shutting Down, Is DSers The Best Alternative?

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  • 2022-06-17 15:12:00
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Updated: 2022-06-18 17:33:04

Oberlo shutting down has already been a truth, and Oberlo recommended DSers as its only alternative. The two companies have collaborated to launch a new data migration solution for Oberlo users. To prevent data loss, the most convenient way for Shopify merchants was to migrate their Oberlo data to DSers.


DSers seems to be the perfect choice for AliExpress dropshipping. As an official partner of AliExpress, it can provide sellers, not only Shopify sellers, with more accurate and powerful functions, and even include additional functions superior to Oberlo, such as multi-store management, etc.


So is DSers the best alternative to Oberlo? Is it good to use? If you are looking for other good alternatives, then you might as well read on. Let's first take a look at how DSers works.


How Does DSers Work?


DSers is very similar to Oberlo. It also has a chrome extension to help you import new products from AliExpress to your stores. And the imported products can be edited on DSers. What’s different is that DSers is the official dropshipping partner of AliExpress, which means DSers uses AliExpress API for product importing and order information transmission. The data on the products and orders would be more accurate.




The DSers Supplier Optimizer was created based on the AliExpress API to help find all the AliExpress suppliers that match a specific product. If you already have products selling in your store, with this powerful function, you are able to find the best supplier for your existing products with a lower cost and a better rating.


All your orders will be synced to DSers and you are able to place hundreds of orders in bulk. Then these orders will be automatically forwarded to the corresponding AliExpress suppliers who finally deliver the products to your customers.


It is currently the best solution to fulfill dropshipping orders in the same way as Oberlo. At the same time, it has almost all the functions for dropshipping automation, such as batch ordering, order splitting, order tracking information synchronization, multi-store management, shipping selection presets, etc.


Is DSers Good to Use?


Many users said that they had to migrate Oberlo data to DSers, because that is the only data migration solution provided by Oberlo. With Shopify merchants gradually migrating data to DSers, many users reported that it is difficult to adapt to using DSers, and some even complained that DSers is worse than Oberlo. And unfortunately, the app rating of DSers on the Shopify app store has dropped from 5.0 to 4.9. Let’s see what happened.


The user interface is not that friendly


Judging from the 1-star to 3-star reviews, the first reason why some users were disappointed with DSers is it’s not as user-friendly as Oberlo. The most mentioned is that DSers has too much information and annoying pop-ups, not as clear as Oberlo.


DSers review

DSers review


Some basic functions are missing


Besides, there are some functional differences between DSers and Oberlo. Someone complained on Reddit that DSers does not have some basic functions such as currency conversion, recommended selling price, etc.


DSers review-Reddit

DSers review


Need to pay for Oberlo's free features


We all know that Oberlo is free to use. DSers also has a basic free plan but the features are limited. Users have to pay for an advanced plan to use enjoy the same features that Oberlo provided for free. Even the Affiliate program is only for users with paid plans.


DSers pricing

DSers review

DSers review


Some reviews seem unreal


Before the Oberlo shutting down, DSers was a five-star Shopify app. But we don’t exactly know how it could stay 5 stars. Some reviewers said the DSers customer support always asking for reviews annoyingly. Inviting customers to leave their reviews is a good idea, but asking for too much is unreasonable.


DSers review

DSers review


A more weird thing is that there are reviews that look similar or even the same. Are these fake reviews? That’s hard to say.


DSers review


In general, for Shopify merchants who originally used Oberlo for AliExpress dropshipping, DSers is kind of hard to use currently. But it is serving a large number of loyal users from Oberlo, so the DSers team will definitely do their best to narrow the gap with Oberlo in terms of interface and functionality. It will really take time.


If you feel you were forced to choose DSers, and think DSers are not working well, you of course have the right to choose other better alternatives, as DSers emphasizes.


Could SourcinBox be an alternative for Oberlo and DSers?


One thing you should notice is that the purpose of using Oberlo or DSers is dropshipping with AliExpress. And it is AliExpress suppliers who ultimately fulfill the dropshipping orders. Despite from using DSers to automate the order fulfillment, the challenge of dropshipping with AliExpress remains. So it is better to find an AliExpress alternative with the functions that Oberlo and DSers have.


SourcinBox is a dropshipping agent and it works in a different way from Oberlo and DSers. You can use SourcinBox to import AliExpress to your store directly and your orders will synchronize automatically from your store. The difference is that you can also submit sourcing requests for other products with product links or images.


SourcinBox services


Product Sourcing


You don’t have to deal with multiple AliExpress suppliers. We will help source the products directly from manufacturers to provide you with the best quality and prices. And you don't have to worry about the products will be out of stock, because we work directly with a large number of manufacturers to ensure that the products will have sufficient stock.


Private Label Customization


With SourcinBox, you can customize your product packaging or something else under your private label. However, you are not able to customize things with the AliExpress suppliers.


Reliable Product Processing


Your store orders will be synced to SourcinBox and you place orders to us. Once we receive your orders, we will purchase the corresponding products from the manufacturers to our warehouse and check the quality and packing before shipping. The packages will be of high quality and uniform. But if you use AliExpress for dropshipping, the packages will vary from random suppliers.


Free Warehousing


If you buy inventory in advance and store them in our warehouse for free, the products can be shipped out as soon as we receive your orders.


Fast Shipping & Delivery


As for shipping and delivery, we work with almost all the mainstream shipping companies to provide you with multiple cost-effective shipping options, which are faster than AliExpress standard shipping or ePacket. Once the orders are shipped, the tracking info will sync to SourcinBox and your store. Your customers will also receive emails including the order tracking information.


Easy Refund & Reship


We will refund or reship for damaged or defective products accordingly. And the customer support is 1-on-1 with fluent communication. So you can get help easily.


Multi-functional App


The SourcinBox app has multiple functions to make dropshipping more efficient. Such as bulk ordering, shipping rules presetting, staff accounts management, merging or splitting orders, inventory analysis, multi-store management, product wholesale, etc.


SourcinBox provides a way of dropshipping order fulfillment that is different from AliExpress dropshipping. Shopify merchants who originally used Oberlo or DSers only need to connect their store with SourcinBox to sync the store products and orders to the SourcinBox app to enjoy the fulfillment services.


You can easily dropship the same products as AliExpress, or source other products. And the order processing and shipping are more reliable and efficient. Besides, all the functions of SourcinBox are free to use. Therefore, SourcinBox can be a perfect alternative for Oberlo and DSers.


Final Words


Whether it is Oberlo, DSers, or SourcinBox, they used to be or are now committed to providing a perfect dropshipping solution for dropshipping merchants. Whether you are forced to change or actively choose, it is not a bad thing to try new solutions, if you Looking for a new DSers alternative, sign up SourcinBox for free and get started, we are always ready to make your dropshipping business more profitable.


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