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The Best Holiday & Christmas Gifts Dropshipping Product Ideas

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  • 2022-11-15 15:54:13
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Updated: 2023-11-14 15:49:21

Last time we listed some of the best dropshipping products and decorations for Christmas. In this article, we will give you some holiday and Christmas gift dropshipping product ideas that you can sell for Black Friday!


So, what gifts do consumers want to receive this holiday season?


According to NRF’s 2022 Consumer Holiday Survey, the top gifts that consumers want to receive this year would be gift cards (54%), clothing or accessories (49%), books and other media (30%), and electronics (24%).


In addition, the proportion of consumers who want to receive clothing, accessories, sporting goods, and home improvement is also higher than last year. So you can have a wide range of product choices to sell for this holiday season.


gifts consumers want to receive


Besides, American consumers plan to spend $832.84 per person on gifts and other holiday items this year, according to NRF. So you still have opportunities to profit from holiday and gift products!


consumer spending on gifts


To make sure that your customers can receive the products as soon as possible, it is recommended to start dropshipping with SourcinBox right now and enjoy fast global delivery times! Just a few clicks to connect your online store and automate your order fulfillment.


Now let’s dive into our list of the best holiday gift dropshipping product ideas!


Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Kids


For kids, the gifts they most want to receive must be toys. The following are some best-selling toys on Amazon and Sourcinbox.


1. Magnetic Building Blocks Construction Set


Magnetic building blocks are the most popular educational toys to stimulate children's creativity. You can get these products from SourcinBox at a low dropshipping cost and sell with a high-profit margin!


Magnetic Building BlocksMagnetic Building BlocksMagnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks


2. Building Block Game Set with Toy Screwdriver Tool


There are building blocks themed on engineering construction, dinosaurs, and vehicles. They are designed to be assembled by a toy screwdriver, which is an excellent toy for children to experience the DIY process.


Building Block Game SetBuilding Block Game SetBuilding Block Game Set


3. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Excavation Kit


The dinosaur dig kit is an interesting toy to satisfy children's curiosity about dinosaurs. Dino dig eggs are popular on Amazon but you can sell something different from Amazon like dinosaur fossil dig excavation kits. You can add it to your store now with SourcinBox. If you want more creative DIY digging toys, just contact us for product sourcing and get a free quote!


Dinosaur Fossil Dig KitDinosaur Fossil Dig KitDinosaur Fossil Dig Kit


4. Mini Kitchen Playset for Kids


The mini kitchen playset is a great gift idea for kids, even great for adults to facilitate parent-child interaction. It has great popularity on TikTok. If you promote your mini kitchen toys on TikTok, you can quickly get traffic and customers!


Mini Kitchen PlaysetMini Kitchen PlaysetMini Kitchen Playset

TikTok Mini Kitchen


5. Tracks Building Blocks Kit


The racing car building blocks with tracks are selling well on SourcinBox. And there are many unique styles of track building blocks that we can help you source from China.


Tracks Building BlocksTracks Building BlocksTracks Building BlocksTracks Building Blocks


6. Model Building Blocks Toy Set


Delicate model racing cars, space shuttles, and Christmas cottage building blocks are also super great holiday gifts for kids! And these products are popular now for dropshipping.


Model Building BlocksModel Building BlocksModel Building Blocks

Model Building Blocks


7. Remote Control Toy Cars


Remote control cars are one of the children's favorite toys. Its search popularity peaks during the winter holidays yearly, so you can't go wrong in selling remote control toy cars now. And gesture RC cars and RC excavators are the most recommended!


Remote Control Toy CarsRemote Control Toy CarsRemote Control Toy CarsRemote Control Toy Cars

Remote Control Toy Cars


8. Baby Educational Toys


What can be gifts for babies? Baby educational toys can be great choices! The following Talking Cactus, Dominoes, and Crawling Crab are some of the best-selling baby toys on Amazon. And you can also find them on SourcinBox for dropshipping.


Baby Educational ToysBaby Educational ToysBaby Educational Toys


Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Women


Clothing, accessories, and homewares will be the top choices of gifts for women.


1. Silk Pajamas for Women


Silk pajamas are perfect holiday gifts for wives, girlfriends, or young moms. It has been popular during the holiday season in recent years. So if you are dropshipping clothing, don’t miss the opportunity to sell silk pajamas.


Silk PajamasSilk PajamasSilk Pajamas

Silk Pajamas


2. Silk Pillow & Quilt Covers


Also, silk pillow and quilt covers are great additions for home improvement. They can be perfect family gifts. Now is the perfect time to dropship these silk supplies!


Silk Pillow coversSilk Pillow and Quilt CoversSilk Pillow and Quilt Covers

Silk Pillow


3. Makeup Tools


Makeup tools are great gift ideas for those who love makeup. Makeup brushes and beauty sponges are the most recommended!


Makeup ToolsMakeup ToolsMakeup Tools


4. Cotton slippers


Search interest in cotton slippers is growing as most countries enter winter. Cotton slippers are must-haves for winter, and the following cute cotton slippers are also made for warm winter holiday gifts!


Cotton slippersCotton slippersCotton slippers

Cotton slippers


5. Unique Lamps


If you are looking for creative ornaments to sell for holidays, then you can choose these unique lamps including sunset lamps, galaxy lamps, and fan-shaped book lamps. If you are interested, you can send us sourcing requests and get a free quote for dropshipping.


sunset lampsgalaxy lampsfan-shaped book lamps


6. Jewelry for Women


Jewelry for women has been a popular product and gift choice for the holiday season. And those planning to buy jewelry as holiday gifts are waiting for Black Friday to get deals. If you are running a jewelry dropshipping store, then you can’t miss the following unique jewelry with special designs. The luminous necklace is the most recommended!


Jewelry for WomenJewelry for WomenJewelry for Women

Jewelry for Women


7. Electric Heating Hair Straighteners & Curling Combs


Hair products will also be women’s preferred holiday gifts. And electric heating hair straighteners and curling combs are some of the best choices that won’t go wrong.


Hair Curling CombsHair Straighteners and Curling CombsHair Curling Combs

Hair Straighteners


8. Wigs for Women


Wigs and hair extensions are a potential niche for dropshipping. Consumers who love wigs or need wigs will most likely take advantage of holiday discounts and buy a wig as a holiday gift for themselves or friends.


Wigs Wigs Wigs


9. Interior Car Accessories


Car accessories have high popularity according to Google Trends. And beautiful interior accessories like plush car seat cushions and steering wheel covers are the best holiday gift ideas. You can also dropship these products all year round.


Car AccessoriesCar AccessoriesCar AccessoriesCar Accessories

Car Accessories


10. Phone Cases for Women


If you are running a store of phone accessories, then it’s time to add some plush phone cases for winter. And those that look beautiful and high-quality can be small holiday gift ideas. You can contact us to source more unique phone cases for you.


Phone CasesPhone CasesPhone Cases


Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Men


Sports products and electronics will be the preferred gifts for men. You can refer to the product ideas we chose.


1. Sports Equipment


Football training equipment and boxing training reflex ball are all best-selling equipment on Amazon. And home workout set is the best choice as a holiday gift.


Sports EquipmentSports EquipmentSports Equipment


2. Bluetooth Workout Earphones


A sports-friendly Bluetooth earphone is a great holiday gift for those who often work out. Such earphones can fit the ears very well, and they are not easy to fall off when running or exercising. If you are selling electronic accessories, you may consider adding these products to your store.


Bluetooth Workout EarphonesBluetooth Workout EarphonesBluetooth Workout Earphones


3. Game Card Organizers


For those who love gaming, the best holiday gifts they want to receive must be some interesting things about games. The gaming accessories are perfect product ideas you can sell for the holidays. Such as Nintendo Switch card organizers and video game controller storage racks.


Game Card OrganizersGame Card OrganizersGame Card Organizers


4. Video Game Controller Storage Rack


Video Game Controller Storage RackVideo Game Controller Storage RackVideo Game Controller Storage Rack


5. Computer Accessories


Computer accessories are also great additions to your holiday product list, not only you can sell them as holiday gifts, but can also be discount products for cross-selling with other products in your store.


Computer AccessoriesComputer AccessoriesComputer Accessories


6. Phone Cases for Men


If you are selling phone accessories, then it’s a great idea to add some personalized phone cases for men and wireless chargers to your store.


Phone CasesPhone CasesPhone Cases


7. Wireless Phone Chargers


Wireless Phone ChargersWireless Phone ChargersWireless Phone Chargers


8. Creative Speaker Ornaments


For those who love music, a creative speaker would be one of the best holiday gifts. The following multifunctional speakers with beautiful lights are great product ideas for your online store.


Speaker OrnamentsSpeaker OrnamentsSpeaker Ornaments


9. Mobile Phone PTZ Bracket


The mobile phone PTZ bracket keeps the phone steady while shooting video and is a great accessory for phone photography. It can be a perfect holiday gift for people who love photography.


Phone PTZ BracketPhone PTZ BracketPhone PTZ Bracket


10. Jewelry for Men


There are also some great jewelry choices for men! And it has great popularity every year during the holiday season. If you are looking for something special that you can sell to men for this holiday season, you can try to sell some jewelry.


Jewelry for MenJewelry for MenJewelry for Men

Jewelry for Men


Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Parents & Grandparents


Massagers, home heaters, and some useful tools are the most suitable items as gifts for parents and grandparents this winter holiday.


1. Crutch Chair


The crutch chair is a super cool gift for grandparents because of its convenient and practical design. It can be easily unfolded and turned into a portable chair, so the user can sit and rest anytime and anywhere when walking with the crutch outside.


Crutch ChairCrutch ChairCrutch Chair


2. Muscle Relaxation Massager


When it comes to massagers, you can have plenty of choices, including muscle, Including massagers that are used for different parts of the body and have different effects. Massagers like the massage gun that can be used for a full-body muscle relaxation massage are an ideal option and make one of the best holiday gifts for parents!


Muscle Relaxation MassagerMuscle Relaxation MassagerMuscle Relaxation Massager

Massage Gun


3. Neck & Shoulder Massager


Parents are the group of people who are easy to get neck, shoulder, back, and waist pains. So electric massagers targeted to different body parts are great product ideas you can sell for the holiday season.


Neck & Shoulder MassagerNeck & Shoulder MassagerNeck & Shoulder Massager


4. Back & Waist Massager


Back & Waist MassagerBack & Waist MassagerBack & Waist Massager


5. Knees & Legs Massager


Some of the parents and grandparents may have knee joint pains, which can be better relieved with a heated knee massager. And the heated knee massager is a hot product on Amazon recently. The cost of these products is relatively high, but you can dropship them with SourcinBox for a relatively high-profit margin.


Knees MassagerKnees MassagerKnees & Legs Massager


6. Home Heaters


Heaters are in great demand this winter, facing the energy crisis in Europe. And the demand for heaters continues every year until February. It is a great dropshipping product idea and gift idea for winter. The following portable home heaters are the most popular ones.


Home HeatersHome HeatersHome Heaters

Home Heaters


7. Electric Heating Mugs and Coasters


Electric heating mugs and coasters are thoughtful gifts for parents who like drinking coffee or tea. The heating coasters are available for cups made of multiple materials including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, etc to keep the water inside warm. It can be a good addition to stores that sell cups of various materials.


Electric Heating MugsElectric Heating CoastersElectric Heating Coasters


Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Pets


Pet lovers would be likely to buy some pet supplies on holiday as gifts for their pets. Let’s see what pet supplies are popular recently.


1. Dog Training Toys


Dog chew toys and smell training toys are one of the best items for dogs to have fun with. It can be great to describe it as one of the holiday gifts for pet dogs if you are going to sell this in your online store.


Dog Training ToysDog Training ToysDog Training Toys


2. Plush Pet Bed


Warm beds are the perfect holiday gifts for pets! The plush pet beds are best sellers on Amazon. You can get this on SourcinBox at a much lower cost for dropshipping.


Plush Pet BedPlush Pet BedPlush Pet Bed

Pet Bed


Gift Wrapping Supplies for Dropshipping


If you display some beautiful gift-wrapping supplies prominently in your store, shoppers will be more likely to buy wrapping supplies along with gifts in your store. You can also customize some interesting gift boxes like countdown gift boxes combining the holiday themes with your store theme and cross-sell them with your gift products!


Gift Wrapping SuppliesGift Wrapping SuppliesGift Wrapping SuppliesGift Wrapping Supplies


Hope you can find some great product ideas in this article. Some of the products mentioned above were already listed on SourcinBox and you can add them to your store directly. You can also send us sourcing requests or contact us directly to source any legal products you want and get free quotes for dropshipping!


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